ESET Antivirus Solutions Review

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Review, situated in Bratislava, was created 3 decades ago by a crowd of mates to promote its NOD antivirus software. It now offers a diverse product offering that spans all industries and sectors and is utilized by 110 million clients across the globe.

The ESET NOD32 Antivirus product line for residential users starts with ESET NOD32 Antivirus, a stripped-down antivirus, anti-phishing, and anti-ransomware solution. However, it also has a significant advantage because it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

To protect online financial transactions, ESET Internet Security includes a spam filter, parental controls, and a secure browser. Unauthorized programs can’t access your device using this package, and an anti-theft tool (Windows-only) can help you find your lost computer.

A firewall, monitoring for harmful traffic conditions, and a Connected Home Monitor that examines your home gadgets for vulnerabilities are among the many levels of network protection. ESET Internet Security now supports Android in addition to Mac and Windows.

  • Industry-recognized threat detection – You get enterprise-level security solutions and threat detection technology with ESET
  • Dedicated web browser – A separate web browser for shopping or banking securely
  • UEFI scanner – Stay protected even before your OS boots
  • Multi-platform – Purchase one license and deploy across all cross-platform devices
  • Lightweight – Enjoy complete protection without compromising on speed.

Self-protection ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Before initiating a full-scale infection attempt, malware may try to deactivate antivirus software, therefore security software must know how to protect itself.

I test this theory by generating various assaults on a Windows antivirus, such as removing files, suspending processes, terminating internet connections, deactivating filter drivers, changing settings, and so on, and seeing if our security was affected.

Such testing revealed a few of serious flaws. One assault successfully disabled a critical component of ESET‘s real-time file monitoring, while another totally disabled all of ESET’s defensive barriers. It must be a source of anxiety for us, especially because most antivirus software detects and blocks all of our hacking attempts. There are, however, additional considerations to ponder.

Furthermore, the firm acted fast, recognizing the detected problems, rapidly correcting it, and putting preparations in place to solve the other. That’s a far better performance than some of the competitors have achieved.

Generally, an antivirus must be able to defend itself against malware. We don’t think it’s a disaster, though. This was always a hypothetical concern, and ESET’s quick response not only makes NOD32 more malware-proof than it was before the evaluation, but it also gives us confidence that the firm will quickly fix any future vulnerabilities.


The ESET NOD32 appearance is similar to that of many other antivirus software: a basic dashboard indicates your existing security status, a complete system analysis can be launched with a single click, and a sidebar allows you to browse the program’s additional features and capabilities.

For example, the dashboard window may be resized, and also many sections will alter their designs to make use of the current interface. It’s a nice touch that cuts down on surfing and gets easier to read long reports comfortably.

I discovered some very strong capabilities when we dug further into the UI. The Log Files tab may appear to be just a table of recent antiviral occurrences at first glance, but when we right-clicked, a menu came with a slew of tabular capabilities, including filtering by numerous criteria, copy and remove choices, search functions, and exporting to several codecs.

However, ESET’s UI seems to be more appealing than the majority of the rivals. If you’re a techie, make a point of left-clicking every link and right-clicking every object to get a sense of what it can accomplish.


The annual cost of a single-license membership to this suite is $49.99. Additional subscriptions, up to a maximum of ten, increase the subscription rates by $10 per year. A three-license membership, for example, costs $69.99.

Starting price at $49.99 for a one-year license for a single device. That’s not terrible, but there’s no initial discount. One may prolong the license for up to 3 years to include five devices, but this doesn’t make ESET any more affordable. A five-device, three-year NOD32 Antivirus subscription, for example, costs $160 in the first year and $240 on renewal.

Essential protection for Windows and macOS
Internet Security
Advanced internet security for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.
Protect Advanced
Powerful multi-OS protection with cloud-based endpoint management.


ESET’s scan types are fewer than those offered by most competitors: only Full System, Removable Peripherals, and Customized scans are available. Quick Scan isn’t available, at least not as default. You can build scan profiles to do more restricted tests, but it’s not obvious, and you might not notice it exists unless you go digging through ESET’s menus.

It’s worth looking through the Settings section if you want to speed up scans or make other changes to your security. Everything from the fundamental items you’d want to analyze (boot sector, network drives, archives, anything) to fine-tuned minutiae like the email formats to check or ignore, and the degree of stacked zip files ESET must analyze is covered by an array of professional choices.

Its adaptability may be seen practically everywhere. When you right-click a file in Explorer, ESET NOD32, like anyone else, offers to scan it for threats. However, you may examine the file’s reputation to learn more about it; analyze the data without cleaning it to receive an instant judgement; or manually isolate a file despite if it hasn’t been detected as malware, which is a great method to securely store files you’re worried over.

