Fredi Mini Hidden Camera Review

The FREDI Mini Hidden Camera might be the perfect spy camera for the job if you’re seeking a compact spy camera that can also serve as a security system and provide you peace of mind. It not only shoots movies in full HD, but it also allows you to see the stream owing to its Wi-Fi functions.

Whenever it comes to performance recording, the FREDI Hidden Mini Camera checks all the boxes: high-definition HD video and audio recording, night vision, and live streaming capabilities.


The FREDI Mini Wireless Camera landed in an unusual location. On the one hand, it’s not a horrible spycam, but it’s better suited as an IP camera—basically any streaming video surveillance system. It retains its worth significantly better in this regard, and it makes greater use of its image definition and motion recognition.

People felt that the option to record audio was ideal for keeping a watch on nannies/babysitters, according to some customer reviews. It’s priceless for a parent who wants to guarantee that a hired nanny or babysitter isn’t inflicting physical or emotional abuse on their children. It’s worth noting, though, that recording audio without their knowledge may be unlawful in your location.

The Fredi camera is priced at $49.99 and can be purchased through Amazon.


Aside from the live broadcasting, the design was more challenging to work with. The DivineEagle spy video camera power adapter and Omples full – HD WiFi 1080P hidden camera buzzer does not share the same design concept as the Fredi HD Mini Spy Camera. You’d know the Fredi Mini Hidden Camera was a camera if anyone took a good look at it.

With 1.34 inches on all sides, the Fredi covert spy camera is still pretty compact. The SIR GAWAIN 1080p compact spy camera, on the other hand, is a little smaller. A micro-sd card slot with a capacity of 128GB micro SD cards is included in the design.

If the camera exceeds its limit, it will start recording in loop mode and overwrite the previous video first. Another popular example offered by its users is that it is perfect for understanding how babysitters handle their kids and how people treat old persons in-home health aide service.

  • Live Stream and Wi-Fi connection
  • Long battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Some lag on streaming
  • Material design


The video capturing capabilities of the FREDI Mini Hidden Camera is outstanding. Something shot in high HD at 1080p comes out in crystal clear clarity. This feature extends to night vision as well. It also has the ability to record audio, which sounds amazing and doesn’t have a lot of static.

The live streaming on Wi-Fi was our favorite feature. The streaming video, on the other hand, was sluggish. Even with bad Wi-Fi, it wasn’t excessive, but it was constantly 1-3 seconds delayed. On the plus side, it offers a four-hour battery life! It’s also a battery that can be recharged.

Superior night vision: Fredi’s hidden camera provides you with crystal clear images and videos even in the dark. You can get Full HD live videos both day and night, and you can enjoy them very easily.

(Motion detection and 110° wide angle)Fredi WiFi wireless mini camera works perfectly to detect danger or motion. It will trigger alerts once there is motion in the detection area and send notifications to your device via the “My cam” app (when the app is not open). Wherever you are, you can control the camera remotely to get live streaming. Lens angle: The world’s smallest DVR video camera with a 110° wide-angle lens. And there is a magnetic mount design, with 360°rotation.

Loop recording and timestamp: the date and time stamp of this WiFi camera can be adjusted and the loop recording is defaulted to overwrite the oldest file with the newest one which is also adjustable (loop recording on/off and set timestamp can be adjusted to what you need). SD card supports maximum capacity up to 128G (SD card not included).

(Built-in solid 800 mAh battery) This HD mini spy camera guarantees continuous recording, daytime video, or night vision video up to almost 4 hours after the camera is fully charged (normal charging – 5V 2A power). If you need a much longer time to use, then you can connect an external power bank (5V 1A power).

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