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An autodialer is a product that consequently dials phone numbers. The system calls the customer from the number base and connects them to the IVR or an agent.

With the ever-increasing power of modern computers, auto-dialing tools and software using VoIP can scale very well.

The main goal of an autodialer is to make as many calls as quickly as possible. The system also provides essential information to customers or connects them to an agent when they answer a call.

An autodialer makes outbound calls on a scheduled basis, using information from a prepared database. In this way, the automatic redial function chooses a telephone number and dials it.

How does a dialer work?

The autodialer software also determines the number of agents working on a given project, taking into account the average speed of the agent’s conversation and the amount of time it takes to look up phone numbers. After all these details, it can connect customers to an agent.

Using all this information, it predicts how many phone numbers at any given time it needs to dial and connects them with available agents.

The system is also useful for avoiding situations where a customer answers a call and there is no free agent to handle the call. Dialers are also designed to handle many tasks and work with a large number of agents. Therefore, the system can collect enough statistical data to predict subsequent calls.

Dialer systems can also integrate with CRM systems, determine the time zone and presence of agents on the job site, and generate the optimal number of call attempts and waiting times.

Who uses dialer software?

They are efficient in work environments that include repetitive calls, such as call centers, sales, hospitality, etc.

Call center agents spend a lot of time dialing phone numbers that don’t answer, and more time is needed to make notes to remind them to call back later. It also takes time off to make those calls again.

In most call centers, agents don’t have time for manual calls, so instead, an automated system is already dialing a number, waiting for an answer or a busy signal.

The agent only needs to accept the customer who answered a call, which helps increase operator productivity when talking to customers.

Optimizing the agent’s work is a necessary step in any call center. In turn, this means increasing profits, freeing agents from monotonous or redundant work, and focusing only on what matters.

Types of dialers

There are three main telephone dialers for call centers: preview dialers, predictive dialers, and progressive dialers.

The preview dialer allows call center agents themselves to determine when to answer a call, depending on the information they have about it.

And this is where the preview dialer plays an important role, providing agents with information and details about a potential call before it takes place. With this marker, agents can provide more personalized service to customers.

With predictive dialers, the system calls multiple phone numbers. Using an algorithm, it determines when an agent is available and places a call for them to answer. With this automatic calling, call after call is made. Dialing with a predictive dialer starts when the agent is free, and usually, the number of calls depends on the number of agents.

With predictive dialing, agents do not call anyone themselves; instead, the system calls customers and those who answer can speak to available agents.

A progressive dialer is when the system, using unique algorithms, makes so many calls that it allows all agents to participate in conversations. This method is used in large call centers to reduce agent wait time for outbound calls.

The system allows agents to connect with as many customers as possible with progressive dialers, focusing on the total number of calls.

Some of the Best Autodialer Software in 2022



EngageBay is an auto dialer software that facilitates outbound calls by automating them to improve employee productivity. With just a couple of clicks, users can manage all outbound calls; whether it’s a standalone call or a set of calls to different contacts in succession, users get all this from the EngageBay dashboard.

In addition to managing outbound calls, this software also facilitates inbound calls by providing businesses and customer service agents with valuable information about the caller’s details before and after the call. Users also receive missed call alerts so you always receive a notification whenever you miss a customer’s call.

Most of EngageBay’s features are cell-centric. Still, it also comes with a built-in CRM that allows companies to track and monitor their lead and sales data as it goes through the marketing pipeline. EngageBay can help companies eliminate unproductive numbers such as “do not disturb” and fax lines to ensure that it only calls potential customers.


An integrated suite of software solutions powered by inContact that helps companies increase outbound productivity by providing them with a wide range of call center solutions. This integrated suite provides companies with automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, a powerful autodialer, CTI, and more.

RingCentral provides users with three types of dialers; progressive dialers, predictive dialers, and preview dialers. The progressive dialer ensures customers are always connected to a live agent, the predictive dialer dials as fast as it can while minimizing the margin of error, ensuring customers are connected to the correct agent, and the predictive dialer provides agents with information about their customers before they answer the call. 

Genesys Cloud CX Dialer

Genesys Cloud CX is cloud-based automated dialer software that helps businesses maximize productivity. The software provides users with numerous benefits ranging from increased customer interaction, reduced business costs, advanced campaign monitoring, seamless integration with popular tools, and many more.

These benefits are driven by Genesys’ robust capabilities such as predictive, preview, manual dialing, custom agent scripting, integrated fulfillment tools, IVR alert messaging, analytics and speech campaigns, customer subscription solutions, etc. 

The Genesys Cloud CX dialer offers enterprises the reliability of an on-premises solution combined with the affordability and scalability offered by a cloud-based solution to provide users with the best possible features while maintaining global compliance. 


Provides companies with instant live customer conversations that strengthen and increase the productivity of sales teams by automating the most complex parts of outbound calls. 

The service is powered by an artificial intelligence engine that enables companies to detect and eliminate unproductive call numbers, such as voicemails and incorrect numbers. It also navigates through various phone directories to ensure that its sales reps take action immediately.

Orum enables companies to maintain customer relationships by providing them with an automated voicemail messaging feature that leaves voice messages containing useful information to ensure that customers are always taken care of, even when you are unavailable.

Users can easily integrate their underlying CRM such as Salesforce; they can call up to 10 numbers in parallel and provide agents with full contact details, notes, and campaign information at their fingertips.

Agile CRM Autodialer

Agile CRM is an auto-dialer that provides users with one-click dialing, call recording, call logs, outreach analytics, reporting, and more. Users can select multiple contacts and dial them manually or automatically. 
This software helps improve businesses’ telephony reach by enabling them to make outbound calls, manage inbound calls, provide missed call alerts, accurate call logs, and reports, call muting, and call tags that allow you to identify a customer every time you speak to them.

Calling Tools

CallTools is an automatic dialer that is designed explicitly for predictive and preview dialing. It is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use predictive dialers, with over 20 integrations built into the software. The software is built by business owners for business owners, resulting in a solution that understands all the needs of regular businesses.
CallTools increases business productivity by significantly reducing customer wait time by nearly 50%. The predictive dialer offered by CallTools uses a complex algorithm that increases your agent’s efficiency by helping them dial faster than they normally would by hand.

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