Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s title highlight is a patch-up of programming that consolidates the look and feel of Samsung’s current Tizen stage and the usefulness of Wear OS. It has great wellness highlights, solid battery duration, and an agreeable plan.

There are some similarity issues, which might disappoint a few likely purchasers, however, generally, the Galaxy Watch 4 is a fascinating emphasis of Samsung’s top smartwatch equation.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 feels recognizable, yet unique, and I intend that in the most effective way conceivable. It seems to be a Galaxy Watch, however, this emphasis is more honed and more complex. The product works like Tizen, however, the refreshed Google Wear OS stage is realistic and exact.

Samsung dumped the ‘Dynamic’ marking for its most recent setup, rather than pitching an energetic-looking Galaxy Watch 4 as the organization’s leader and an ‘Exemplary’ variant that carries on the rich qualities of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

The Galaxy Watch 4 packs a 3-in-1 wellbeing sensor for estimating pulse, taking ECGs, and perusing body synthesis — it’s the principal major smartwatch to offer bioelectrical impedance examination (BIA).

Doubtlessly the Galaxy Watch 4 is the best smartwatch for individuals with Samsung cell phones, and the best Samsung observe ever.

Delivery Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is accessible now in the US and UK where it went marked down on August 26, 2021. Those in Australia will get it on September 10.

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There are two sizes of the Galaxy Watch 4. The more modest 40mm variant expenses $249.99 for the Bluetooth adaptation, while the LTE rendition costs $299.99.

If you like a bigger watch, the 44mm model expenses $279.99in its Bluetooth structure and $329.99 for the 4G variation. This is far less expensive than the Galaxy Watch 3, however, that is because this gadget is generally a substitution for the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Track your progress without losing the time

If you need a bigger smartwatch with a physical turning bezel, you’ll need to decide on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. That is a different product offering this year, albeit a ton of the specs are comparable between that gadget and this one.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm expenses $349 for the Bluetooth model and $399 for the LTE model. The 46mm model arrives in a Bluetooth rendition for $379 or an LTE variation at $429.


The two variants of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 element an overhauled outline that considers gapless change from the smartwatch skeleton to the lashes. The uniform arrangement of crown fastens likewise sports an elongated shape, as opposed to one jutting round crown joined by a flush side button.

Despite these unobtrusive changes, the Galaxy Watch 4 honors the Galaxy Watch models of the past. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic gets the pivoting bezel, which is both a helpful route device and a magnificent whirly gig. Since the first Samsung Galaxy Watch appeared the bezel, it’s become as notable to the item as the S Pen is — fail, was? — to the Galaxy Note cell phone.

  • Plush style and fresh watch faces
  • The new Wear OS is similar to Tizen but has more applications.
  • First mainstream smartwatch to analyze body composition
  • Cheaper than the Galaxy Watch 3
  • Limitations in compatibility
  • Is missing a rotating bezel
  • No exciting improvements to fitness

So as somebody who’s utilized the Galaxy Watch 3 a bigger number as of late than the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, acclimating to a capacitive rendition of the bezel on the pattern Galaxy Watch 4 took time. In any case, short of the system, the smartwatch is much slimmer, making for a cutting-edge contraption that will not be confused with a customary watch.

I’d in any case wear it from the exercise center to supper, however, particularly in the Silver or Pink Gold choices. That is only my taste. I additionally value the Green variant that is variety matched to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, however it just comes in the 44mm size.

Wear OS upsides and downsides

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 white

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s product gives the best experience I’ve at any point had utilizing Wear OS, period. Although smartwatches with the old Wear OS have tricked me previously — turned out great at first until misfires begin overflowing out — the Galaxy Watch 4 doesn’t waver.

I will say the product feels very Tizen-esque, however, it’s great. Finding my musicality took no time, allowing me to switch among applications and menus and setting pages consistently.

However, you truly do get Google Maps. Having it on my wrist assists me with getting around effectively, whether I’m strolling in the city or driving in suburbia. Look at a greater amount of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Wear OS highlights I’m getting a charge out of up until this point. Likewise, see our WearOS versus watchOS examination for how the Galaxy Watch 4’s product looks like the Apple Watch’s product.

Supplementing Wear OS, One UI Watch makes the Galaxy Watch 4 an additional dynamic individual from the Samsung gadget biological system. The product skin changes settings and instruments from a Galaxy cell phone to a Galaxy smartwatch, as well as the other way around, consequently.

One UI Watch likewise uses a broad watch face library, complete with an exclusive altering suite for designers. Effervescent numbers, creature liveliness, and a variety of composing intricacies that help me to remember Android 12 are a portion of my incessant face decisions.