Blocking suspicious sites

NOD32 Antivirus has 2 URL filtration layers: one protects you against phishing websites, while another employs a variety of methods to stop more broad internet threats. ESET NOD32 Antivirus has 2 URL filtration layers: one protects you against phishing websites, while another employs a variety of methods to stop more broad internet threats.

Both layers are included in the main engine, which is quite convenient. There’s no need to download addons or worry about whether browsers are safe or supported; everything that connects to the internet is automatically secured.It has numerous customization possibilities as well. You can create beneficial security settings and whitelists of websites that should or shouldn’t always be blocked, but you cannot, for example, disable the scanning for HTTP sites, which is definitely a bad idea.

ESET NOD32 performs admirably and will maintain you secure than before, but it falls short of the greatest of the competitors.

Machine control

Devices Control is an uncommon feature that allows you to define what occurs when users interact a variety of devices to the system, including removable media, a USB printers, Wireless controllers, scanners, smart card readers, routers, and much more.

This is a strong system that’s considerably more effective than G Data’s Terminal Control function, but it’s also complicated to set up. There is no user-friendly gui rule generator or a simple collection of prebuilt rules. Instead, you’re primarily picking technical alternatives from a list and hope you’ve got them right.

The Device Control panels are typically best avoided by beginners, although they do have significant utility for organizations. Once it’s up and running, you’ll be able to lock down important systems and make it more difficult for staff to copy sensitive data with their own Usb drives.

  • No impact in test
  • Anti-theft software for laptops and tablets
  • Professional device control
  • Annoying firewall notifications
  • Limited parental control

Shared Features

ESET  Antivirus lacks the standard set of supplementary features seen in other security programs: no password management, no ‘file shredder,’ no trash file cleaning, or anything like.

On the Tools menu, you’ll find several strange options. You may check logs, discover what the application has blocked, keep an eye on ongoing processes, and download ESET’s portable SysRescue cleanup utility, among other things.

Its System Cleaner promises to alert you to any essential Windows settings that have been modified from their defaults, such as by malware. It sounds fantastic, but it doesn’t provide nearly necessary information for you to make informed choices.

Fortunately, there is much positive publicity abroad. ESET SysInspector is a special standout, an amazing application that captures a snapshot of your computer and displays vital objects such as current processes, internet connectivity, crucial files (HOSTS), and essential Registry entries, among other things. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’ve worked with expanded task managers such Sysinternals’ Process Explorer, you’ll be pretty comfortable.


When you install ESET Internet Security, the firewall goes into autopilot mode, allowing all outbound traffic without screening and blocking inexperienced web traffic. In a technical sense, that’s useful, but you could perform the same thing with Microsoft’ built-in firewall.

Perhaps the most well and reputable processes generated alarms when Interactive Mode was activated with constant apps like Firefox, Chrome, Windows system processes, or files. ESET also provides a firewall Learning Mode, that ‘quickly builds and stores rules based on preset criteria,’ according to the firm.

Although it appears to be simpler, ESET cautions that its mode is only for initial setting and should not be utilized indefinitely, which does not sound promising. If you require long-term outbound filtering, it appears that you will be the one deciding all of the crucial judgments.

Additional Features

ESET NOD32 Antivirus – Spam filters aren’t commonly seen in security suites these days, which isn’t surprising given that most users use Gmail or another email server provider that includes spam filtering. ESET Internet Security does, however, contain a spam filter that can be integrated into

The Banking and Protection function hardens your browser window, making it difficult for spyware to steal sensitive information, according to ESET. We put this to the test with our own keylogger, and it operated as stated; we were able to record keystrokes in other programs but not in the search engine.

ESET’s Parental Controls are similarly rudimentary, with capabilities for content filtering but no further features, including basic capabilities like limiting internet connectivity or device use by time. It works, however it doesn’t contribute anything to the product. The built-in Family tools in Windows are more powerful.

ESET’s Anti-Theft tool operates similarly to that of many rivals, allowing you to monitor your device’s position, observe its location via webcam picture capture, or deliver a signal to its finder. Although there are more than enough of mobile networks that perform the same thing, but having one that supports Windows is a plus.

Who is ESET owned by?

ESET was formally founded by Miroslav Trnka, Peter Pako, and Rudolf Hrub as a privately held limited liability corporation.

Where is ESET headquarters?

ESET, which has its headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia, a member of the EU since 2004, is the first Slovak business to get the “Cybersecurity Made in Europe” badge from the European Cyber Security Organization.

Is there a problem between Windows security and ESET?

You won’t need to disable or uninstall Microsoft Windows Defender before installing an ESET package because it doesn’t have any antivirus features.

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