Vizio H6 Soundbar System

The Vizio H6 is great for blended use. This soundbar has an unbiased sound profile with some additional blast in the bass reach that is great for heaps of various kinds of sound substance. There’s a discrete focus channel to assist with discourse proliferation and two discrete encompass speakers to make a more vivid encompass sound. Be that as it may, there’s no help for Dolby Atmos content. It likewise comes up short on more exceptional sound upgrade highlights like room adjustment and a realistic EQ.


The Vizio H6 is a straightforward, smooth soundbar. It’s for the most part made of plastic, with a slim texture covering the front and the sides of the bar. The sub is generally made of plastic. It sits on four plastic stakes with elastic grasps. There’s a port on the rear of the sub, and the speaker is under.

Vizio H6 unbox

The Vizio H6 accompanies two satellite speakers, which are for the most part made of plastic with texture covering the front and sides.

  • Width 36.0″ (91.5 cm)
  • Level 2.2″ (5.7 cm)
  • Profundity 3.2″ (8.2 cm)

The bar isn’t excessively wide, yet it probably won’t fit between the legs of a 55-inch TV. Notwithstanding, it isn’t extremely tall, so it shouldn’t impede your TV screen except if your TV sits flush on the table.

  • Width 8.3″ (21.2 cm)
  • Level 9.8″ (25.0 cm)
  • Profundity 8.3″ (21.2 cm)

The subwoofer is like the subwoofer for the Vizio V Series V21-H8, and it’s more limited in level than the typical work area PC.

  • Width 4.8″ (12.1 cm)
  • Level 2.2″ (5.7 cm)
  • Profundity 3.2″ (8.2 cm)

The satellites aren’t exceptionally large. They needn’t bother with being wired to a power source, yet they should be associated with the sub to work.

Bar Mounting

General (openings on the underside)
The rear of the bar has two openings for the information ports. There are additionally general openings under the bar that let you divider mount it.


The port is situated on the rear of the subwoofer. The power link interfaces at the base, and there are likewise two jacks for the two satellites.


The satellites have a plain back. There’s an association for the link that interfaces with the sub. You can likewise mount these satellites to the divider utilizing the divider mount screws and section included, yet you’ll need to buy a section screw independently.

The Vizio V51-H6 has a nice form quality. The parts are generally made of plastic, which feels strong and solid. Be that as it may, the slender texture on the front and sides of the bar and the satellite speakers seems like it could get grimy or tear without any problem.


With the adjustment, the Vizio H6 has a great sound system recurrence reaction. With its bass set to ‘- 2’, it has an exceptionally nonpartisan, adjusted sound profile that is appropriate for standing by listening to heaps of various sorts of sound substance. Its bass reach is more adjusted, so there’s less blast in the bass.

There’ve been many reports of the subwoofer radiating a thundering sound when sound is played at lower levels or when no sound is being played by any means. The arrangement was retested at various volume levels, and with each EQ mode, by means of Bluetooth and ARC. Be that as it may, the issue never introduced itself on our unit, even subsequent to refreshing the arrangement’s firmware to its most recent variant (

The Vizio V51-H6 has an extraordinary sound system recurrence reaction. It has an impartial sound profile reasonable for standing by listening to various sorts of sound substance, and there’s some additional blast in the bass reach. Because of its devoted subwoofer, it can precisely replicate the profound bang and thunder found in bass-weighty music and activity stuffed films. There are likewise a few bass and high pitch changes so you can tweak its sound.

The Vizio H6 has a fair sound system soundstage. The soundstage is probably basically as wide as the actual bar, however, it has no stunts to make it sound more extensive than that. Its center is great, so protests like voices and instruments appear to come from an exact, pinpoint area as opposed to an overall area.

The Vizio H6 has amazing sound system elements execution. This bar can get clearly without numerous pressure relics present, making it reasonable for enormous rooms and swarmed conditions like gatherings.

The Vizio H6 has a respectable THD execution. A typical listening volume, the THD falls for the most part inside great cutoff points, bringing about spotless and unadulterated sound proliferation. At max volume, there’s a little leap in twisting, particularly in the bass reach. Nonetheless, this mutilation may not be perceptible with genuine substance.

The Vizio H6 has an incredible focus channel execution. This 5.1 arrangement has a discrete focus channel, so voices are moored to a precise, pinpoint the area in the soundstage. Its recurrence reaction is somewhat bass-weighty, yet you probably don’t see it since there typically isn’t much bass imitated on the middle channel.

The Vizio V Series 5.1 soundbar has a fair encompasses execution. It accompanies two discrete satellite speakers, so sound articles like voices are obviously and precisely recreated in the soundstage. Sound appears as though it’s coming from surrounding you, instead of just from speakers set before you. Sadly, the recurrence reaction is very bass-weighty, bringing about a sloppy, boomy sound that is overpowering for certain audience members.


The Vizio H6 has a few sources of info, including a 3.5mm AUX port, which permits you to associate more seasoned gadgets to the bar utilizing a wired association. In any case, there is anything but a Full HDMI In port, so you can’t involve the bar as a center point between your gadgets.

We affirmed that this soundbar doesn’t uphold Dolby Digital+ by means of ARC.

Over its HDMI ARC port, this bar upholds probably the most widely recognized designs for streaming stages and Blu-beam circles, including Dolby Digital and DTS. In any case, it doesn’t uphold lossless or object-based designs like Dolby Atmos.

Vizio Sub

The Vizio V51-H6 has a phenomenal inertness execution. It has genuinely low inactivity, so the sound you hear shows up in a state of harmony with the video you see. Therefore, it’s reasonable for watching recordings over these associations. It’s memorable’s critical that some applications and TVs can make up for idleness in an unexpected way, so your genuine experience might fluctuate.

The Vizio H6 upholds a Bluetooth network, so you can remotely stream sound from your cell phone to the bar.

The Vizio H6 doesn’t have an HDMI In port, so it doesn’t uphold 4k passthrough.

Sub Wireless
You can associate the bar to the sub remotely. You simply have to plug it into a power source to inspire it to work.

Sat Wireless
Halfway, wired to remote sub
The satellites associate with the subwoofer utilizing a wired association. They should be adequately close to the sub to be associated by a wire, which might restrict where you can put the satellites in your room.



The Vizio H6 doesn’t have a showcase, however, there are a bunch of vertical lights on the left half of the bar that glimmer relying upon your settings. There’s additionally sound input when you select one of the four preset modes.

Bar Controls

Vizio V Series H6 Controls photograph
There are a couple of buttons on the highest point of the bar that let you control its essential capacities. You can control the bar on and off, change the info, actuate Bluetooth matching mode, and change the volume.

General Remote

The remote is genuinely basic, and it allows you to control the bar’s settings in general. There’s even a showcase screen, in contrast to the remote for the Vizio V Series V21-H8.

Vizio remote

The Vizio V Series H6 doesn’t have underlying voice colleague support. In any case, you can interface it with an outsider voice colleague gadget to control it with your voice. The producer says that it upholds both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-empowered gadgets.

HDMI CEC (TV Remote Control)

The Vizio H6 accompanies an eco-power mode that shuts down the bar after a time of inertia. You can likewise utilize your TV remote to control the bar’s fundamental capacities as it has HDMI CEC support.

Final Thoughts

The Vizio H6 is a great soundbar for blended use. It has an unbiased sound profile with some additional blast in the bass reach that is great for heaps of various kinds of sound substance. There’s a discrete focus channel to assist with discourse proliferation and two discrete encompass speakers to make a more vivid encompass sound. Turn the music on with this device today!

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