NuraTrue Earbuds Review

Nura’s first genuine wireless earbuds are the perfect way to get your music, podcasts, and more in sync with you. They offer true compatibility across all devices thanks to their built-in Bluetooth technology that syncs seamlessly without any interruption of sound or signal quality.

The NuraTrue earbuds are perhaps the most personalized wireless headphones you can buy today – and they sound great, too. The company offers unparalleled customization that allows individuals to tune their ears in perfect harmony with these high-quality Bluetooth speakers.

Plus there’s an app for analyzing how well each pair fits so it will always feel just right no matter what activity or mood-setting one chooses from within this stylish design. They come with everything, including sound tuning and fit analysis so you can enjoy high-quality audio without any interference from other sounds or noise around them.

  • Get up to 25 hours of battery life with wireless earbuds
  • Customizable sound with Nura’s unique technology
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Compatible with all devices

Price and Availability

Nura’s True wireless earbuds cost $199 / £199 / AU$299 and are available now — putting them in the same price range as the Sony WF-1000XM4. It cost the same as the NuraLoop earbuds, which were released in May of 2020. The NuraLoop earbuds, unlike the NuraTrue, include a cable that links each bud, therefore they aren’t totally wireless.

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The NuraTrue 6g earbuds have an unusual form, with a round outer with the Nura logo and a tiny wingtip and ear tip inside too. You could be concerned that the unusual design will compensate for the size and end up falling loose, however, this is not the situation.

The NuraTrue buds have a wonderful grip, especially if you play with the two sets of wingtips and five sets of tips – one of which is memory foam. I have a lot of trouble with earbuds falling loose during use, but I haven’t had to readjust the NuraTrue buds as much as I would do with the AirPods Pro.

The matte black appearance is elegant, and the Nura logo in silver on each bud serves as a smidge surface that recognizes a few shortcuts — more on that eventually. They’ve additionally IPX4-rated, so you may wear them when working out in the exercise or running in the storm.

It’s also rather little, measuring only 72.4 x 30.2 x 21.9mm. The all-black carrying case is simple in appearance, with Nura branding on the top, a USB-C socket for charging on the back, and LEDs on the front to show the actual charge.

Even so, the mix of a plastic shell and a matte surface makes it a scuff magnet; after a little over three weeks of use, my sample had many minor scratches and scuffs.

  • Long Battery Life
  • Can be customized
  • Tiny size
  • The immersion mode is disappointing.

Sound Performance

NuraTrue distinguishes itself above other wireless earbuds, despite their small size, they’re intelligent enough to customize the sound output to your ears and hearing style. Even if it might sound like a ridiculous boast, Nura has shown itself in the past with its Nuraphone earphones and NuraLoop earbuds, and the NuraTrue is no exception.

The Nura application for iOS and Android is used to complete the setup procedure; if you don’t already have it loaded, you’ll be prompted to do so after you connect the buds with your device for the first moment.

You’ll be guided through the sound personalization setting after you’ve entered the app. It may appear difficult, but all it takes is sitting in a calm place to avoid polluting the setup with outside noises. There’s also a fit test to ensure you have the greatest fit possible before starting the personalization process.

The NuraTrue buds, like other Nura devices, play a variety of calibrated sounds and produce a bespoke sound profile matched to your hearing range using inbuilt microphones to assess the impact of otoacoustic emissions within your ears.

You’ll appreciate the magic Nura has packed into the small buds once you’ve made your profile; you’ll be given demo music and can change between a default profile and your customized profile using on-screen toggles.

Despite the small size, the musically tailored audio creates a genuinely new sound experience that is unexpectedly close to that delivered by the top-end Nuraphone over-ear earphones.

The drivers are more than capable, handling pounding bass without overpowering the clear mid-range and detailed high-end, resulting in a perception that is simply unrivaled by many of the best Bluetooth earbud competition in 2021.

It’s a delight re-listening to old tracks for what seems like the first time all over again, discovering detail in songs I’d missed earlier, and it’s a joy re-listening to old songs for what seems like the first moment all again, noticing detail in songs I’d previously lost.

Immersion mode, which is featured in other Nura devices, is also found in the NuraTrue. Immersion mode, which is controlled by a slider in the Nura app, effectively enhances the woofer and mid-range to mimic the sensation of a live concert with remarkable outcomes.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is also quite excellent. It isn’t quite as excellent as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, but it does a fair job of filtering out the majority of ambient noise. Also, there is a Social mode, which lets you hear what’s going on around you while simultaneously shutting down the music – you can designate this style to one of the touch controllers if you want to quickly converse with someone without taking off your headphones.

Battery Life

The NuraTrue wireless earbuds have a battery life of 6 hours from the buds themselves, with an additional 18 hours from the charging case. That’s similar to what you’ll get with the Apple AirPods Pro. While it doesn’t match the 45 hours supplied by the Oxford Audio Melomania 1 Plus, it’s more than enough to carry you through a round of traveling.

The earphones take two hours to fully charge, while the carrying case takes roughly two and a half hours to charge.

Bluetooth 5 is used for connectivity. Although this isn’t the most recent version, you can be confident that pairing will be quick and your connection will remain steady. The NuraTrue earbuds also support the aptX, SBC, and AAC codecs, allowing you to stream high-resolution audio.

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