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VyprVPN is an excellent all-around VPN service provider. It allows unblocking of a variety of streaming platforms, so it’s a good choice for those who want to watch geo-restricted content. It’s also a relatively reliable VPN for internet users in China. There are 700+ servers in around 70+ locations in more than 60 countries on VyprVPN’s network. It does not just have locations in Europe and North America like we see – it has locations in Asia, the Middle East, Central America, Africa, and Oceania as well. Moreover, the company owns and manages the servers. Therefore, it doesn’t rely on third-parties hosts, unlike most of its competitors.

Even better, the firm owns and manages these servers. Unlike most of the competitors, there is no dependency on third-party web hosting.

A zero-knowledge DNS service, a modified Chameleon protocol to help defeat VPN filtering, WireGuard support to improve speed, P2P support across the network, and 24/7/365 support service are all included as welcome features.

Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Tomato-based routers, QNAP, Anonabox, Smart TVs, and Blackphone are among the systems supported.

While that wasn’t enough, the website also includes 30 guides for setting up the system on Chromebooks, Linux, Blackberry, Synology NAS, OpenELEC, Android TV, Apple TV, and via DD-WRT, AsusWRT, OpenWRT, and other devices.

VyprVPN can link up to 30 devices at once, regardless of the hardware you’re running. One or two carriers go even farther – Windscribe and Surfshark have no connectivity limitations at all – but, let’s be honest, 30 simultaneous sessions will be enough for the vast majority of users.


VyprVPN has ditched monthly payment in favor of a “two-month package” that includes a free month. It’s odd, but we’re not complaining: at $6.47 per month ($12.95 every two months), it’s less expensive than other VPN annual plans.

VyprVPN, for the same reason, does not provide an annual membership. A new ’18-month package with six months free is available for $2.50 each month.

Whether you’re still not convinced, a three-year subscription (with the first year free) costs only $1.81 a month. There are a couple of cheaper options out there – Ivacy’s five-year plan is $1.33 a month and includes 2TB of secured cloud storage for free – and this is the best offer you’ll find.

Card and PayPal are the only payment methods available. A 30-day money-back guarantee protects you if you join up and aren’t satisfied. Although some businesses provide additional time – Hotspot Shield and CyberGhost, for example, provide 45 days – 30 days must be plenty to detect any issues.

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VyprVPN secures your safety with a combination of well-chosen protocols and military-grade encryption. It comes preconfigured with AES-256-GCM and SHA384 HMAC for OpenVPN, as well as TLS-ECDHE-RSA-2048 for Perfect Forward Confidentiality.

WireGuard, as well as OpenVPN and IKEv2, are now supported on all systems. VyprVPN’s unique Chameleon 2.0 protocol is already upgraded to perform a better job of circumventing aggressive VPN filtering (it’s also a new feature on the Apple version, which is nice).

VyprVPN offers an encrypted zero-knowledge DNS service, which is useful for avoiding man-in-the-middle threats, DNS filtering, and other spying techniques. It works for us, but if you don’t like the concept, the applications also let you switch to any third-party service (just need to enter whatever IP addresses you need).

Independent apps also have their own privacy-protecting features, such as DNS leak protection and bundled panic buttons to reduce the risk of information leakage if the VPN links drop.



Finding out a VPN’s true logging policies can take hours of combing through the privacy statement, terms of service, support materials, and other documents, before deciding how much you can believe what the company says.

VyprVPN instantly improves on this with a straightforward privacy policy that states that no monitoring of gateway IP addresses, link start or stop timings, user traffic, or DNS inquiries is done.

The findings PDF are publicly available on the VyprVPN website and make for a fascinating read. Specialists will discover a wealth of information on how VyprVPN works, as well as the auditors’ thorough research – logging in to servers, checking running functions, examining source code.

Although this is excellent news and far more than the bulk of VPN companies have accomplished, we hope VyprVPN does not stop there. There have been more than 3 years since the audit, so there are plenty of opportunities for new issues to arise.

