AVG Antivirus Review

This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest free antivirus programs available. While you may wish to upgrade to a higher level to secure the protection of your computer, even the basic version is capable of guarding the “primary gate.” It is praised by most users for being user-friendly, straightforward, and simple to download. Furthermore, it does not need nearly as many available resources among it’s more well-known competitors.


Antivirus software is required for everyone. Microsoft agrees, insisting on activating its own Windows Defender if no third-party antivirus is detected. However, you may obtain greater security than the design without spending any further money. AVG AntiVirus Free is used by millions of people all over the world. It received outstanding results in our tests as well as tests conducted by various organizations.

Any malware will never get through thanks to real-time updates and regular PC checks. The user interface is simple and intuitive, making it suitable for both novices and experienced antivirus users. All of this makes the AVG free edition superior to most entry-level security software; it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Mobile devices.

  • Free forever antivirus – State-of-the-art virus detection and removal software free forever
  • Internet Security – With a paid plan, you can protect your system from online threats and phishing attacks
  • VPN – Unblock any website and browse anonymously with a VPN
  • AVG TuneUp – Speed up your system performance with TuneUp
  • Easy to use Interface – An intuitive graphical user interface that’s easy to use


AVG, having its twenty-year history and flawless reputation, continues to offer reasonably priced services to potential consumers. In this part, we’ll go through all of the different packages so you can pick the one that’s right for you. Although AVG is not the cheapest solution available, given the quality-price ratio, these are substantial choices:

  • AVG Antivirus Free is a free antivirus software that scans your computer for viruses. This is a free version of AVG, as you could have figured by the title (it is completely free). It’s also available for Mac, with the same basic functions.
  • AVG Internet Security is a free antivirus program. This bundle charges $69.99 annually, which is higher than the norm in the industry. However, it comes with a robust collection of capabilities and supports an infinite number of Windows-based devices. You may benefit from free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • AVG Ultimate is an anti-virus program. For one full year of protection, the most costly option would set you back $119.99. In a nutshell, the pricing difference can be attributed to cross-platform compatibility and the TuneUp utility that comes with this outfit.
Antivirus Free
Internet Security
$69.99 annually
$119.99 annually

Malware Protection

Malicious software must first pass through numerous levels of security before it can reach your machine. Before executing the malicious content that succeeded to get past the barrier of protection, AVG does a complete scan on them.

We conducted a real-world test by running our malware samples from a folder. Within seconds, the antivirus had rejected 3/4 of those files, causing Windows to show an error message stating, “File not found.” AVG successfully shut down the remaining of the packages that did manage to start.

When this antivirus detects certain suspicious or malicious files/apps on your computer, it stops their “movements” and reports them to HQ for a rapid review. Unfortunately, assessment might often take more than 15 seconds that AVG states.

AVG banned 91 percent of all the webpages we supplied it, indicating that keyloggers URLs are one of the largest dangers for modern consumers.


A green button located in the centre of the homescreen allows you to conduct a rapid scan with a single click. It is very powerful at flowing through your system’s most susceptible places.

The Deep Scan, on the other hand, is whatever you need if you want more thorough. It requires 3 clicks instead of just one to get through it, but this check will delve through the deepest and darkest parts of your operating system.

The USB/DVD Scan is useful for looking at detachable devices, while the Performance Scan is for discovering and correcting problems with your machine. You may also scan individual data files, as well as schedule future scans.

AVG’s fine-tuning features are extremely excellent, and control enthusiasts will appreciate what it has to offer. This antivirus technology allows you to schedule scans that examine two files, three directories, and five packages. The Computer Scan may take a minute or two, but subsequent checks often took 30 seconds or less.

Phishing Security

Even the free edition of AVG Antivirus secures you against some of these threats. AVG, for example, includes a useful feature for identifying harmful files that are merely in the process of downloading. This step is critical since they are frequently utilized in phishing attempts. Email protection and scanning of suspicious URLs are also included in AVG Internet Security and the Ultimate antivirus edition, which is an even more important step in combating malicious activity. It also has payment security measures, such as detecting and blocking harmful urls and spammers.

