MacKeeper Review

Most Mac users now sheepishly concede that their prized machines are vulnerable to virus attacks. Although they are a more difficult prospect than a Windows system, assaults do succeed, thus a Mac virus protection is essential. It’s even better if your security software offers more than just virus protection. MacKeeper comes with a number of security, protection, and performance enhancements. However, it lacks crucial functionality that we’ve come to expect in security software, regardless of platform, such as security against dangerous URLs.


The primary window of MacKeeper has a menu on the left side that is separated into sections for Security, Cleanup, Optimization, and Privacy. A built-in chat assistance system is located on the right side. The Locate & Fix feature, which is chosen by default, has a large button to start a scan at the bottom of the screen, with a schematic of what will be (or has been) scanned taking up the majority of the screen. It’s a little crowded, but it’s manageable.

On my last evaluation, the product’s look has altered somewhat. Cleanup was once at the top of the priority list, but now it’s Security. Online Security and Track My Mac were previously available under Security; now, Virus protection and Adware Cleaner are available. The large colored ring, whose subareas used to indicate the state of those four primary feature groupings, has become more subtle. Instead of merely text, each quadrant now has an icon. These are primarily aesthetic modifications, but the final outcome is nice.

  • Real-time antivirus for Mac – An antivirus software for Mac that checks for cyber threats in real-time
  • Adware cleaner – Remove all adware that is bombarding your Mac with unsolicited ads
  • Performance optimizer – Increase your Mac’s speed and efficiency in one click 
  • Adblocker – Block internet ads altogether with Mackeeper ad blocker
  • VPN – Browse privately with an in-built VPN that keeps you safe and anonymous
  • Great features
  • VPN built-in
  • Ease to use
  • Smoothly Interface
  • Only iOS
  • Miss some important features

Security Features

MacKeeper is prepared to provide you with a comprehensive and helpful security package. You’ll almost certainly overlook the system’s and personal data’s security flaws if you use it. To put it another way, you have the ability to check your device for malware at any time, trace data breaches across your online accounts, and even hide your user activities from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Even though it lacks several critical functions like ransomware and web protection, as well as parental controls, the features it does have will significantly enhance the security of your Mac.

System Scans

Find & Fix is a system scan function that MacKeeper has introduced. The application examines your Mac for infections, potential threats, garbage files, and performance issues with only a click of a button.

If a threat is detected, you can instantly take action to get rid of it. This handy feature ensures your safety and protection by allowing instant access for updates from the cloud so that no one escape goes unnoticed.

Antivirus Scanner

Your device is now protected against malicious software. The Antivirus scanner will detect any viruses or malware on your system, and you can find this under the “Antivirus” section of settings in order to protect yourself from these threats.

Although there is no option for a rapid scan, you may still choose for a custom scan, which allows you to select which files to scan. A comprehensive scan, on the other hand, will find malware in every nook of your System. MacKeeper also doesn’t tell you how many files were scanned, so you’ll never know if your whole system was searched.

Update Tracker

Because each app update enhances a program’s security, it’s essential to keep all of your applications up to date. Because it watches for the newest versions of almost all of your programs, the Update tracker ensures that your programs have no security flaws that hackers may exploit.

This is fantastic to hear that MacKeeper searches for fresh updates up to five times every day. When an outdated app is found, you may easily update it with a click of the mouse. You may also make a list of programs that you don’t want to be updated. The Do Not Update list is what it’s called.

Login Item Scanner

It’s a smart idea to examine what apps start ahead of your Mac if it takes a long time for it to start. You may use the Login item scanner to control which programs should and shouldn’t launch when you first boot up your Mac. Furthermore, not only will this feature allow you to limit the number of apps that run at startup, but it will also allow you to detect possibly harmful applications.

You might come across potentially malicious apps on your Mac that you weren’t aware of and didn’t expect to execute in the background. These applications are frequently attachments from software you’ve obtained from unauthorized sources, and they’re potentially harmful. As a result, halting them might rescue you from danger.

ID Theft Guard

You may be left with taken private data or money as a result of online identity theft without anyone realizing it until it’s too late. However, with the ID theft guard, you will be notified of any data breaches that may pose a threat to you before any harm comes.

