Kaspersky Antivirus Review

Kaspersky’s top-of-the-line security solutions can protect you from online threats using a combination of local monitoring and cloud-based pattern recognition. Their entry-level product, KIS antivirus has been designed for those who are new to computer protection or need an affordable option that still offers quality service in their home environment.

Kaspersky Total Security, the top-tier product, includes a secure password, excellent parental controls, a fortified browser for digital purchasing, and cutting-edge stalker-aware prevention. Although its malware detector did allow a few possible dangers to pass, it’s still a step forward from the competition, with rapid rates that have just a little effect on your device’s performance. The only drawback is that Kaspersky’s Secure Connection VPN service charges an additional $30 per year for unrestricted access.

Kaspersky is a well-known Russian-based company with offices around the world. It’s unknown what will happen as Russia debates whether or not they should invade Ukraine and economic sanctions are put on them by other countries in order to protect themselves from cyber attacks like those conducted through this software program which could potentially affect your information.

Real-time threat detection – The antivirus software checks for viruses, malware, and ransomware in real-time
System watcher – The system watcher checks for malicious files within the system
Lock breaker – If your screen gets locked by a malicious program, use the lock breaker to unlock it
VPN – Browse privately and safeguard your data even from your ISP
Vulnerability scan – Get reports of vulnerabilities present in your system and online accounts

Pricing and charges rate

The standard Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Kaspersky Total Security products are available for Windows, as well as three Security Cloud services, one of which is free. They all employ the same malware-monitoring technology, although there are some differences in the functions they offer.

The password manager in Kaspersky Anti-Virus is restricted to 15 combinations of keys and is only available for Windows. It also protects you against stalker-aware, a type of semi-legal malware that may be used to snoop on you by business partners or envious lovers. Its prices are $60 for 3 Machines or $80 for 5, which is a little more than Bitdefender’s Antivirus Plus. Regardless, we believe it is the finest antivirus program for Windows 10.

Kaspersky Internet Security costs $80 annually for three devices and $90 for five. Multiple firewalls, anti-tracking security, camera safety, and the Safe Money fortified browser are all included.

In the event of a hacking incident, Kaspersky Total Security provides file encryption, file shredding, and file safeguarding. It costs $100 each year for 5 machines or $150 for 10 and includes Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium and an endless password manager.

The firm’s Secure Connection VPN feature is limited to 300MB daily in most Kaspersky antivirus programs. You’ll have to pay an additional $30 annually for unlimited VPN bandwidth (inexpensive compared to stand-alone VPN services).

Kaspersky Security Cloud protects your devices from malware and other security threats with a single, easy-to-use interface. It’s perfect for people who have more than one computer in their household as it offers protection across all of them.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal costs $90 each year for 3 PCs, Macs, Android, or iOS devices, or $100 for five, but each device must always be connected to a unique Kaspersky online account. It analyzes email accounts for participation in security breaches and alerts users when new devices are connected to a home network. It comes with a limitless password manager and 500MB of VPN bandwidth daily.

Bottom Line
$29.99 annually
Bottom Line
Antivirus protection for Windows PCs is a must-have.
Internet Security
$39.99 annually
Bottom Line
Antivirus and personal privacy for PCs, Macs, and portable devices.
Total Security
$44.99 annually
Bottom Line
For PC, Mac, and Mobile, a full privacy protection suite is available.


The Real-World Protection tests by AV-Comparatives are designed to demonstrate how well all of the major antivirus software work against a variety of known and unknown threats.

Kaspersky came in fourth out of 17 contestants in the latest report form from July to October 2021, having 99.9% of attacks prevented. A trend with Panda and Norton topped the list with perfect scores, although Kaspersky outscored huge brands like Bitdefender (98.7%), Avira (98.2%), and ESET (98.7%).

Kaspersky Internet Security blocked 100 percent of both known and undiscovered threats, according to AV-October Test’s 2021 Windows Home User report. SE Labs’ Q3 2021 Top 9 List isn’t quite as impressive for those looking for an anti-malware solution for their home computer or laptop that will protect against all types of attacks without slowing them down too much; however, it still proves useful when evaluating how many various types there could be – particularly since each day a single one is being tested by this leading independent lab before you decide which product best suits your needs.

