Xencelabs PenTablet Medium Review

Assuming you’re hoping to accelerate your altering work process, there are not many bits of equipment that can make complex veiling, brushing, and cloning positions simpler and more instinctive than a computerized pen.

However, dynamic pens are truly just a possibility for PCs, tablets, or machines furnished with expensive pen-skilled independent presentations like Wacom’s Cintiq series. That is where independent pen tablets come in, allowing you to get the advantages of a computerized pen at generally little expense and without supplanting your ongoing equipment assuming it needs underlying help.

Xencelabs medium

At the point when you consider pen tablets, you presumably consider Wacom since the organization has for quite some time been the most popular brand in its field. In any case, these days, it has many opponents deserving a more intensive look, and in mid-2021 it acquired one more with the appearance on the location of Xencelabs.

In this review, we’ll be knowing more deeply about Xencelabs’ most recent contribution, the PenTablet Medium, which is, as its name could recommend, a more reasonable variation of the item with which it made its presentation last year.


The Xencelabs PenTablet Medium Bundle with Quick Keys Remote is presently inaccessible in any physical stores. The best way to get your hands on one is to arrange from Xencelabs’ site or huge web-based commercial center retailers like Amazon or Newegg.

The Xencelabs medium tablet comes in on the higher finish of pen tablets. The $360 sticker price leaves it just $20 less expensive than Wacom’s medium Intuos Pro, which sells for $380. Be that as it may, assuming you decide to renounce the group overall, the tablet is likewise accessible all alone without the fast keys for $280, putting somewhat more of a hole between it and the Intuos.

Xencelabs PenTablet Medium
Affordable Drawing Tablet

The cost of the Xencelabs pen tablet is undeniably more costly than comparable spending plan well-disposed gadgets from XP-Pen and Huion. The brand name for Xencelabs is possessed by Hanvon Ugee Technology Co, the parent organization that additionally has the brand name for XP-Pen and Ugee. It’s normal for parent organizations to make separate brands when they need to separate between their “top-notch” product offering and their “spending plan” items.

My most realistic estimation would be what has occurred here with the presentation of Xencelabs. It wouldn’t be preposterous to expect further premium items delivers under the Xencelabs brand from here on out, while more spending plans disapproved of items are delivered under the XP-Pen pennant.

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Packaging

The bundling and marking for the Xencelabs Pen Tablet are truly first-rate. From the second you get your hands on the case, you feel like you’re opening a top-notch item. The external sleeve on the case is flawlessly planned, showing a rundown of what you’ll track down sitting tight for you inside the exquisite, smooth black box.

Lifting the top, you’re welcomed with a marked print surrendering your essential beginning directions. Underneath that, you’ll find the pen tablet, a pleasant travel case, a little black box containing two USB-C to USB-A links, a marked nylon drawing glove, a case containing embellishments, and the fast key remote assuming you buy the group.

The initial feeling of the actual tablet is that it is durable and very much developed. It could absolutely face a smidgen of misuse if you somehow managed to utilize the movement case and take it in a hurry. The tablet is a smooth dark and insignificant plan, with three express keys incorporated at the top. There are four little RGB lights — one in each “corner” — that can be tweaked from the product that are a great touch for us who like quiet lights as a component of our PC arrangements.

Xencelabs Medium Pen Tablet Open Box

Shockingly, the embellishment case is a champion star of the Xencelabs medium tablet, taking everything into account. A decent strong plastic case with a pivoted top and attractive conclusion is incorporated as opposed to having a round tube or a pen stand that tips effectively for putting away your pointer. The case is matte dark with the Xencelabs marking on the front.

Inside the case is a structure to immovably hold the two included pens, a USB-A to USB-C dongle, the remote connector dongle, six plastic substitution nibs, four felt substitution nibs, and a metal nib puller. However, due to the structure, the case can’t hold more than one thick and one slender pen. You’ll have to sort out one more method for putting away your extra pointer would it be advisable for you to buy an extra.