Your email account, passphrase, payment card number, and other personal information are all protected by this function. Furthermore, your sensitive data is constantly checked, and you will be notified if it is compromised.

Private Connect or VPN

Understanding that you are being watched and monitored is never pleasant. As a result, acquiring a built-in VPN that will disguise your true IP address and secure your data will be a big step toward bettering your online security.

MacKeeper’s VPN employs the highest encryption available, AES-256, as well as WebRTC and DNS breach prevention. You may also pick from over 300 locations in 50 locations, some of which are geared for P2P file transfers.

Stop ADs

Adware is a sneaky threat that may quickly infiltrate your computer and cause harm, such as viruses and spyware, as well as crashing it. An ad stopper is required to avoid harmful advertising, which is why MacKeeper provides the StopAD function. You’ll be able to block annoying pop-ups, banner ads, and video adverts using it.

StopAD is a Chrome and Safari addon, when you enable this option, it blocks adverts and prevents trackers from tracking your online activities. When you join MacKeeper, you get more than just anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-adware capabilities. You may also make use of features like removing unwanted applications from the Mac, a memory cleaning that speeds up your laptop, and even more.


The price of MacKeeper was undoubtedly high. It cost $16.95 each month, or $203.40 annually if you paid it monthly. Paying for a year at a time reduces the cost to $119.40 a year, which is the equivalent of $9.95 monthly. You may also secure three Macs for $139 each year.

For the 1st threemestres those list prices changed. The reduced three-Mac annual pricing dropped to $83.40 at one time. The three-Mac choice disappeared suddenly, replaced with a 2-year license that was priced at $358.80 but was reduced to $118.80. The monthly list price also dropped from $16.95 to $14.95.

If you agree to enter MacKeeper, you have the option to cancel within 14 days thanks to the company’s money-back guarantee. Given that most suppliers provide you with 30 days, this is a somewhat short period. Even so, it’s better than nothing. Also, don’t forget about the free trial version, which you can access simply by taking a look at the program.

1-Month Plan
$16.95 monthly
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12 Month Plan
$60.00 annually
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12 Month Family
$5.20 monthly
$62.40 annually
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Ease to use

It comes with a laid-back installation method that you’ve probably seen before. However, because macOS has undergone interface modifications, certain program commands do not correspond to the device’s capabilities or buttons. As a result, you shouldn’t trust MacKeeper’s installation instructions uncritically.

There are two ways to set up the application after it has been installed. Subscribing to a premium plan directly from the application is one of them. The second asks you to enter a license key that you will get through email if you purchased a membership before installing the program. Plenty of the features are activated after you activate your membership. That is, unless you choose to personally engage the real-time security and monitoring capabilities.


MacKeeper is quite easy to use. It’s both practical and pleasing to the sight. Everything you’ll need to improve the security and functionality of your machine is organized in such a manner that you can simply detect and handle it.

On the left sidebar of the screen, you’ll see all of the available security features. And when users decide to enable a feature, it will fill the whole of the screen so you can see what’s going on clearly.

This usually requires some time to figure out what each feature does. As a result, having an explanation will help you to have a more pleasant experience when using the software.

However, if you want expert assistance, you may reach out to him directly using an app. In the upper right corner, there is a section dedicated to customer service. If you aren’t having any problems, you may also reduce the section.

Generally, MacKeeper provides a good user experience in terms of simplicity of use and usability. You can get to everything quickly and easily. You don’t have to strain your neck looking for a crucial function. The program has a great layout, which is fantastic. As a result, the time you spend on it will not only be beneficial and moreover enjoyable.

Customer Support

You have various customer service options with MacKeeper, including 24/7 live web chat, email, FAQs, and the MacKeeper community forum. And although having a variety of alternatives is often a plus, MacKeeper struggled to provide excellent service via live chat and email.

I first notified them via live chat to see how responsive they were. The staff reacted swiftly, much to my relief. The issue was identified with MacKeeper’s email assistance, except that the response time was not as quick (it might even take a few days). Although the employee is kind, the responses are not really useful. As a result, you may find yourself alone for no obvious reason.

Fortunately, MacKeeper’s own website has a comprehensive FAQ. It was really thorough and useful to me. You won’t be paying for it after the first time you have used it.

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