DreamHost Web Hosting Review

DreamHost has everything you need to get your site up and running with a professional-looking account. They offer shared, WordPress-, cloud hosting VPS options for those who want more control over their web presence as well.


Hosting that’s easy to understand, affordable and reliable. Shared hosting begins with the Starter plan which gets you 50GB of storage space, automated daily backups for your website security plus unmetered bandwidth so visitors can load pages without Insurinku uploading or downloading excessive amounts of data, all at no charge.

You also get free SSL certificate activation as well as a domain name (with privacy).

The company doesn’t have everything you need. It’s US-only, so there are no data centers available for customers who live outside the country, and even though they claim 24/7 support via ticket posts or chat sessions if something goes wrong on your end of things (5:30 AM–9:30 PM Pacific Time), we found it difficult reaching out when our internet went down early one morning.

DreamHost’s money-back guarantee is a great reassurance for those who are not fully satisfied. Their 97-day period of satisfaction will give you plenty of time to try out this service and see if it meets your needs or exceeds them.

  • 97-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • SSD storage for faster loading times
  • Free domain name registration
  • Starter plan have email extra cost
  • CPU resources with VPS plan without guaranteed


The staging area of WordPress is a great way to try out new themes and plugins without affecting your production site, which makes it an essential extra for anyone who codes on the web.

DreamPress Basic packs all these features and more, like 30GB storage for your website needs. Support comes fast with 10k monthly users per month. Its price goes from 16.95$ on the annual plan, or 19.95$ if you go monthly.

DreamPress Plus provides you with twice the storage space, adds Jetpack Professional plugin that gives unlimited CDN use, and handles 300k visitors monthly. It’s $24.95 monthly and annually 29.95 USD upfront payments are made through DreamPress plus a yearly plan which comes at a much more affordable price point.

With DreamPress Pro, you get an extra helping hand from their support team. The monitoring is done better and when there’s a problem on your site they will be fixing it rather than waiting for you to notice – which can take hours or days! It costs more at $71 per month billed annually but if operated correctly with monthly payments this investment could really pay off in increased traffic due to fewer downtime thanks to proactive fixes by experts who know what needs improving about web design issues before anyone even notices them happening.

These affordable and innovative plans offer something for everyone, from beginners to experts. They also compete well with most providers.

DreamPress Basic
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DreamPress Plus
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DreamPress Pro
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IONOS’ WordPress Pro-One plan is the best option for those who want to save some cash. You’ll only get 10GB of storage, but it has features that will make your site faster and more stable with automated updates – all at just $18 monthly billing.


DreamHost’s VPS Basic plan is an excellent deal at just $10 a month over three years, or on an annual basis of $13.75! The resources are basic but with 1GB RAM and 30GB storage space you’ll be able to host plenty for your website without worrying about running out any time soon – even if it gets very popular (which I doubt would happen!). Additionally, there’s no guaranteed amount of CPU processing power in terms; however, this account allows traffic to unlimited email addresses so long as they don’t exceed existing bandwidth limitations set by DreamHost themselves.

You can always upgrade your plan to VPS Professional, which offers 4GB RAM and 120GB storage at $40 monthly over three years or annual rates of 55$.

The settings for this unit are on-par with the competition but not quite as versatile or configurable.

You can host your website with DreamHost’s wide range of dedicated server plans. From an ordinary Xeon 4-Core 8 Thread and 4GB model to the enterprise level 12 cores 24 threads 64 GB setup they’re not always as configurable but offer many features such as uncapped bandwidth, PHP acceleration via OPcache, user custom control panel, unlimited IPv6 addresses, 24/7 monitoring. It doesn’t matter what kind you need because this company has got it covered.

Website Building

To get started with DreamHost, you can choose from a variety of options in their web dashboard. These include the WordPress Editor which allows for editing content on your website without ever leaving BoldGrid’s excellent site builder interface; there is also an option to create custom designs and add features like social media links or contact information if needed quickly.

Click Install, your template site is set up and you’re directed to the conventional WordPress dashboard. In this case, we’ll show how easy it can be for beginners with no experience in designing websites or managing content on a web-based application like BoldGrid’s tools – but don’t worry! If you have some skills under control already then feel free to bypass these steps by logging directly into YOUR domain.

DreamHost is a great option for those looking to host their website with Dreamhost you get one-click installs of popular platforms like concrete5, Joomla, MediaWiki, PhpBB, Zen Cart but it can’t match what’s offered by hosts who bundle in cPanel because they offer more features from this control panel.

With the right tools, you can manage your emails (if available with a plan), domains, and MySQL databases.

With so many features to manage, it can be difficult for site owners or managers who don’t have experience with this type of software. However, the interface is fairly simple and easy to use which makes managing your website a breeze.

Shared Hosting Plans Include Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth.


DreamHost delivers great speeds at the budget end of hosting. This is surprising considering their price range, but it’s possible with some providers you don’t know about yet.

We wanted to see how our site would hold up under demanding conditions, so we signed up for DreamHost’s most basic shared hosting package and uploaded a very simple static website.

Next Uptime monitored the availability of that page from multiple locations around the globe over seven days which returned more than 2K checks in less than five minutes each time.

Our site achieved 100% uptime, no outages at all. That’s what we would expect to see in a short test but it is still good news! Response times downloaded averaged 274ms – that means you can rely on our services even when things are going smoothly which will save time for your users as well so they don’t have any delays or waiting around doing something tedious like watching loading screens while their page loads.

Surprisingly, our test results were very consistent with a range of 235-465ms. And although this short period is not conclusive for long-term usage (295 -414 ms), we can expect similar numbers according to the last review’s result over time which means you will always get reliable performance no matter what.


There are many ways to get in contact with DreamHost, and their website makes it easy. You can use your keyword search box at any time on the control panel for quick answers or find helpful articles by visiting Help menu links like knowledge base & community forum which provide more detailed information than what’s available via live chat or email.

Our knowledge base tramples all over most of the competition. The ‘import WordPress’ search returned a large number of relevant articles, with clear opening summaries in each article that were individually very helpful and offered plenty more detail on how to deal with potential problems like what happens if PHP times out during an upload process or other such issues.

Live chat is available 24/7, but if you need help during the wee hours of the day or at any time outside those designated times then don’t hesitate to contact our team via ticket. We have found that they are accurate and reliable when providing assistance on duty – even through late-night messages.

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