DJI Osmo Action

Action cameras are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow people to capture high-quality images and videos in a wide range of scenarios.

The DJI Osmo Action is one of the best action cameras on the market, offering great image quality, a wide range of shooting modes, and a selfie screen. Its main rivals are the GoPro Hero7 Black and the Hero8 Black, but the Osmo Action still manages to hold its own against these more expensive cameras.

One of the key reasons for its success is its image quality; the Osmo Action produces images that are just as good as those from the Hero7 Black, and in some cases even better. It also has a wide range of shooting modes, making it suitable for a variety of different activities.

Lastly, its selfie screen makes it easy to take photos and videos of yourself without having to contort your body into awkward positions. Overall, the DJI Osmo Action is a great all-around action camera that should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a new camera.

Design and Build

DJI Osmo action

The Osmo Action is an all-around business-like device. Its waterproof metal edge is combined with the fitted sides and treated rubber finish for an extraordinary closing sensation. The Action buttons are likewise simple to press and convey a palatable measure of snap input, so regardless of whether you’re wearing gloves, you can fire it up and begin recording absent any faffing.

On the front is a 1. 4-inch screen that gets overall quite splendid for incredible outside perceptibility – up to 750 nits, with a pixel thickness of 300PPI. On one side is a monstrous focal point, protected by a screw-on focal point protector.

A USB-C port and a microSD card space sit under a fold to one side of the Osmo Action. At the base is where you’ll track down two or three hooks that discharge the battery, while on the back is the touch show. Power, record, and speedy switch buttons are specked around the top and right side, and keeping in mind that they’re a piece springy, they likewise convey nice snap criticism.

Its screen is a fourth of an inch bigger than that of the GoPro Heroes at 2.25 inches, and that additional size is gladly received, similar to its 16:9 perspective proportion, causing it feel much larger when shooting in this aspect ratio than the GoPro 4:3 show.

Contact awareness is on and is aided by an instinctive menu. The essential presentation gets comparably brilliant as the front one – 750 nits yet it is a piece crisper at 325PPI.


The Action’s camera includes a 12MP sensor joined with a super wide-point focal point. With its 148-degree field-of-view and an f/2.8 gap, it rivals the Hero7 Black head-on, and with its marginally bigger 1300mAh battery, endures that piece longer.

Video is captured with lenses ranging from 720p to 4K, with a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and up to 60 fps. Everything except the 4K, 4:3, and 60fps settings likewise support DJI’s exclusive picture adjustment framework, RockSteady.The action also includes 8x slow-motion video, 12MP photo support with manual aperture control, and time-lapse video and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The camera cascade should be the front screen. Starting with a double-tap on the main touch screen, it implies that you can blog as many videos as you want and get your structure perfectly.


The DJI Osmo Action was announced in May 2019 with an MSRP of $379, but at the time of this review, it was selling for $329.

DJI Osmo Action
Best action camera with a good and affordable price

To look, you can get a GoPro Hero7 Black for $329.When it comes to video quality, the DJI Osmo Action is intriguing on several fronts, but its strong point is definitely vlogging.

Unlike the GoPro, through the lenses, it measures everything for faces of course, and that makes it the focal point from an aperture perspective. It likewise delivers more lively complexions and varieties, by and large, so you won’t have to alter your recording to get the best from it.


Osmo Action

4K film caught on the Osmo Action packs a lot of detail, and in great light, can be cut in post-management by around 2040% for Full HD content without excessive splitting. Dynamic reach is fair, and we wound up thoroughly disregarding the HDR mode subsequently – particularly given the reality it deactivates EIS.

Low light execution is grainy and boisterous, basically the same in quality as that of the Hero7 Black, so when the lights drop, get your cell phone. Ergonomically, the front touchscreen is also incredibly useful for self-portraits. Regardless of the reality, the focal point is really wide – so you’re nearly ensured to have your face in the case, the selfie screen implies you can build basic components and with a solid sheen even outdoor conspicuity dazzles.

With respect to the principal contact screen, it’s overall quite responsive, and DJI’s touch interface, Action OS is as need might arise to be. The incorporation of a Quick Select button on the right of the camera makes exchanging between modes a doddle as well.

  • Extremely good stability
  • Easy-to-use front display
  • Video quality that is competitive
  • When RockSteady is enabled, there is a display latency
  • Mounting necessitates a place to live
  • There will be no 4:3 60fps capture

Concerning RockSteady, DJI’s electronic picture adjustment, it’s downright gravity-resisting, creating a film that seems as though it was shot on a gimbal. It even betters the Hero7 out of the camera, keeping things a division more intact, however, it’s important, that RockSteady doesn’t come without an expense.

On the off chance that enacted while taking shots at full goal – 4K 4:3 – RockSteady EIS brings about a postpone between reality and the viewfinder showing it of generally a portion of a second. This is the kind of thing that could be fixed in a product update, and probably won’t be negative for specific use-cases. Any activity film that includes following a moving item however will be hampered by this inadequacy.

On the off chance that you really want an activity cam with an incredible application, the Osmo Action isn’t it. Associating with the application across iOS and Android was more miss than hit for us, with around one out of twenty endeavors to coordinate demonstrating effectiveness.

It’s additionally significant that the Osmo Action doesn’t uphold the scope of GoPro accessories upheld by GoPros – the two can’t share lodgings for instance. Having said that, they really do uphold a similar mounting framework, so a few frills that play pleasantly with GoPro lodging could well work with the Osmo Action.

DJI Mimo application

The application adds an entirely different layer of intricacy to the Action, with the manual photography controls and RAW shooting capacities being both simpler to control and more charming to use, with cutting-edge highlights like openness cresting accessible just accessible through the application.

You can likewise download your recording straightforwardly to your telephone from the camera over the Mimo application, and given the reality uses WiFi, 1 minute (723MB) 4K 30fps HDR cut required in about 1 minute and 30 seconds is moderately adequate.

What’s also amazing is that DJI currently has its three most available gadgets, Osmo Mobile, Action,and Pocket, associating with only one application increasing the allure assuming you’re put resources into DJI’s environment.

Battery and adornments

Screen-on time and Wi-Fi associations with a telephone will be the greatest channels to Osmo Action’s 1300mAh battery. You’ll have the option to overcome an entire day out snatching 30-second to two-minute clasps took shots at standard stretches, however in the event that you’re anticipating getting long episodes of the film, pack a power bank or an extra battery.

The Osmo Action has two amplifiers, which battle with wind and boisterous clamor. You can start up wind sound decrease in the settings, and this offers some relief, yet for anything past easygoing vlogging and reference sound, you’ll need to put resources into a USB-C receiver connector from DJI’s web-based store, or an outside sound recorder.

Regarding the matter of embellishments, given the way that Action involves a similar mounting framework as GoPros, its lodging will work with GoPro holds and mounts, however its different-sized body implies it won’t uphold GoPro lodgings.

All things considered, DJI’s store provides you with a scope of discretionary additional items, from screw-on ND channels, waterproof packaging, extra batteries, and charging units, as well as a scope of grasps and mounts.

Final Thoughts

Osmo Action

DJI has done an admirable job in creating a camera that can go toe-to-toe with the GoPro Hero7 Black. The Osmo Action is the first of its line, and it’s clear that DJI put a lot of thought into making sure this camera could handle any adventure you might take it on.

If you’re looking for an action cam that will give you great stabilization and picture quality, Osmo Action should definitely be at the top of your list. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and discover the adventure!

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