Best HelpDesk Software You Ought to Use In 2023

The best helpdesk software is necessary for any business. A properly selected support center will not only satisfy customer requests with quick responses and solutions but will also predict potential problems and serve as a resource for the self-resolution of repeated requests.

Help desk tools enable companies to resolve complaints, requests, and issues from multiple support channels in a centralized console and automate the entire workflow.

These programs can be useful for both small and large organizations to manage employees, attendance, time, payroll, etc. In addition to attendance management, you can also use these programs to store employees’ personal information.

You can also use this attendance tracking software to keep track of employee leave. A description can be added to the leave program to specify the reason for the leave.

Some of the programs mentioned above can also calculate and manage employee payroll. To calculate and manage the payroll, these programs use all the necessary parameters, such as basic salary, tax deduction, overtime, working hours, etc. 

These programs can accurately calculate the payroll as they have the exact details of the working hours of each employee.

Good employee management leads to higher productivity, but how? The first thing to check when managing employees is their presence, the better their presence, the better for your business. But, gone are the days of manual log entries or even Excel sheet tracking. This is the time for biometrics and employee attendance systems.

However, electronic solutions may not always fit your needs. It may not sync well with cell phones or IT systems, and it may not be easy enough to use. This can lead to a complete mess causing errors in leave, vacation, or sick leave entries. So, reliable attendance management software comes to the rescue.

We have selected some of the best helping track software for you to keep accurate records of employee working hours.

Best Helpdesk Software in 2023



TimeTrax is a very handy software for managing employee attendance. One of its impressed by one of its sophisticated choices, which calculates payroll under employee hierarchy. It also can store information about the project, department, etc. of employees.

You can likewise look at the best free school the executives, representative administration, and record the board programming for Windows.

  • It permits the two heads and representatives to check participation.
  • Representatives can sign in through their TimeTrex record to check participation.
  • The overseer has the position to stamp representative participation, and can likewise alter participation and other worker subtleties.
  • Alloted managers can likewise follow representative participation and undertaking related data.
  • Representatives additionally have the position to send messages and demands straightforwardly to their manager about work, projects, leave, and so on.

For organizations, TimeTrex is reasonable, on the grounds that it offers the choice to add representatives as indicated by organization order (division, assignment, and so on), which helps to create finance for a gathering of workers all at once, in light of all out participation.

Different reports, for example, participation reports, finance reports, representative reports, and so on can be seen and shared by the chairman through email. The choice to save the reports in succeed design is additionally accessible here.

Representatives can likewise see their finance, plan, participation, and so forth.

Zoho People Attendance Tracker

Zoho People is a complete HR solution that also has attendance-tracking functionality. It provides a detailed view of an employee’s hours worked and absence time, which helps you plan the next day accordingly.


  • Allows your employees to clock in attendance from anywhere with the built-in geo-tracking feature.
  • Allows you to access employees to log in and log out on both web and mobile devices.
  • Allows you to set break times based on shifts, categorize them as payable/unpaid or assign them manually/automatically.
  • Allows you to set shifts for each employee and view attendance data for each employee.
  • Allows you to manage absences using the absence scheduler.
  • Generates graphical reports with detailed attendance summaries.
  • Best of all, it easily integrates with biometric devices and other APIs to help you record employee clock-in and clock-out procedures.

Price: 15-day free trial; Upgrade starts at $0.59.


Bitrix24 is a free and open-source cloud HR platform that offers solutions for employee self-service, time management, intranet, etc.


  • It offers the option to log in/out, generate workday reports, and absence graphs, and allows vacation requests.
  • Offers customizable workday configurations, displays minimum workday length, tracks late arrivals/early departures, productivity reports, and more.
  • Provides HR with absence planning and types, business travel requests, custom approvals process, etc.
  • Provides employee engagement tools such as a self-service portal, intranet, shared calendars, company news, and more.
  • This flexible software is ideal for small to mid-sized organizations and also works with Android and iOS.

Pricing: Free version available. Plans start at $19 per month.


Deputy Makes employee scheduling quick and easy simplifies scheduling and connects your teams from any device. This employee management software is known to save you a lot of time.


  • Allows you to create employee schedules.
  • Allows you to capture accurate employee work hours, ensure correct breaks are tracked, and the option to export timesheets to payroll.
  • Option to share details and key files in the news.
  • Toggle shift functionality for finding employees to cover shifts, automatic AI-based scheduling, manage to leave balances, and assigning tasks to employees/employees.
  • Best of all, it’s available as a mobile app that allows you to manage employee schedules, tasks, and timesheets across all devices.

Pricing: Free trial available; plans start at $2.50.


Kustomer is a piece unique from all the others! It isn’t precisely a help work area programming however an application where both help work area and venture the board is joined and made into a solitary and remarkable sort of arrangement. Kustomer gives its clients multi-channel help for a visit, calls, emails, etc.