Ease of use

VyprVPN is simple to sign up for, and after you’ve done so, the webpage directs you to the firm’s Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS applications, as well as a variety of setup guidelines for other devices.

The VyprVPN webpage also provides important information about each software, such as supported protocols, minimal operating system requirements, and even a timestamp. It is more intriguing and helpful than it seems since even if you don’t know anything about programming, you can glance at the Android changelog to see how frequently the app has been upgraded and when big new functions have been introduced.

App installation is simple, and it’s pretty much the same as it is for any other VPN program you’ve ever used. Simply download and open the program, follow the on-screen instructions, and input your login and password when required, and you’re good to start.


We utilize testing sites in the United States and the United Kingdom, each with its own 1Gbps bandwidth. We verify speeds at least 5 times while accessing our closest VPN server using a variety of benchmarking sites and services, including SpeedTest.net’s website and command-line software, Netflix’s Fast.com, TestMy.net, and others. Before we analyze the results and establish median speeds, we repeat the tests for at least two procedures (where feasible), and the complete series of tests are done over morning and evening sessions.

The effectiveness of OpenVPN was dismal, with rates topping out at 50Mbps.

  • VyprVPN employs 256-bit AES-CBC encryption, as well as 2,048-bit RSA keys and SHA256 verification. A leaked encryption key cannot be used to examine previous sessions because of perfect forward secrecy.
  • A kill switch (except for iOS): If the VPN connection drops for whatever reason, this will disconnect the internet connection, preventing data leakage. It’s worth noting that this is turned off from design.
  • When you enable Public Wi-Fi Protection, the system will automatically access the VPN anytime you connect to an unsafe wifi connection.
  • Options for protocol: Depending on your needs, choose from WireGuard, IKEv2, Chameleon, and OpenVPN.

VPNs are frequently advertised as being able to access geo-blocked websites, allowing you to watch content that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see — VPNs for Netflix have grown extremely famous.

  • Apps with robust encryption are secure.
  • All servers tested had excellent speeds.
  • WireGuard functionality is available natively in VPN applications.
  • Chameleon protocol (obfuscation)
  • For registration, a name is required.
  • Prices that are higher than typical


VyprVPN, like many other companies, promises to be the “fastest VPN in the world.” I’m typically wary of such bold promises, so I was really eager to put the speed test tool to the test with this supplier.

I did speed tests on locations in Latin America, Asia, and Europe at different times of the day. Among all locations and times tested, VyprVPN’s average download speed was 44 Mbps. This is OK, although it is slower than many of the other VPNs I evaluated.

  • 38 Mbps in Latin America
  • 45 Mbps in Europe
  • 51 Mbps in Asia

The average speed of VyprVPN is sufficient for SD, HD, and live HD broadcasting, and should even be adequate for 4K UHD. If you’re having trouble with poor speeds, we recommend using the newly introduced WireGuard protocol, which is generally much quicker than IKEv2 or OpenVPN connectivity.

Assuming geolocation isn’t a problem, VyprVPN allows users to link to the fastest location available for your region. The lag latency for each server is displayed in the server selection list. This indicates the latency, or how long it takes for a request to be sent and received from that specific server. The server list may be sorted by bandwidth (based on ping period).

Switching across locations took only a few moments, and there were no failed connections during my testing. I had no problems streaming and playing multiplayer videogames.

Support and Customer Service

VyprVPN’s customer service begins with a knowledge database that includes an installation guide, troubleshooting help, and particular information for different device categories. When you first glance around the site, it appears to be rather impressive, with plenty of guidelines covering how to set up the program on a variety of devices.

Setup manuals are usually condensed to the bare minimum, with few or no pictures to assist clarify the points being made. FAQs can also be quite simple, with only a few text lines to send visitors in the proper way, such as ‘how do I switch on feature x?’

Nonetheless, there is some good information here, and a good search system found useful articles for all of our test keywords and phrases.

However, the site provides basic material on a variety of topics, and with quick live chat support available, you should be able to obtain useful advice on any service issues in no time.

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