Lenovo 300e Flagship Review

The Lenovo 300e was designed with education in mind. It’s a 2-in-1 device that can be used as both a laptop and a netbook, making it a versatile tool for students. The 300e is affordably priced and comes with all the features you need for research, word processing, and online gaming.

While it’s not a dedicated gaming device, it’s powerful enough to handle most casual games. The 300e is a great choice for students who need a reliable and affordable device for school.

Power and Performance

This isn’t a PC that worked for execution; as a matter of fact, it really runs on a versatile computer chip. Intel gives the 300e an Intel Celeron N3450, which runs at a base recurrence of 1.10 GHz yet is equipped for approaching 2.20 GHz. Designs are given by Intel HD Graphics 500, a coordinated GPU. Similarly, the 300e includes 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 64 GB of eMMC storage.. While this capacity certainly isn’t enough for a weighty client, expecting the netbook is utilized exclusively for schoolwork, the inward stockpiling offered ought to be adequate for most understudies.


With most schools having long stretches of 8 hours or less, the battery duration of the Lenovo 300e has the ideal measure of force for the gig (the Dell Inspiron 11 3162 specs is an elective gadget with a more extended battery duration). The 3-cell lithium-particle battery can keep going for as long as eight hours, which isn’t especially amazing, however, ought to address the issues of the understudies it was planned for. This expects that the PC is run on the pre-introduced Windows 10 in S mode; assuming you run Windows 10 Professional rather the battery duration might endure.

Plan and development

Considering its structure factor, this PC can’t actually be named as a meager and light gadget. It has a 20.9mm profile and weighs 1.31 kg. The whole body is put together with plastic, while the edges are safeguarded by elastic – both on the top, and the base.

Discussing the cover, true to form, you will not have the option to open it with a solitary hand. Tragically, the touchscreen board has no assurance, and the bezels around it are basically as large as they can get.

Albeit this causes it to feel like it’s from one more hundred years, we similar to the sharp corners in contrast with the crash mobile feel of the Latitude 11 3190 (2-in-1). Fortunately, there is an HD camera over the showcase, and a few units will include a 5MP back confronting camera.

Lenovo 300e

Moving to the base, they are met by a very decent console with respectable key travel and clicky criticism. Its surface is by all accounts made from modest plastic, which will most likely wear after some time. Additionally, this unit comes up short on backdrop illumination.

Then, at that point, there is the touchpad. It is not much, truly, however it finishes the work. Ordinarily, when you get a touchscreen PC, you are expecting pointer support. Also, pointer upholds you get.

However, that is not all, as the second Gen Lenovo 300e accompanies a devoted Pen. You don’t have to search for it inside the container, as it is found simply on the front right side, inside its own lodging.

At last, the baseboard currently is simply home to the speaker patterns. Because of the quiet idea of the machine, you get no vents.


On the left half of the PC, there is a USB Type-C 3.2 (Gen. 1) port, a USB Type-A 3.2 (Gen. 1) port, a HDMI 1.4b connector, and a sound jack. Then, at that point, on the right, you will find a Kensington lock opening, a MicroSD card space, a USB Type-A 3.2 (Gen. 1) port, the Power button, and the volume rocker. That is not all, however, on the grounds that this gadget has a lodging loaded with a committed pointer.

Show quality

Lenovo 300e (second Gen) has a board with the model number AUO B116XAN06.1 (AUO615C). Its corner to corner is 11.6″ (29.5 cm), and the goal – is 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen proportion is 16:9, and I am taking a gander at a pixel thickness of – 135 PPI, and a pitch of 0.19 х 0.19 mm.

The screen transforms into Retina when seen at distance equivalent to or more noteworthy than 64cm (from this distance one’s eye quits separating the different pixels). It is magnificent to Viewpoints. They provide 45-degree images to evaluate picture quality. Additionally, a video with locked concentration and openness.

I estimated the greatest brilliance of 255 nits on the screen and 249 nits as normal for the entire region, with a most extreme deviation of just 5%. The Correlated Color Temperature on a white screen is 6980K – somewhat colder than the ideal for the sRGB standard of 6500K.

In the representation beneath you can perceive how the showcase performs according to a consistent viewpoint. The leakage of light from the light source at the conclusion of the day.

Upsides of dE2000 over 4.0 shouldn’t happen, and this boundary is one of the principal you ought to check to assume that you plan to involve the PC for a variety of delicate work. The differentiation proportion is great – 1340:1.

