How to Test Your VPN working, Connection and Speed | Step-by-Step Guide

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are gaining popularity due to their capacity to preserve privacy and security online. Unfortunately, many users have difficulty confirming that their VPN is operating effectively and that their internet speed is not being affected. In this article, we will walk you through the process of checking your VPN connection and speed to guarantee that you can enjoy VPN without interruption and with secure way.

IP checking – Test if Your VPN working

Log in to a VPN software and activate the VPN connection. Your IP address has been swapped with the VPN provider’s IP address. Evaluate your virtual IP address against your actual IP address. Reload the test page to verify if your IP address has changed.
you can check IP – in this site:

show my ip

how to check if vpn is working

Why Should You Test Your VPN Connection Speed?

There are a number of reasons why you would wish to test the connection and speed of your VPN. Secondly, you must ensure that your VPN is operational and that you are not inadvertently exposing your internet behavior to inquisitive eyes. Internet speed is crucial for many online activities, including video streaming and online gaming. You can tell if the VPN is slowing down your internet connection by testing the VPN’s speed.

There are other ways to test your VPN connection and speed; however, the two most commonly used tools are:
1. IP chacking
2. Speed Test Websites
3. Ping Test Websites for Speed Testing

Speed Test Websites

Websites that conduct speed tests are the most common and straightforward way to test your VPN’s speed. They function by measuring your download and upload speeds while connected to your VPN. The most popular websites for speed tests include:

1. by Ookla from Netflix

Follow these steps to evaluate your VPN connection speed using a speed test website:
1. Connect to your VPN service.
2. Visit a website for a speed test of your choosing.
3. To commence the speed test, click on the “Go” or “Start Test” button.
4. Once the speed test has concluded, record the download and upload speeds.

test vpn how to check if vpn is working
you can see the difference in speed connection while ipvanish VPN

To obtain an accurate image of your VPN’s speed, it’s crucial to conduct repeated speed tests on different servers. Additionally, be sure to record the server’s location and the time of day while doing speed testing. Location and time of day might alter your internet speed; therefore, it’s crucial to test your VPN’s speed under a variety of circumstances.

Ping Tests – to check if vpn is working

Ping tests assess the amount of time required for a machine to communicate with a server and obtain a response. A low ping time suggests a fast connection, whereas a high ping time implies a slow connection. To test the ping of your VPN, perform these steps:

1. Connect to your VPN service.
2. Launch either the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac).
3. Enter “ping,” followed by the IP address of the server to be tested.
4. Hit enter and wait for the ping test to finish before proceeding.
5. Make a note of the ping time.

ip ping
You can see the difference in response time with VPV and without

To gain an accurate view of your VPN’s ping time, it’s vital to do ping tests on several servers and under varied circumstances.

Test your VPN’s connectivity and speed

Here are some suggestions for obtaining reliable VPN connections and speed test results:
1. Use numerous websites for speed tests: Since different websites for speed tests may provide somewhat different results, it is advisable to use many websites for accurate results.
2. Test at different times of the day: Because Internet speed varies throughout the day, it is essential to test your VPN’s speed at different times of the day.
3. Test on many servers: Checking the performance of your VPN on multiple servers will help you discover which server is the quickest and most reliable.
4. Utilize cable connections: Wi-Fi connections might be influenced by interference; for more precise results, it is preferable to use a connected connection.

5. Some apps running in the background can impair your internet connection, so it’s best to close them before checking the speed of your VPN.
6. Utilize the same device: For consistent results, test your VPN connection and speed on the same device and under the same conditions.
7. Use a solid connection: If your internet connection is unstable or unreliable, the results of your VPN speed test may be impacted. Using a stable and dependable Internet connection is preferable.
8. Use a local server: Using a local server might help minimize latency and increase VPN performance. If you must connect to a remote server, you should anticipate a slower connection.
9. Verify your VPN settings: Ensure that your VPN is correctly configured and that you are using the recommended protocol and parameters for your device and location.


It is essential to test your VPN connection and performance to guarantee you are getting the most out of your VPN. Using speed test websites and ping tests, you can assess if your VPN is functioning properly and if it is slowing down your internet connection. Remember to conduct repeated tests in a variety of environments and settings to obtain accurate findings. With these instructions, you can confidently test your VPN connection and performance and enjoy a safer, quicker Internet experience.

What will be considered a good VPN connection speed?

10 Mbps is an adequate internet speed for simple web browsing. If you are utilizing the VPN to browse the internet and work from home, a download speed of 10–12 Mbps and above is sufficient.

How can I speed up my VPN connection?

Try using a cable connection instead of WI-FI, choose a VPN that is closer to you, and close unused applications.

Do all VPNs slow down the internet?

Very likely, a VPN will cause your internet to slow down. But the circumstances will determine how much your speed is impacted. Your internet speed may be affected by your VPN software supplier, the distance from your VPN server, and how quickly your internet was before the VPN.

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