Whenever the Kaspersky application discovers anything new and possibly harmful, it is sent to the Kaspersky Security Network lab for evaluation. Every day, new virus definitions are given to the company’s 400 million consumers. When you don’t want your computer to transmit information to Kaspersky, you can turn it off during the installation process or in the system’s preferences.

The Kaspersky commercial programs protect Windows’ UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) from bootkit infections and file fewer assaults. You may pick which apps to allow using the program’s Application Control.

Kaspersky’s Gaming mode mutes defense alerts and updates when playing games or watching movies, and it may start up immediately when a full-screen program is executed. Kaspersky’s Rescue Disk helps restart the computer under Linux to give it a full cleaning if it’s significantly contaminated and doesn’t react to regular antivirus programs. The program must be downloaded and installed on a USB stick device.

Security features

Browser addons for Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer are included with each Kaspersky Windows antivirus package to protect data entered into webpages, warn of phishing scams, and block pop-up adverts. A Safari addon is also available for Mac users.

You may establish distinct rules for different technology gear using Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security’s two-way firewall. However, the audio element of Kaspersky’s webcam security must be manually regulated using the Application Control function.

Internet Security and Total Security include the Safe Money fortified web browser, which is ideal for online shopping and banking. It has an on-screen keyboard, employs HTTPS encrypted data for websites wherever available, and disables add-ons.

Kaspersky Total Security has an unlimited Password Manager, that would cost $15 annually if purchased alone. Safe Kids Parental controls from Total Security allow parents to restrict a child’s time on screen, find mobile phones using GPS, supervise Facebook behaviors, and get regular detailed reports on internet activities.

Kaspersky Total Security’s Backup and Restore may copy your system’s documents, images, movies, music, and any other items and back them up over FTP, however it isn’t a genuine backup application.

Data Vault from Kaspersky Total Security scrambles any file using 56-bit AES encryption so only a passphrase can open it. Other antivirus companies are discontinuing encryption technology, and Kaspersky is the last to do so.

Its service’s File Shredder may permanently destroy sensitive or humiliating data. To get rid of superfluous programs, eliminate duplicate and temporary internet files, and clear web-browser history, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security contain Clean and Optimize capabilities.

  • Great Protection
  • Recovery Tool
  • Amazing Parental Control tool
  • VPN Limited
  • Top-level features need to be purchased


To discover system flaws, Kaspersky software offers thorough and rapid scans, as well as a customized preferential scan, an external-drive scan, and a vulnerabilities scan. We ran a bespoke Excel benchmark test to time how long it took a PC to reflect 20,000 personal details in a spreadsheet to see how Kaspersky Total Security affected system performance.

Kaspersky Total Security’s initial complete analysis lasted 17 minutes and inspected 400,571 files. Kaspersky Total Security’s entire scan took only 1 minute and 49 seconds the second time around, covering 309,525 files in only 1 minute and 49 seconds.

Since the 2020 version, Kaspersky’s UI hasn’t altered much. Access scans, updates, the toughened browser, the password vault, security settings, and parental controls are all available through the eight buttons on the home page. With at least three options to update Kaspersky’s virus definitions, the UI may be perplexing.

Many pages will need to be scrolled up and down if they don’t fit on your screen. Scans may be scheduled at a certain time or every moment, hour, day, week, or month, and the scan intensity can be adjusted to Low, Recommended, or High.

The toughened browser may be launched using the Kaspersky Windows Taskbar icon, which can be found on the bottom right corner of your screen. Kaspersky’s internet security software You can safeguard other machines, renew your coverage subscription, and read computer security news with my Kaspersky account. You may add two-factor authentication to your Kaspersky account to provide an extra layer of protection.

Support Service

With 24/7 support, Kaspersky’s commercial antivirus software can help you through phone calls and emails. They also provide online chat services for those who are struggling with ransomware strains that don’t have any information about how to remove it or unlock your files, although there may be decryption tools available on their website if needed.

You can rest assured that your devices are safe with Kaspersky’s industry-leading security solutions. We provide round-the-clock support so you can get help anytime, anywhere. And our self-help website offers information and tools to help you recover from ransomware attacks.

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