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Hide.me VPN is a VPN administration that offers complete protection, high paces, and strong security highlights. It is one of the most over-the-top total VPNs available and offers a large number of highlights to its clients.

Hide.me VPN offers various security highlights, including military-grade encryption, DNS spill insurance, and an off button. Moreover, hide.me VPN offers high velocities and limitless transfer speed. hide.me VPN is likewise one of a handful of the VPNs that offer a free preliminary with no charge card required. In general, hide.me VPN is an extraordinary decision for people who need a total VPN arrangement that offers protection, security, and high paces.

How can it function?

Gives you admittance to streaming stages: hide.me permitted me to get to every one of the streaming stages it guarantees and numerous different sites thanks to its improved servers.
Great rates: I encountered no huge stoppages during my tests, and I was even ready to watch HD quality streams utilizing far-off servers.

Severe no logging strategy: hide.me, which is situated in Malaysia, stores no logs for you to stress over, and their protection strategy are exceptionally straightforward.
Dependable security highlights: I distinguished no IP, DNS, WebRTC, or IPv6 spills during my tests, and the AES 256-bit encryption and various conventions keep you safeguarded.
Broad server organization: hide.me has over 2,000 very much found servers all over the planet, including Madrid, Barcelona, and Mexico City. Nonetheless, the free rendition just permits you to browse 5 servers.

Permits downloading downpours: hide.me permits P2P document sharing on the entirety of its servers, and velocities are sufficiently high to download rapidly and safely.
Appropriate for gaming: hide.me offers velocities and ping sufficient for most computer games. In any case, on the farthest servers, the ping transcended 200 ms.
The connection point is accessible in Spanish: while utilizing this VPN, you will not disapprove of language hindrances.


Hide.me VPN
  • Infection test
  • Multihop
  • Programmed detachment
  • hide.me doesn’t keep logs
  • Area

Resourceful elements

Streaming: the exceptional form gave me admittance to the main stages.

However long you select streaming-improved servers, you’ll approach essentially anything you need. It worked effectively with every one of the stages it vows to open, in addition to a couple of extra ones.

It gave me admittance to US Netflix and different indexes, Hulu, HBO Max, HBO Now, HBO Now, Disney+, ESPN, DAZN, RAI, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and other well-known stages and even Television slots, like TVE, Antena 3, Telecinco and La Sexta.

hide.me has its different enhanced servers recorded, and all had the option to defeat the geo-obstructing of the stages I referenced. Make certain to choose just advanced servers, or you will not have the option to get to any stages. I had the option to get to Netflix from the US, UK, Italy, France, Turkey, and Germany with no issues. At the point when I entered Netflix, I could see the part that lets you know the most famous series in every country, which filled in as confirmation that it had worked accurately.

Speeds: consistently gives you a quick association

I had stable rates with no perceptible stoppage even on additional far-off waiters. Notwithstanding little stoppages when I associated with additional far-off servers in Australia and Japan, the speed was as yet adequate to watch HD streams and do substantially more.

I examined the accompanying pages:

  • Download speed: decides the quality at which you can watch streams and how quickly you can download information. It is estimated in Mbps.
  • Transfer speed: decides how quickly you can send information over the Web and is likewise estimated in Mbps.
  • Ping/idleness: the lower the ping, the better, particularly for computer games. Ping is the unit where dormancy is estimated and is communicated in milliseconds (ms). It is a mark of server reaction time.

Speeds on neighborhood servers

In the first place, I noticed the underlying rate I had without utilizing the VPN to give me a standard to differentiate the velocities. The nearest server to me was in London, Britain, so I associated with that one and did my speed test.

Speeds on servers farther away

My speeds stayed high and stable until I associated with waiters farther away. Nonetheless, speeds were as yet not awful by any means and I arrived at the midpoint of rates over 10 Mbps in Japan, Singapore, and Australia. Even all that could be needed for watching HD streams and quick surfing. Servers in European nations, like France and Germany, gave me quicker speeds than I at first had, which was a wonderful little treat.

Server network with pragmatic districts

hide.me offers 2,000 servers in 75 nations, including Spain, Mexico, and the remainder of the world, making it exceptionally helpful. As with other VPNs, server networks are continuously developing and contracting. This VPN goes above and beyond and offers its clients the chance of mentioning extra servers as a feature of their administration rating.

Split Tunnel

hide.me permits you to utilize the split passage usefulness to add an extra layer of encryption. To give you a thought, it would resemble destroying a record and afterward parting the remaining parts into two different garbage bins: it would be difficult to assemble everything back once more. Your information is sent through two VPN burrows, making it inconceivably challenging to block or follow.

IP, DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC spills.

The VPN shielded me from any protection spills on every one of the servers I tried. I would prescribe hide.me to shield you from digital dangers…

These are the breaks we need to keep away from no matter what:

  • IP: your genuine IP address can offer your area and convey your helplessness against Web intimidations.
  • DNS: they can block your confidential Web traffic.
  • WebRTC: distributed correspondence between your program and the sites you visit could uncover your IP address coincidentally.
  • IPv6: a kind of information that occasionally sidesteps the VPN “burrow”. Most VPNs debilitate it.


Premium choices are partitioned into two-year, one-year, and one-month plans, with the more drawn-out plans being savvier. There is likewise a free arrangement, however, it has numerous impediments. You will just have 10 GB of information each month, one association, and 5 servers to look over. A more brilliant choice is to attempt to hide.me sans risk with their 30-day unconditional promise. Then, at that point, you can partake in every one of the streaming-streamlined premium servers and their super quick rates.
9.99 each month, $6.66 for quite a long time, and $3.46 for two years.

Benefits and hindrances

  • Zero information exchanges
  • Extraordinary point of interaction
  • Torrenting and P2P
  • No help for Netflix
  • Indistinct discount strategy
  • Slow speed

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General Assessment

hide.me VPN is a decent decision on the off chance that you’re searching for a solid VPN with great by and large execution. This VPN offers an assortment of reasonable security includes, including a vigorous protection strategy, and noteworthy velocities. hide.me VPN is likewise simple to use, with an easy-to-use interface that simplifies it to associate with the ideal server area. Generally, we can give hide.me VPN a 9.5/10 rating.

Hide.me VPN is a great decision for people who are searching for a solid and reasonable VPN administration that offers great general execution. hide.me VPN’s powerful protection strategy, an extensive variety of safety highlights, and noteworthy paces go with it a brilliant decision for the people who are searching for a solid VPN administration.

Hide.me VPN is likewise simple to use, with an easy-to-understand interface that simplifies it to interface with the ideal server area. Generally, hide.me VPN is an incredible decision for individuals who are searching for a dependable and reasonable VPN administration that offers great by and large execution.

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