Real-time Protection

Real-time monitoring scans every malicious files and software as soon as it is downloaded, installed, or launched.

Because this component of protection cannot be overlooked, AVG includes this feature in all of its products. Regular automated updates and background operation are also included in such security features, allowing you to check without interrupting your operations. AVG’s real-time security is much better since it is built on an AI-based strategy that is always learning about new threats. With AVG’s real-time protection, you won’t have to scan every file you’re going to utilize. It has already been examined prior to your usage or when you decide to be used.

Hacks are becoming more and more frequent, but with the help of Sensitive Data Shield you can protect yourself from them. It manages who has access to your files as well as which apps have that privilege; app lock features will keep certain programs away too! Anti-theft is essential if someone takes/sells his device because it prevents him from accessing anything on there until he returns it back or pays a fine – this includes photos stored locally by default.

Lab Score

The ability of AVG’s home anti-malware protection is evaluated by SE Labs. Despite the fact that this security software was not the first, it is nonetheless widely regarded for its high degree of accuracy. According to SE Labs, AVG Antivirus Free Edition has a 98 percent accuracy rate. AVG has a 94 percent Protection Accuracy Rating and a 100 percent Legitimate Accuracy Rating. It was awarded AAA, the lab’s highest honor.

Positive feedback has also been received from AV-Comparatives. In compared to other famous antivirus software, AV, for example, has a low number of false positives on vulnerabilities and has one of the least noticeable effects on device performance. The newest AV-Comparatives test results for AVG antivirus offer it an Advanced award, indicating that it is better than usual in the market.

  • Interface user-friendly
  • Outstanding Labs Score
  • Deep Scan include in every pack
  • Customizable
  • 1st scan take longer than others
  • Top features are bit expensive

Ease of Use

For years, AVG has been focusing on this product, attempting to make it as quick, dependable, and user-friendly as possible. The present user interface is quite simple and easy to use. According to studies, an antivirus’s simplicity of being used is one of the factors that may make or break its success.

And, while AVG wasn’t always the most user-friendly option, it’s now on pace with Bitdefender, Mcafee, as well as other industry leaders.

The user interface is pretty beautiful, and it appears that the team behind it was influenced by 1990s cyberpunk films. A green bubble appears in the main page, indicating that your device is not in danger. When it becomes a red exclamation mark, however, you should investigate whether the platform is under assault or whether a virus has already infected your machine.

The software’s Settings section lets you alter your current password, manage notifications windows, make a “white list,” and more. AVG is now one of the better choices in terms of setting flexibility. The current state (protected or in danger) may be shown in the Tray, and the main menu can be accessed with a single tap.


It is critical for any software to make it seem like a device’s capabilities while avoiding excessive strain. This antivirus will run on even the most obsolete PCs (not as smoothly as the modern ones, of course).

Due to multiple real-world testing, the level of productivity is less than ten percent (typically around five percent), putting AVG on par with industry leaders like Bitdefender. Meanwhile, Kaspersky only managed to slow the system down by 2.5 percent, which is the best result available at this time.

Support and Customer Service

On the official site, there is an excellent FAQ section, as well as a series of simple films on the company’s Channel on youtube. You’ll probably be able to figure things out on your own.

It is also possible to submit a ticket. However, we must state that the staff often takes awhile to process and answer your inquiry, which is not the case with other competitors on the market. However, unless they pay for expert tech help, they do not have access to a chat session or direct calls. That’s correct, if you want AVG’s customer assistance, you’ll have to spend money.

AVG Premium Professional Support includes toll-free phone call (24/7), free consultations, unrestricted access to the company’s tech staff, and virus/malware eradication for all of your devices. You’ll need the Complex Fix” subscription ($199 each year or $10 monthly plus $99 after your subscription) to receive everything. Only the “Simple Fix” package is available for $79. Please keep in mind that these programs only provide ONE-TIME assistance.

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