Avast Antivirus Review

Antivirus firms could appear sensible to provide free anti-virus protection like a loss leader, with just the most basic security. To have access to the advanced additional features, you must first become a paying customer. However, among the most renowned free antivirus programs provide comprehensive protection as well as a slew of other functions. Avast Free Antivirus offers more than many commercial antivirus programs. It includes a network monitoring scanner, browsing protection, and other features in addition to outstanding antivirus protection. It’s an astonishing array of security tools, especially given that it’s freely available.

Only personal usage is permitted with this product. If you wish to use Avast in a corporate environment, you’ll need to purchase Avast Premium Security, which takes the place of both Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier. It has a more straightforward product range than others, with only a basic antivirus and a paid package.

  • Behavior shield – Avast tracks the behaviors of all installed apps and detects anomalies
  • True Incognito – Make yourself untrackable by online trackers with the True incognito
  • In-built VPN – Get up to 5 GB VPN per week to unlock any website
  • Dark web monitoring – Get notified when your accounts or passwords are leaked on the dark web
  • Game Mode – Prevent any popups when gaming, watching shows, or presenting in full screen


Avast’s default panel is dominated by a slate-gray box with some texture, which is adorned with a progress icon and a large button labeled Run Smart Scan. You may go from the general Dashboard to Protection, Privacy, or Performance using the left-rail panel. A banner at the bottom of the page offers you a welcome present. When you open the virtual present, you’ll find a discount on Avast Premium Security. It provides a 60-day trial if you decline the upgrade. Avast encourages you to try out the suite and become addicted to the premium-only functions.

Because it’s essentially undetectable and hidden by default, this one of the company’s products deserves special attention. After that, go to settings and turn on Passive Mode. Avast makes every effort to avoid conflicting with other security software. Passive Mode is activated automatically when you install additional antivirus. This stops all real-time scans and other active defense to avoid conflicts. Manual scans are still possible. This behavior has been seen before, with Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center doing anything identical.

This firm benefits from a good score because it can brag about it, while a low score means the lab can assist the company figure out what went wrong. A corporation can be tempted to minimize the cost of testing by using free security software that doesn’t generate any revenue. It’s not Avast. We monitor 4 different testing laboratories that publish analyses on their findings on a frequent basis, and all 4 commonly mention Avast.


Avast might, for example, ban any access to the ransomware URL or wipe all the malware content before it finishes downloading—I’ll go over those malware prevention layers later. Avast considers that if an item is already on your machine, as my rootkit tests are, it must have gone past the previous levels of security.

Avast promptly prevented almost 90% of malware, cleaning them out so quickly that Windows displayed an error message stating that now the item could not be located. Several of those who succeeded to start before they could completely install were killed, although some low-risk varieties were left unaffected.


Phishing pages are far easier to build than sites that launch virus assaults in the dark. A phishing scammer just has to construct a plausible copy of a vulnerable website. They target corporations and monetary websites, but they also try to defraud gambling and matchmaking websites.

Real-time analysis is used by the finest products to discover fraudulent practices that are too fresh for blacklists. Avast boasts about its increased real-time phishing detection techniques, which reveal these capabilities. Avast, like AVG, detects fraud at the browser level and displays a popup warning that the page is “infested by Phishing pages.”

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera all have the Avast Online Security plugin installed. When I initially started each browser, it sent me to the website where I could install the browser extension. If you decline the initial offer or it does not occur, simply select Browser Extensions out from the control panel.

Your search results are marked up in prominent search portals by Online Security. All is clear in green, stay away in red, and the site hasn’t been examined yet in gray. To provide an easy thumbs-up or down to a webpage, click the toolbar icon.

Avast’s Ransomware Shield is pre-installed with rudimentary ransomware security, preventing all unauthorized apps from editing data in protected folders. It secures each user account’s Files, Photos, and Desktop folders by default. You may add directories to the secured list or delve deeper into the settings for additional management.

Avast’s Software Updater analyzes your machine for out-of-date programs and alerts you to it. You may learn out what happened in each product by clicking a link, or you can install the updates by clicking a button. When you try to enable automatic updates, you’ll discover that this is only available as part of a premium protection package.


The pricing plan of Avast is actually rather affordable. As previously said, Avast has a free edition that includes all of the essential security features. If this doesn’t meet your requirements, Avast’s Premium plan or corporate products may be a better fit.

Avast, on the other hand, employs regional pricing discrimination. The pricing shown below is for users in the United States, but it may not be applicable elsewhere. In the United Kingdom, for example, prices are much higher. If you want antivirus protection for your home smartphone or computer, you may select between Avast’s Free and Premium plans.

The fundamental features of the Free plan include real-time malware protection, dangerous website/intrusive monitor blocking, and wifi scanning. Avast Premium Security includes real-time wifi security warnings as well as the Ransomware Shield for $69.48 annually (for up to 10 machines). Finally, you may buy the Avast One service for up to five devices for $50.28 each year (during the first year).

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To make sure you stay secure and protected from today’s risks, we provide data breach tracking and device cleaning options.
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The all-in-one solution with such an award-winning antivirus that provides total security
Premium Security
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Helps protect against all types of online attacks, such as phishing and ransomware.

Premium Features

This free version includes both Performance and Privacy and Protection pages, however, the Privacy and Protection pages have features that need purchase, as shown by a lock icon atop. When you click one of these, a short animation describing the feature appears, along with a large Upgrade Now button. Whenever you want any of these features, you’ll have to get Avast Security Premium; there is no independent premium protection in the Avast range right now.

Avast used to provide a free password manager, however, all functions on the Privacy page are currently unavailable to free users. To receive the secure deletion Data Shredder, you must upgrade (AVG gives you this feature at the free level).

The Sensitive Data Shield checks your papers for sensitive information that might be stolen and assists you in protecting it. By restricting cameras used to known, trustworthy apps, the Webcam Shield provides some malware prevention. Secure Browser’s Do Not Track security is supplemented with AntiTrack Premium.

The Avast SecureLine VPN button shows a padlock, but it isn’t quite locked away. The installation procedure begins when you click the button, leading you to believe that you have gained free access. Only after you’ve completed the process, started the application, and attempted to establish a Vpn service do you discover that you have to pay $2.90 monthly to continue using it after the seven-day trial period has expired.

Locked icons on the Protection tab include: Firewall, which keeps attackers out of your machine; Sandbox, which allows you to execute dubious files without danger; Real Site, which verifies websites beyond phishing protection; and Remote Access Shield. This last component blocks threats that try to make use of the designed Remote Desktop capability.

  • Cheap Premium plans
  • Sandbox tool
  • Do Not Disturb and Game mode
  • Excellent lab testing score
  • Few features need to be purchased

Customer Support

Avast provides minimal customer support, including a significant section of useful FAQs to assist consumers in resolving their own problems. If you need additional assistance, you may sign up for Avast Care, which includes extra services like 24/7 customer support and remote management troubleshooting. It also provides remote virus and spyware removal, as well as help through cellphone, live chat, mail, and remote access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This package costs $40 per year and claims to assist you in resolving any troubles you may be experiencing.

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