The actual pens are sans battery, depending on Electro-Magnetic Resonance innovation that has essentially become industry guidelines. The thick pen highlights three adaptable buttons on the barrel, while the dainty pen has just two. The two pens highlight elastic grasps and can utilize both the plastic nibs and the felt nibs reciprocally.

My main thing about these pens, however, is the committed eraser button on the finish of the pointer. For a tablet that is overall so intensely promoted as a “Wacom contender,” this is the primary genuine element that this tablet offers that is selective to Wacom gadgets. Assuming you’ve perused my past survey of the XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro, you’ll realize that I boldly strive for committed erasers on the pointer end. At long last, someone tuned in. Obviously, in the event that you need it, you can modify this eraser button for another capacity.

Driver establishment for the Xencelabs medium pen tablet is a breeze. The actual drivers can be downloaded from the help tab of the Xencelabs site. It is critical to take note that tablet drivers are infamous for not playing pleasantly together.

You’ll have to uninstall some other tablet drivers you might have introduced prior to connecting the Xencelabs medium tablet. Similar to the remainder of the unpacking experience, the driver arrangement is neatly marked, and the UI is straightforward.

The driver UI permits you to redo the express keys on the actual tablet, the two pens, and the remote assuming you have it.

Similar to the lights on the tablet, the fast key remote elements a lit ring around the dial that can be tweaked across at least a couple of tones. You can program the center button to trade between one or two capacities, for example, brush size, material pivot, and zoom. The dial feels much better to work with and helps compensate for the absence of any touch usefulness that a few clients might pass up.


The remote’s screen shows the capacities appointed to the eight express keys, and it very well may be darkened assuming it is excessively splendid or for the individuals who need to broaden battery duration.

The driver UI has a few presents accessible for normal well-known paid programming like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, however, presets for famous free programming, for example, Krita and Fire Alpaca are quite missing.

While it’s fine and dandy to unpack and set up a gadget that feels like it’s been thoroughly examined inside and out, all that reduces to how the tablet acts when it’s being used. The first champion blemish of the Xencelabs tablet is that the counter slip cushions on the back feel like a modest idea in retrospect.

  • Slightly smaller
  • Wirelessly with a wide range of Windows
  • Battery-free pens
  • Includes nicely-made travel cases
  • Lacks Intuos Pro’s ability
  • Fewer controls on the tablet

They’re not an inherent part of the tablet’s edge. All things considered, there are only five little elastic pieces stuck to the gadget. With a tad of mileage, those will ultimately strip right off.

It is extraordinary that Xencelabs incorporates a dongle for interfacing the tablet and express key remote to your PC or PC remotely, yet that dongle is a double-edged blade. Assuming the gadget you’re interfacing with has restricted USB ports, you can’t resist the urge to feel like simply utilizing run-of-the-mill Bluetooth would’ve been a superior choice.

Then again, on the off chance that your gadget isn’t Bluetooth well disposed of, then, at that point, having the dongle can be a great touch that allows you to associate without laying out extra on a dongle sometime in the future.

Light weigh

If by some coincidence, you are wanting to simply get the express key remote all alone to use with one more drawing gadget, you might run into similarity issues. The express key remote purposes a similar driver UI programming as the tablet, and as I referenced already – contending tablet drivers frequently don’t play well together.

In my endeavor to utilize the express key remote alongside my current XP pen show, the genuine XP-Pen drivers were incapacitated, and my pen became lethargic.

The Xencelabs pen tablet itself is utilitarian enough for drawing. In any case, nothing stands apart about the experience sufficient that it legitimizes a sticker price that is a ton higher than whatever the contenders bring to the table.

The bar for what works with a digitizer is really genuinely low, and it’s a good idea that Xencelabs tries things out with a tablet prior to delivering something like a pen show that can have more space for mistakes.

The drawing is clearly flawed

However, saying this doesn’t imply that drawing on the Xencelabs tablet is perfect. There is a lot of pen jitter, which isn’t normally an issue without battery pens. The product can streamline this to some extent, as can involve fast strokes for mark making. Slant usefulness likewise experiences making conflicting lines. You might have to redraw portions a few times for the actual pen to get the line right.

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