Hostgator Web Hosting Review

The hosting services at HostGator are extensive. They provide everything from shared to dedicated servers, and you can choose between Windows or Linux for your operating system.
There’s something here that will suit anyone: shared hosting plans with free cPanel access; virtual private server (VPS) offerings that offer great performance on both ends thanks largely due in part because they’re based entirely on open-source software such as Apache 2 Web Server combined by PHP 5+ Mysql Database etc.


The HostGator shared hosting plans are perfect for small businesses who need to store large amounts of data, but may not require extensive bandwidth or server space. The price starts at $2.95 per month with 3 years worth of subscriptions and can be scaled down according to an increase in usage by 25%.

HostGator is different because they don’t offer backups out of the box. Instead, you have to purchase their CodeGuardBasic service for $2 per month which provides daily automatic backups and restore functionality so that your site can be recovered in case anything goes wrong on one particular day or week when it needs more attention than usual due to other factors like high traffic loads, etc.

They offer a great way to start an online business


HostGator’s shared hosting range offers more than enough power for many businesses. With unmetered disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and easy WordPress installation (and cPanel-based site management) with every plan – even the cheapest Hatchling gets you all that without breaking a sweat.

This low price makes the new VPS an incredible deal, especially when you consider all its features. With more than enough power for personal or business websites and at only $2.75 per month (or less), this plan will save your organization money in long-term costs!

The Business plan is a great choice for businesses with the need to host unlimited domains and includes professional features such as free dedicated IP, along with premium SSL certificates that are only available at an affordable price. The front-month cost of $5.95 per month over three years breaks down to just under 7 cents per day. The yearly version costs approximately 16.95$.

Hatchling Plan
$2.08/ mo
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Baby Plan
$2.98/ mo
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Business Plan
$4.48/ mo
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With their 45-day money-back guarantee, you can try HostGator hosting for free. If it doesn’t meet your needs within the first few weeks of signing up then let us know and we’ll make sure to give 100% credit on any unused portions toward another provider.

HostGator offers simple WordPress hosting for a very low price, but with some limitations. Hosting you’ll get from them is more suited towards beginners who are just getting started in their respective fields of work or school projects that may require access to one site on the internet at most time-on another browser tab away.

The Starter plan supports a single site with an average of 100,000 users per month for $5.95 over three years; the Business option includes more resources and can handle up to 250K visitors on any given day – priced at 22.95$.

With Liquid Web’s WordPress plans, you can stage updates without breaking your production site and their very smart updating system will automatically update the software for you. If anything goes wrong with this process though – like if a plugin isn’t updated correctly or an upgrade doesn’t go through smoothly- there are hundreds of alerts in case something needs attention.

The bandwidth for this product is limited to 2TB per month, which should be enough. It’s a great option if you need the basics but it costs $19 monthly or 15$ on an annual plan -that still beats most competitors by far.

Website Building

The HostGator website provides a range of tools to help you create and manage your site. One such tool is an Install WordPress link, which takes users directly into the payment gateway for setting up this popular web publishing software without any further interaction required from them, $99 if paying with credit card or PayPal account setup fees reduced downing domestic internet packages by 50%.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or expensive tools to set up your blog. In just a few steps, you can have WordPress installed on your hosting and be ready for visitors right away.

Softaculous is a very powerful tool that can install 400+ other apps, including Drupal! One-Click Installs are also included in HostGator’s service. However, the latter only offers basic features for installing small sites with limited options and settings, not what you would want if your goal was developing an extensive e-commerce store or forum community site on the WordPress platform.

With their shared hosting plan, you can upgrade from $5.99 a month over three years to get rid of ads and space limitations while still enjoying all the benefits like HD video & audio support.

CPanel is an excellent choice for experienced users who don’t need any of this handholding. It gives you all the FTP, SSH, and domain functionality to get your site up running without hassle.

  • Shared hosting plans come with unmetered bandwidth
  • Transfer your website for free
  • Get a free SSL certificate
  • Plans accommodate the requirements of a single domain
  • Limited dedicated servers settings options


HostGator has strategically placed its high-performance data centers in the USA, which are primarily located in Houston and Provo. The tactical usage of these amazing facilities gives them the advantage to offer excellent quality service while ensuring flexibility and reliability that’s expected from all-around great hoster like themselves.

HostGator’s servers are powered by cutting-edge HVAC, state of the art hardware for their electrical and grid systems. This ensures that they never suffer from any interruptions or hiccups in service.

As noted before, HostGator’s Houston-based data center is situated at CyrusOne Houston, Texas, USA West facility and the other is situated inside the Ace Data Centers facility situated at Provo, Utah, USA. There is not much information about HostGator’s other data centers across the globe. However, HostGator does have a data center in India and it is believed to be in Mumbai which serves its Indian customers via the HostGator website.


We set up a simple static website on our HostGator plan to test its availability and response time. The site was never down during the monitoring period, which is great considering that’s what we would expect after only one week of testing.

HostGator’s performance is not only better than most shared hosts but also exceptionally fast. Their average response time in our tests was 378ms, which places them among the slower providers we’ve reviewed recently (at 500+ ms) while still offering more reliable service with lower numbers of outliers.

The results of our site speed test were much better than expected. We originally thought that the load time would be around 1-2 seconds, but it ended up being 870ms which is in the upper mid-range for shared hosts.


The search engine on this site is really great. It lets you type in any question and then displays matching articles with clear answers, quickly showcasing what’s available to help answer your query.

When we tried to use HostGator’s live chat, which is online 24/7, a helpful agent responded within two minutes and gave us sensible advice. She even went as far as identifying the issue right away.

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