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With over 2 million domain names under its belt and a focus on becoming the greatest WordPress hosting service in America, Bluehost hosting is not to be taken lightly.
The company was founded in 2003 with two major goals in mind:

  1. To provide affordable web space for entrepreneurs that looking to start their own businesses or develop websites from home-based workstations.
  2. As well as to build an amazing customer service culture that helps and support customers, continues to this day among both original staff members and new team members.
bluehost hosting

Bluehost’s team of WordPress specialists are always on call to tackle any queries you may have about using their servers.

Not only does this hosting service come with plenty of features, but it also offers them at an affordable price. In fact, there are many providers who charge more for SSL certificates than what’s included in all their plans; not Bluehost.


Bluehost hosting Service

-24/7 support
– WordPress hosting
– Shared Hosting
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-VPS hosting
– Dedicated hosting
<strong>$2.95/ mo</strong>

Bluehost hosting Pricing

The WordPress hosting plan from Bluehost is little more than a shared server with additional features for those who use it primarily as an interface to publish content on the internet through their favorite blogging tool – WordPress.

The pricing remains at $2.95 monthly initially and then increases by about 50 cents per month (or less) until your first year’s contract expires where you must decide if this service will be sufficient enough once again without any price changes being made during this time period; however, there are also plenty of resources available like tutorials videos blogs articles etcetera should help keep things interesting while using another provider.


Bluehost’s VPS plans are not cheap at first glance, but the company spends plenty of time and resources to make sure that its servers meet an adequate level for any task. For example, you get two CPU cores with 2GB RAM as standard – more than enough power when compared to many competitors’ offerings in this price range.

Bluehost’s dedicated hosting plans are limited to three base options and no significant configuration. The hardware specs of these servers are decent, though they do offer a lower price than other providers at $79/month over 3 years (renewing every year) with 4-Cores, 4 Gb RAM, and 5TB Bandwidth, which makes them cheaper compared with high-end VPS offerings from some companies in this niche market space.

BlueHost Web Hostin
Best Value in the Market

Website Building

Bluehost’s hosting service is quick and easy, with a wizard guiding you through the initial site setup. This was far more interesting than some of those other questions about what name should be given to our website or where posts go on an individual page – which can often feel boilerplate at this point in time anyway.

The wizard is an excellent starting point for newbie bloggers. It installs WordPress and allows you to pick a theme, which makes your website look professional right away.

Multiple choice questions are also included in this initial step of installation so that users can tailor their experience accordingly depending on what type or style they want it too be like-such as personal blog versus eCommerce site -allowing them maximum creativity when creating content later down the line with ease due not having any barriers standing between.

With five simple tasks, it’s easy to get started with your website on Bluehost. You can customize site design (colors & fonts), add a contact page for customers who want more information about where they are visiting from or what products/services you offer them; set up an eCommerce store or including adding items into this already existing space.

  • Low-cost, reliable web hosting
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Free site migration for a smooth transition
  • Free domain name registration for the first year
  • Award-winning customer service 24/7/365 from our US-based support team
  • Response time average competitors


To test how well Bluehost performs, we created a very simple website and used for one week to check its availability as well response time performance .
We were happy with 100% uptime which means that there weren’t any problems even though they only had the basic shared hosting plan setup – this was good news because it meant less work on our end if something did go wrong.

While there are many factors that can affect response time, such as network congestion and server load the average BlueHost’s 332ms puts them 19th out of 27 providers we monitored at the time. This isn’t great but keep in mind differences between good hosts aren’t generally very large either—60 milles separates ten immediately above you.

Bluehost’s fast speeds show that they are the best provider for website loading times. They achieved an average page load time of 748 milliseconds, which is much faster than most other companies out there.


Bluehost’s helpful system alert page offers a quick and easy way to check on your domain or server status. You can also get help from their knowledgebase, which has all of the answers you need in categories like FAQs – covering everything regarding content management systems such as WordPress-related problems with posts not showing up correctly.

Click any category and you’ll find a decent selection of starting points. For example, click Email to explore how to create an account or setup your email client – just what we’re most likely looking for. You can also search by keywords if there’s something specific in mind, though it doesn’t rank highly on relevance (unlike other engines), this one does do well at finding sensible results within its niche topics like managing emails accounts.

We found the live chat service to be a great way of getting information quickly. The agent arrived on-time and was very knowledgeable about their products, answering all our questions with ease.

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