Amazon Fire 7 (2019) Review

The Amazon Fire 7 is an affordable tablet that packs a snappy quad-core processor. With the most recent upgrade, this device now includes 1.3 GHz processing power which helps you navigate apps and browse the web quicker than expected for such a cheap item.

Display7.00-inch (1280×800)
ProcessorCortex A9
Front CameraNo
Rear Camera1.3MP
Battery Capacity4400mAh


The Amazon Fire 7 is a near replica of its predecessor on the outside. It has thick bezels and an LCD screen that faces forward with a 2 MP camera in the top left corner next to their logo, while the backside consists only off-white matte plastic which gives it a more durable look compared to other products having slippery surfaces or colorful materials like those found atheists stores.

The tablet’s exterior is sleek and stylish, with no sharp edges to be found. The power button sits on top as well as a volume control in the base of your device; they’re easy enough for even seniors can use! There’s also an SD card slot that supports up to 512GB – giving you plenty of space if photography or video editing are two things that interest you most about this particular gadget.

The left side houses a single speaker, while the bottom is plain. If you’re holding it in landscape mode and want easy access to buttons with your fingers on small hands will have trouble reaching them because they are up higher on this type of device which makes using headphones more difficult for people who wear glasses too.

The Fire 7 is a great budget tablet for those looking to buy an affordable device that can withstand some bumps and bruises. While it may not have any IP rating, the plastic construction of this product should be able to handle most accidents with ease.

  • Alexa Compatibility
  • Storage can be upgrade
  • Chep
  • Poor sound quality
  • Display needs improve

Display, Cameras and Sound

The 7 inch, 1020 x 600 LCD offers 171 pixels per inch (PPI) which makes the reading text easy as well leakage-free images perfect for Photoshoots. It also houses 335 nits brightness making it bright enough inside or out all while remaining energy-efficient thanks to LED-backlit technology meaning you’ll never have those battery life problems again either.

The audio is disappointing. It has been moved from the back to the side of the tablet but continues to offer mediocre sound quality with peak volume coming in at 90dBs which makes anything higher than 60Hz sound tinny and flat overall without any hint of bass whatsoever – thankfully you can plug your headphones into this device so that way only good things will come out when listening.

fire 7

Hardware and Perfomance

The new Fire 7 tablet is more than just a pretty face, it has some serious power under the hood. The 1GHz Mediatek 8163 processor will provide you with faster performance and better battery life than ever before. You can get by on 16GB or 32 GB of internal storage but if that’s not enough there are options available for adding additional memory up to 512GB via a microSD card slot so you are never without content when offline viewing becomes necessary.

The Fire 7’s battery life is disappointing. We streamed full-screen video over Wi-Fi for 4 hours 11 minutes before it died, which means that if you plan on watching videos or playing games without any external power sources this may not be good enough.

At Amazon

The Fire 7’s heavily modified version of Android 9 is unlike any other because it has been built for media consumption and drives Amazon Prime subscriptions. The UI is so different that even though they run on the same operating system, you would have trouble telling them apart from one another.

It also seeks to sell you products from their online store with an interface designed around these goals, rather than simply delivering apps like Google does on Stock devices or even providing users access through conventional search engines like Bing & Yahoo.

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