On the venture, the board, and space organizations can relegate, assemble, and can fix due dates for tasks to be done exactly on schedule. Kustomer helps new companies to update various frameworks empowering all to save their valuable investment. Here organizations can see the full picture of every client which is an incredible point!


  • Send strong, multichannel bots across the whole excursion to robotize routine specialist collaborations, convey customized encounters and drive quicker goals.
  • Bring together your information across channels and frameworks and make it significant in Kustomer. Empower strong robotization, steering, labeling, and hyper-customized client care.
  • Prudently recognize and address clients’ necessities to decrease inbound help volume.

Price from $29 per month/user


Gorgias is viewed as a generally excellent help work area support stage, particularly for low-volume backing crews. It explicitly focuses on web-based business more than anything else. Gorgias likewise gives a common inbox device, live visit box, and information base instrument to its clients.

Gorgias has a sort of disadvantage in their application in that the expense of the membership plans can fluctuate consistently contingent upon the volume. Be that as it may, aside from this Gorgias helps its clients to save a ton of time and can do discounts promptly from the help work area.


  • Alarms/Heightening
  • Arrangement The board
  • Automated assistants
  • Schedule The Board
  • Call Center Administration
  • Call Directing
  • Correspondence The Board
  • Contact Data set
  • Contact The Board
  • Client Data set
  • Client History

The membership plan more than here starts from $10 per month.


Freshdesk is the best sponsorship program for call-focus help. On the off chance that you are having a nice huge group, presumably, this is how you ought to proceed! It is a various use help work area device. At the point when people join Freshdesk they all gain admittance to astonishing and fascinating instruments like the other help work area programming.

They are a common inbox, an information-based instrument, and a chatbox for overseeing help requests. Freshdesk likewise offers a brilliant chance of taking care of client calls.


  • Track and oversee approaching help tickets from various channels with one inbox.
  • Guarantee that various specialists don’t end up chipping away at a similar ticket coincidentally.
  • Set cutoff times for ticket reactions and goals in light of various business hours or classes.
  • Naturally recommend ticket fields to arrange, focus on, and course approaching tickets
  • Give speedy, reliable reactions to normal inquiries by making pre-designed answers.


Happyfox is a cloud-based customer relationship the executive’s arrangement framework that has the occupation of giving help work areas to different new companies across various businesses like schooling, energy, travel, retail, programming, etc!

Happyfox surely doesn’t have a free arrangement and to utilize this application, you necessarily need to buy in yourself to acquire the advantages. It is an incredible client service framework present over the web. If there should be an occurrence of any kind of disarray, clients can straightforwardly keep in touch with Happyfox.

The membership plans truly begin from $29 per month and have plans up to $89 per month.


  • Convert email, telephone, talk, virtual entertainment, and web demands into tickets and keep them coordinated.
  • Put together all approaching client service messages and oversee them in a unified, highlight-rich email tagging framework.
  • Talk with your clients right from your Help Work area! All calls, records, and accounts will appear as a recently made ticket inside HappyFox.
  • Utilizing Slack or Microsoft Groups to oversee interior help? Empower clients to make tickets and get notices in business correspondence stages through strong reconciliations.


Front is viewed as the best common inbox programming, particularly for gathering email cooperation stuff! While connecting with clients, a few organizations frequently want to utilize a gathering email id.

At any rate, a few new companies are there who favor conveying more from their confidential email id. In any case, who could do without encountering the usefulness of the help work area apparatuses? With this, organizations can interface SMS, email, and online entertainment profiles to a common inbox. Front likewise has got efficiency highlights.


  • For groups that need to keep messages coordinated across channels and keep in individual touch.
  • When/where need to team up on messages, share settings, and answer quicker.
  • To answer quicker to nuanced questions — and fabricate trust en route.
  • At the point when you are hoping to offset high email volume with a quick reaction rate.

Their membership plan starts at $19 up to $99.

Help Scout

Help Scout is a seriously decent client support space that has different devices for various organizations and new companies so the associations can convey a beneficial encounter to their clients. Pursuing

Help Scout is entirely productive as it gets to a few astonishing devices to its clients. It has cooperation instruments that are utilized for requesting help! The crash location is additionally there to diminish the copy work stuff. Work processes are utilized to computerize routine positions.

Save answers answer the standard client’s inquiries. Docs help you to make due, arrange and make content. Execution information helps to see which articles are going great, which one can improve, and what sort of articles are additionally required for keeping doing awesome.


  • Access Controls/Consents
  • Alarms/Warnings
  • Filing and Maintenance
  • Automated assistants
  • Mechanized Steering
  • Canned Reactions
  • Talk/Informing
  • Coordinated effort Devices

and more!

Price foes from $20 up to $65


Continuously pick your helpdesk apparatus astutely! Do settle on a choice just at whatever point you are having a decent structure in your outlook. A long element rundown could look great yet if the jeans don’t fit you never wear them. Thus, never purchase plans out of your spending plan!

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