Lenovo 300e

To ensure we are in total agreement, they might want to give you a little prologue to the sRGB variety range and the Adobe RGB. To begin, there’s the CIE 1976 Uniform Chromaticity Diagram that addresses the apparent apparition of varieties by the natural eye, providing you with a superior view of the various range inclusion and the variety precision.

Inside the dark triangle, you will see the standard variety range (sRGB) that is being utilized by a large number of individuals on HDTV and on the web. The Adobe RGB color space is used in professional cameras, displays, and other devices. Fundamentally, colors inside the dark triangle are utilized by everybody and this is the fundamental piece of the various quality and variety exactness of a standard notepad.

In any case, I’ve included other variety spaces like the renowned DCI-P3 standard utilized by film studios, as well as the computerized UHD Rec.2020 standard. Rec.2020, notwithstanding, is as yet a thing representing things to come and it’s challenging for the present showcases to cover that well. I’ve additionally incorporated the supposed Michael Pointer range, or Pointer’s range, which addresses the tones that normally happen around us consistently.

The yellow specked line shows Lenovo 300e (second Gen’s) variety range inclusion. Its showcase covers 57% of the sRGB/ITU-R BT.709 (web/HDTV standard) in CIE1976.

I tried the exactness of the presentation with 24 generally utilized colors like light and dull human skin, blue sky, green grass, orange, and so on. You can look at the outcomes of processing plant conditions and furthermore, with the “Plan and Gaming” profile.

Beneath you can analyze the scores of Lenovo 300e (second Gen) with the default settings (left), and with the “Gaming and Web configuration” profile (right).

  • It is compatible with the Windows 10 OS (Also Available with Chrome OS)
  • Battery life of up to 8 hours
  • Resistant to Drops
  • HD Display
  • Storage Limited

The following figure shows how well the showcase can repeat truly dim pieces of a picture, which is fundamental while watching films or messing around in low-encompassing light.

The left half of the picture addresses the presentation with stock settings, while the right one is with the “Gaming and Web Design” profile actuated. On the even pivot, you will track down the grayscale, and on the upward hub – the luminance of the showcase.

On the two charts underneath you can undoubtedly check for yourself how your presentation handles the most obscure subtleties however remember that this additionally relies upon the settings of your ongoing showcase, the alignment, the review point, and the encompassing light circumstances.

Reaction time (Gaming capacities)

I test the response season of the pixels with the standard thing “dark to-white” and “white-to-dark” techniques from 10% to 90% as well as the other way around. I recorded Fall Time + Rise Time = 23 ms.

From that point onward, I test the response season of the pixels with the standard thing “Dark to-Gray” strategy from half White to 80% White as well as the other way around somewhere in the range of 10% and 90% of the sufficiency.

PWM (Screen glinting)

Beat width regulation (PWM) is a simple method for controlling screen splendor. At the point when you bring down the splendor, the light power of the backdrop illumination isn’t brought down, yet rather switched now and again by the gadgets with a recurrence indistinct from the natural eye. In these light driving forces, the light/no-light time proportion shifts, while brilliance stays unaltered, which is destructive to your eyes. You can peruse more about that in our devoted article on PWM.

Lenovo 300e (second Gen’s) show backdrop illumination doesn’t utilize PWM at any brilliance level. This makes the gadget agreeable for significant stretches of purpose and protected in this viewpoint.

Blue light outflows

Introducing our Health-Guard profile disposes of PWM as well as lessens the unsafe Blue Light discharges while keeping the shades of the screen perceptually exact. On the off chance that you’re curious about the Blue light, the TL; DR form is – emanations that adversely influence your eyes, skin, and your entire body. You can track down more data about that in our devoted article on Blue Light.


Schooling establishments investigating buying the Lenovo 300e ought to be ready to spend more than $400 per unit. Schools searching for a less expensive option might need to investigate our HP Chromebook 14 audit all things being equal. For those that in all actuality do choose to go with the Lenovo 300e, they will be glad to discover that the netbook has gotten commonly sure client audits. Scoring a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon (in light of 581 appraisals), the Lenovo netbook appears to get it done with regards to the instructive work area.

Lenovo 300e Flagship
Designed to be the best netbook and the best laptop for education.

Lenovo 300e Wrap Up

For people, the Lenovo 300e may not be the most ideal decision (assuming you want a netbook for home use, look at our HP Specter x360 13 eighth-gen audits). Notwithstanding, for its main interest group of instructive foundations, the 300e marks off every one of the crates and has shown off its abilities as a significant resource ideal for understudies and instructors the same.

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