Execution and Programming

The Watch 4 elements Samsung’s own Exynos W920 chipset and 1.5GB of RAM. All through our testing time we’ve viewed this as enough ability to run an assortment of applications easily with no log jam. This is one of the quickest smartwatches we’ve at any point utilized.

This speed isn’t quite as observable as it very well may be on a cell phone or a PC, however, it is perceptible when contrasted with other smartwatches, and it permits you to utilize an assortment of applications while the GPS highlights are running, for instance.

There’s 16GB of stockpiling on the two models of the Galaxy Watch 4. We saw that as around 8GB of this was taken up with the OS and preloaded applications, which leaves you with the equivalent again for your applications and music.

Its product is where the Galaxy Watch 4 sparkles. Samsung isn’t utilizing its Tizen wearables programming here and is rather re-embracing Google’s Wear OS, although with its twist.

Body result examination

Samsung fostered another well-being sensor for the Galaxy Watch 4. It consolidates pulse checking (PPG), an electrocardiogram peruser (ECG), and bioelectric impedance examination (BIA) for a 3-in-1 sensor that sits nearer to the skin than the singular wellbeing sensors in the past Galaxy Watch.

Of those, BIA is the huge information. Like what you’ll find on the best shrewd scales, BIA sends a feeble electric flow through your body to examine muscle versus fat ratio, weight file (BMI), bulk, bone mass, body water rate, and that’s just the beginning.

Taking a BIA perusing is fast, yet you’ll have to hold your fingers against the crown buttons for around 15 seconds without those fingers laying on the skin close to your smartwatch. It’s somewhat off-kilter, so we made an aide on the most proficient method to utilize Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to gauge body organization.

When utilized appropriately, body piece investigation can assist you with understanding what transforms you make to your eating routine or action means for your inside cosmetics — in addition to your weight. However, there are provisos.

As far as one might be concerned, it’s for the most part not suggested that individuals with pacemakers or individuals who are pregnant use BIA(opens in new tab). While many savvy scales have a mode that debilitates BIA. Samsung essentially says the people who shouldn’t utilize it, shouldn’t utilize it.

Then there are worries about the measurements assembled from BIA conceivably propagating body dysmorphia. Samsung essentially says the estimations probably won’t be precise for those under 20 years of age, yet doesn’t seem to put a genuine age limitation on the element.

I don’t feel it fitting to share the close subtleties of my body cosmetics with the web, yet I will take note of the disparities with estimations.

The estimations were all around as much as 5% off for metics like muscle versus fat awesome. It’s difficult to say which gadget is more precise without seeing a specialist, yet I most likely wouldn’t utilize either as my north star for wellbeing objectives.

Furthermore, once more, on the off chance that you’re pregnant, have a pacemaker, or fight body dysmorphia, I’d urge you to search out proficient clinical guidance before purchasing this smartwatch.

Battery duration

The 44mm Galaxy Watch 4, which is the model we looked into, is fueled by a 361mAh battery, and battery duration demonstrated solid during our testing time – we found the smartwatch would endure no less than two days from a solitary accuse even of serious use, and on the off chance that you’re not consistently utilizing wellness highlights, you can anticipate that the watch should keep going for an entire three days.

The 40mm rendition accompanies a more modest 247mAh cell, and we’ve yet to have the option to test how well this performs. Our involvement in past Samsung smartwatches has seen a slight contrast in battery duration between the more modest and bigger model, yet you shouldn’t anticipate that the 40mm variation should be emphatically unique.

There’s a charging cushion remembered for the crate, which is somewhat of a shock as Samsung has dropped these from its cell phones lately. All things considered, you’ll simply get the link here so you’ll need to find a charging block or fit it straightforwardly into a USB-viable gadget.

Rest and stress following

Samsung further developed rest following measurements for its most recent smartwatch. Blood oxygen is estimated once a moment short-term on the Galaxy Watch 4, contrasted with once like clockwork on the Galaxy Watch 3.

More SpO2 readings could mean more understanding of rest quality, particularly for those with conditions like rest apnea. At the point when you rest close to a viable cell phone, the hints of your wheezes get followed, as well.

I’m a tranquil sleeper, yet I truly do frequently awaken for an hour at a time in the early morning. On these occasions, the Galaxy Watch 4 would record two separate times of rest, however, show me the all-out time sleeping in the first part of the day recap.

Another recuperation device, the Galaxy Watch 4’s pressure application shows your feelings of anxiety. I remained in the green, and that implies not excessively pushed, yet the smartwatch still gave me the choice to send off a breathing meeting.

Fitbit Sense adopts a seriously persuading strategy to push observing and the executives, however, it’s reassuring to see Samsung watchmaking up for the lost time.

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