Interserver Web Hosting Review

InterServer is an underdog of the hosting world, but it’s not doing so badly. In fact, many people don’t even know what Interserver does or where they’re located! They’ve won some prizes here and there which surprises everyone more than anything else really- especially considering how big-name companies usually perform at these things.


InterServer, the provider of 21 years has been flying under our radar. How did it manage to stay afloat without any notable marketing campaigns?

What is their secret sauce you ask yourself as they fly around unnoticed by most people who use this service every day?

It seems that InterServer is a really good provider. Or, this might be among the most well-kept secrets of all time – their website says 70% percent or so are migrations.
It’s not hard to figure out why they would have such high numbers in customer turnover; after all, there must’ve been some kind of secret agreement between these two companies before any data was shared…


InterServer offers a wide range of web hosting services, starting at $5/month for shared without discounts. The company operates its own data centers where you can choose from ASP.NET hosts to cheap VPS options depending on your needs and budget – they’re all priced considerably below industry standards.

InterServer’s solutions are tailored to suit the needs of both new entrepreneurs and established companies. Their shared hosting service is by far one of their most popular offerings as it caters not only to websites that have just launched, but also to medium-sized businesses with many web pages on InterServers’ servers at once.

InterServer offers three shared hosting plans, all of which come equipped with unlimited domains and storage. The more expensive options offer additional resources such as CPUs or RAM depending on how many accounts are hosted per server – so there’s no need to worry about the quality going down.

Shared Hosting
$2.50/ mo
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ASP.NET Hosting
$8/ mo
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VPS Special
$6/ mo
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$49/ mo
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InterServer has had some unfortunate price increases, but they do offer a great discount if you sign up for their monthly plans. You can get an amazing deal on renewals and different billing terms.


They pride themselves on having the most reliable infrastructure in all of New York City. Their data centers are located outside NYC, but close enough so that you can send your data without worrying about any network problems or power outages because we guarantee 100% uptime for both!

Website Building

With InterServer, you can set up your website in as little time and with almost no effort. If a domain name is purchased from them, it’s automatically activated along with the SSL certificates pre-installed on our hosting platform which makes security one of their top priorities for clients.

Plus installing WordPress couldn’t be easier; all that needs to happen now is using the Softaculous installer located within cPanel (a great feature that lets users easily install plugins).

cPanel is a great choice for beginners because it comes with many tools that are easy to use and understand. You can also find tutorials online about how they work, or ask questions in their forums if you need more help.

  • All-rounder hosting for small websites
  • Easily upgrade as your website grows
  • Professional support and customer service
  • Variety of options to suit any small website
  • User interface glitch
  • Customer support not 24/7


Interserver shows very reliable 99.99% uptime, average speeds across all tested servers, and quite an impressive website loading results when put under pressure. When put under pressure through their website loading time increased slightly which is something you’ll want to know before adding them as an IT service provider.

The best thing about this server is how long it has been running and the 99% Uptime. It also doesn’t go down very often, which makes for an amazing experience as well!

The load time for an empty WordPress website hosted in the US is 0.9 seconds, which makes it faster than Google‘s recommended 2-5 second limit if you’re able to fit into less than 3 or 4 scanning cycles before the paint starts on your page.

When you visit a website with slow loading speeds, it feels as if your computer has come under attack by some kind of virus – which in turn makes people want nothing more than for this problem fixer (the server) to work faster so they don’t get bombarded with pop-ups or other annoying redirects while trying just about anything on their browsers. The average load time of 3-5 simultaneous pages ranges from 0–2+ ms per page.

Interserver Web Hosting
They provide the best hardware, network and support available


The service was going really well until I needed help with something. Then, when it came down to using live chat for support – things took an unexpected turn.

The tutorials themselves are great, but it can be difficult to distinguish which one you should use – they vary depending on the hosting option and panel. However all of them have similar names so there is some degree confusion with what might work best for your needs.

InterServer offers a large knowledge base and live chat support to solve basic problems on the spot. However, some customers have experienced bad experiences with their agents who may not be well-trained or helpful in certain situations according to them while others say that these issues get solved quickly through email correspondence alone which is always available at any time of day/night as long you’re online.

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