GlassWire Review

GlassWire is a free and easy-to-use monitoring tool for your network’s usage. This tool gives you more control over security, privacy, and activity on the next-generation firewall that analyses current events as well as past ones from around 10 years ago! To date, there have been 20+ million downloads for free which amounts to about half of all installations available worldwide.

IoT (Internet of Things) is a game-changer for user experience, but it also presents an array of security challenges. Internet-connected devices need to be protected with the right form of threat protection so you don’t fall prey as they are introduced into your organization and network environment.


“Things” can help you keep an eye on your bandwidth and make sure it’s not going to waste. You’ll be able to see which devices are using up all the data in this way, so that should give some relief when trying to find out what might cause issues with online gaming or streaming services like Netflix.

  • Advanced firewall – Block suspicious IP addresses or apps from accessing or joining your network
  • Visual network monitoring – Get real-time data on who is present in your Wi-fi network with complete profiles
  • Lockdown – Remove all connections from your network in a single click
  • Ask to connect – Get notified every time someone tries to connect to the network and allow/deny after verification
  • Complete network history – The software saves all the network information from the moment you activate it

Firewall Manager

GlassWire lets you customize your firewall profiles. For example, users may have multiple firewalls for business, home, and public Wi-Fi access. You may quickly swap between them using this platform.

The GlassWire control service connects with your current Windows firewall and takes command of the reporting process. Users may use this function to ban apps or networks without impacting people who have permission to communicate with your computer.


The free version of GlassWire Lifetime is not available on all our plans. However, there’s a 7-day trial for you to try out premium features without any commitment – after which point your information will be saved automatically into the paid plan.

GlassWire also offers lifetime upgrades so that every time we release an update or new build containing fixes; they’ll get applied immediately within 24 hours of maximum delay timescales at no extra charge.

  • Basic – $29.00 (1 machine, 6 month history, and 3 remote control.)
  • Pro – $50.00 (3 machines, 1 year history, and ten remote control)
  • GlassWire Elite – $75.00 (10 machines, unlimited history, and remote control)

For the Windows free sign-up, this program does not require any credit card information. However, payment information is required to get the utility from Google Play for Android.

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$75.00 Monthly
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Visual Networking Monitoring

The graph above displays your network’s present and past activities. It has a blue line that represents the current connection activity, as well as other yellow slices for each segment of individual connections on this day (or week).

The dots change size based upon how many times they’ve been accessed; if it looks like there are too few visits from some users then we might want to take a closer look at what those individuals were doing during their time offline!

  • The graphs provide a bird’s eye view of your network activity.
  • You’ll be able to see how many incoming and outgoing connections
  • bandwidth usage for each app connecting through the router

If you want more detail on any specific connection or application then just click it with your mouse cursor – which will open up an info window giving all available information about that particular happening within seconds…The different skins (colors) allow us quickly identify metrics such as frequency distribution without having.


This solution notifies you only when it’s important. You can customize where and how often notifications appear, so they don’t distract from what you’re doing or bother others around you
This means that the incoming messages will fade into the background instead of popping up on your screen for seconds at a time as other apps might do without proper settings.

The “snooze” mode allows you to silence alerts for 24 hours so that your work doesn’t get interrupted. The pop-up windows are granted priority access and stored on the alert tab, where they can be reviewed at any time without having them constantly interrupt what we’re doing around here.

Bandwidth Monitor

You can keep a log of the network load with GlassWire’s network monitor tool. This function is particularly beneficial if your bandwidth suddenly starts to run out but your consumption stays constant. It could be a strong indication that a potentially malicious program is interfering with the privacy and security of your network. Another possibility is that some of the programs eat data even when they are not being used.

You may establish daily or weekly bandwidth limitations using this function. When you go overboard, the system provides you with an alarm. You may next examine your use to see if any unusual apps or machines are getting a free ride on your network.

Premium Features

Remote Control

When users operate a business, keeping an eye on your remote servers can help you spot problems before they become a problem for your customers. Troubleshooting becomes quicker and easier in this manner.

The “remote server” feature of GlassWire technology helps in monitoring activity on your local PC. You may use the functionality to observe new app activity and security warnings, for example.

Wi Fi Threat Detection

Wireless connections are becoming more popular as they’re easier to set up and don’t require an expensive cable. However, this convenience comes at a price – wireless networks can be accessed by hackers who use them for access points into your device using Wi-Fi.

GlassWire not only monitors your network for malicious activity but can also alert you when it spots any of the following:

  • New hardware with a similar Wi-Fi name as yours
  • Sudden password loss on one connected device or many simultaneously
  • Easy to use
  • Monitoring Control
  • Traffic network control
  • Advanced features expensive
  • Bandwidth checker

Privacy Security

The main goal of this technology is to identify harmful activity, and this is where the majority of GlassWire evaluations focus. You may, however, rely on it to preserve your online privacy as well. Visiting several websites may appear to be innocuous. However, you might be astonished at how few servers with no link to your trusted website try to join.

These servers are designed to collect information about your browsing habits or IP address. Fortunately, GlassWire can assist you in maintaining your online privacy. The GlassWire app contains a security kit that shows you whether your device is interacting with suspicious IPs.

This tool will tell you everything about your device that might be flawed with it. It’s an essential part of keeping up-to-date, and knowing what information is being sent out can help prevent any potential problems in advance.

With sliders, you may travel back in time with this app. To uncover any faults, you may evaluate your network use by day, weekly, and monthly from here.

Even while you’re using your machine, smart apps/software can access it without being detected. When a new network tries to connect to your device, GlassWire provides you an alert. You have the option of accepting or rejecting such requests via this system.

Lockdown Mode

The ability to restrict all internet connectivity while you’re abroad is one of GlassWire’s features. As a result, you can be confident that no apps will attempt to launch assaults or waste your internet while you are away.

Incognito Mode

You may utilize GlassWire’s incognito mode to visit tools and applications that you don’t want the program to log. However, you must activate this feature; else, it will not function.

Because some malware types execute once they identify a user’s absence, this functionality is really necessary. Because they rapidly shut down and wait for the next window of opportunity, you won’t notice their activity until you resume.

Customer Support

The following are several ways you can get support for your device. You have the option of emailing them, posting on community sites or forums that address specific models/versions of phones in question with tips about how best to resolve problems if any arise–or even just getting started by reading through our start guide.

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