5 Powerful Proven Strategies to Increase Sales

These proven strategies can help you increase sales. Discover how to use them to generate more leads and sales.

Sales strategies are not just for the commercial area of ​​the company and marketing plays an important role. It has been reported that in some situations a sale was lost or was reduced by 10% due to an inaccurate digital marketing strategy.

Increase revenue, boost profits, and increase customer loyalty. These are the benefits that companies try to achieve when they develop a winning sales strategy that focuses on their market potential, strengths and weaknesses, and potential.

If we think only of the simplest definition, we can assume that a sales strategy is a strategy aimed at achieving certain previously established sales targets.

But in practice, sales strategies are all the plans that a company, or person, carries out to sell its products or services to obtain profits. In other words, the sales strategy starts with the development of the product or service, goes through the analysis of the target public, and reaches post-sales.

All sectors of the company must be involved for the sales strategy to be successful since its effectiveness does not depend only on the commercial department. The marketing department is a very important part of the sales strategy since it will create many strategies to sell more and find new customers in the different digital channels.

1. Harness the power of technology


Technology shapes today’s business landscape. No matter what business you are in, technology plays a huge role in your success. Why not use it to the fullest? The Internet and social media provide endless opportunities to expand your customer base. Even more exciting, some of the most innovative business tools include all-in-one CRM solutions that can do everything from disputing your database to collecting payments to automated email marketing. Plus, everyone on your team will be better equipped to provide incredible service to the valuable customers you want to retain.

2. Become a marketing expert

proven strategies for sale

Building your image, expanding memorability, and driving individuals to your business or site are a portion of the outcomes you’ll get when you market your business.

Here are a few plans to kick you off:

  • Content and virtual entertainment showcasing: Construct associations with existing clients and fill your channel with a continually refreshed wellspring of leads by giving valuable substance on your blog and advancing it via web-based entertainment stages to fabricate a huge crowd.
  • Fill the funnel: Give customers and potential customers a reason to visit your business or website and offer benefits to keep them coming back. Reliability programs, admittance to select deals and advancements, and offering significant gifts can keep that deals channel full, giving your group a lot of prompts contact and deals to close.
  • Offer incentives: bundle products and services at special prices. Host special events to bring more people in the door or to your website. Run limited-time sales.

3. Optimize your business

improve business

The more tasks you can delegate and automate, the more time you have to focus on making sales. That is where an astounding CRM like CRM-Dialer comes in. Lots of mixes and a stage loaded with useful assets permit you to accomplish more quicker than expected.

Some of the key features this all-in-one solution provides include:

  • A power dialer that replaces your current telephone framework.
  • Integrated email that syncs with Outlook and Google Mail (without logging in and out of different platforms).

SMS for one more powerful method for speaking with clients

An assist work area with following client issues (everything unquestionably revolves around supporting that client relationship, right?)

Payment collection capabilities that make it easy to create invoices and accept credit card, ACH, and e-check payments directly from your CRM

Start increasing your sales today. Sign up for CRMDialer and you’ll be up and running in minutes. The intuitive interface requires minimal training, so you and your team can get up and running quickly.

To learn more about CRMDialer’s robust customer and lead management software, or any of the platform’s integrated sales and productivity features.

4. Build customer loyalty

customer loyalty

Here’s a hard fact: a new customer spends 31% less than a person who has already purchased your product or service. Existing customers tend to expand the range of products they consume by 50%: if they have already purchased a service, they will purchase more and sales will increase. In this sense, delighting existing customers is fundamental and is one of the goals and bases of the inbound philosophy.

To achieve this, it is important to take into account different ways of achieving customer retention, as well as the buyer persona at which the company is aimed, an image that helps to understand who the customer is, what their needs are, and how to reach them, to achieve clear and effective loyalty strategies.

One of the ways to do this is through specific programs: strategies that benefit customers and companies at the same time. The trick is to find the right balance between what can be given in exchange for a purchase. 

The reality of our company is what will limit and at the same time trigger the creativity we can have with our customers: we can think of benefits such as discounts and bonuses for loyalty, and even points programs with purchase targets and rewards.

We can have customer retention strategies and thus increase sales, but we must never lose sight of the service we provide: one does not eliminate the other.

5. Simplify the purchase path

easy purchase

A very common mistake in companies is to try to face the context in which we currently find ourselves with very defined and bureaucratic processes. In this sense, the strategy proposed by K.M. Eisenhardt and D. N. Sull is very interesting for rethinking our business. The authors propose to make a company’s processes more flexible to capture opportunities in time. 

In a complex context, simple rules“, they state.

What if we take that philosophy to the buying journey? The important thing is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about all the things the customer encounters before getting your product or service: are there too many steps, or does it take too long? 

Am I losing potential customers by segmenting the process too much? 

What friction points can we detect?

Tools like HubSpot’s CRM and Sales Pipeline are essential to answer these questions because they help us to better understand users, the journey we propose, and potential problems. With these tools, you will be able to better capture opportunities and organize your efforts flexibly according to each particular moment.


We’ve rounded up the top five sales strategies that are currently in use. These strategies may be useful to you, so take some time and make an effort to learn everything you can about them. You can find out what makes them successful, how to implement each strategy, and how best to utilize them for your company’s benefit.

One final thought: a good sales strategy will only be as effective as its execution. What use is the best plan in the world if it’s not brought to life with your customers in mind?

In the end, it isn’t just one single “nice-to-have” thing that will help your sales prospects; it’s a comprehensive plan that sees all parties involved in your business receiving valuable insight and actionable information.

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