Apple iPad Mini (2021) Review

The 6th-generation iPad mini is Apple’s most powerful tablet to date, with power that’s great for reading and taking notes. The smaller size means it will fit more comfortably into your pocket or bag without weighing you down – so much better than those bulky older models.


Operating SystemApple iPadOS
Dimensions7.7 by 5.3 by 0.3 inches
Weight10.4 oz
Screen Size8.3 inches
Screen Resolution2,226 by 1,448 pixels
CPUApple A15 Bionic
Storage Capacity64 GB
Battery Life6 hours, 41 minutes

It has all of the features that make your life easier with its A15 chipset which powers iPhones 13 Pro and double storage space as well! You’ll be able to use a second-generation Apple Pencil too so there’s no need to worry about running out of ink at any time – plus it supports 5G sub-6 GHz connectivity making this tablet even faster than before. The battery lasts quite a bit longer than most tablets on today’s market.

Powering Design

The 10.4-ounce iPad mini is the lightest and thinnest tablet we’ve ever made, with an anti-reflective laminated LCD that makes it bright enough to see in direct sunlight even on a sunny day! The 7 by 5 inches screen dominates the front of this device; its 2226×1488 pixel resolution ensures your content always looks great no matter how far away you are from a printer or computer monitor.

The iPad mini’s 60Hz display may not be as smooth when compared to its 120 Hz counterparts but this difference isn’t major. Sure, you’ll notice finer details with higher frame rates and less blurring on screens that refresh at such a high pace – however, if your expectations were already set before purchasing then there’s nothing wrong with what we’ve got here.

There’s no doubt that the jelly scrolling issue was one of many reasons why people had reservations about this tablet. Jelly scrolling is a type of display panel that has one side whose images refresh slightly faster than the other. The most common types of jelly screens are 60Hz panels, which means they have limited functionalities and limitations when it comes to performance in comparison with 120 Hz or 144 Hz monitors.

  • Better for reading and taking notes
  • Smaller size means fit everywhere
  • Optimized software that is user-friendly
  • No Multi-user option
  • Pricey Accessories

The new Pro-style design language on the iPad mini is designed to work better with its smaller form factor. The top of your tablet has a power button, Touch ID sensor, and volume rockers that can be used in whichever position you like best.

The bottom of this device houses two additional speaker grilles and a USB-C charging port. On either side, you will find SIM slots as well as an Apple Pencil connector for those who want to take their drawing skills into the digital world.

The iPad mini’s speakers are still plenty loud and rich with bass, making it sound just as good for listening to music or watching videos. The maximum volume is 94dB which means you can easily hear what your TV shows without boosting the audio on most devices.


The sixth-generation iPad mini is powered by Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset with 4GB of RAM. The base model comes equipped with sufficient space for 64GB users, but those who need more can bump up their storage amount to 256 GB at extra cost! This tablet may even be able to compete against some laptops when it comes down to performance levels and other factors–especially considering how many cheaper models exist these days that don’t offer anywhere near similar capabilities as well priced gadgets from yesteryear.

This tablet is great for travelers who want to have access to mobile data while on the go. It supports LTE and 5G frequencies, but it also works with any carrier that offers C-band connectivity! You can use physical SIM cards as well if you don’t need eSIMs or Apple SIM card functionality, which would be perfect when traveling internationally where some carriers only offer online services via web browser instead of native apps (like Facebook).

The new Wi-Fi 6 standard is more secure, faster, and easier to use than its predecessor. It also offers great connection speeds! We tested the iPad mini on a fiber network with our own router which recorded average downloading rates at 688Mbps down; 482 upstairs, a significant leap from last year’s speed improvement of just 21%.

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The new iPad mini comes equipped with the same 12MP primary sensor found on its big brother, as well an additional front-facing camera that has a 122-degree field of view. This makes it perfect for longer video chats where you can keep both eyes on your friend’s face rather than having them move back and forth between screens like before.

The rear camera on this tablet is a capable tool that produces crisp and clear images, even in low light. It’s also good for quick reference shots or document scans because it does not have the same struggles as other tablets when taking these types of photos- which makes using it more convenient.

We’ve got all the details on Apple’s latest iPadOS 15 operating system, but it isn’t perfect for everyone. In landscape mode you can see only about 20% of your display when using a keyboard and buttons are absurdly small in some apps or websites which make them hard to use sometimes- especially if they’re not designed with touch screens in mind.


The iPad mini is a great device for anyone looking to take their work on the go. It comes with a USB-C cable and 20W power adapter, as well as one of many cases from brands like Mophie that can provide extra battery life when needed! There’s also Apple’s Smart Folio accessory which turns this tablet into both your case AND stand so you’re always prepared no matter what kind of task at hand may come up next.

The iPad mini is a great choice if you care about portability and are looking to do some light work on the go. This device pairs with many different accessories, making it easy for users of all levels.

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