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The Lenovo Smart Clock is a sleek and simple smart display that gets your bedroom connected in an unassuming, useful form factor. Simple to use with more paired down functions than other Google Assistant-enabled devices such as video calling or movie streaming services but not Breville always-on capabilities (though you can set up wake word recording), it works well for those who want their home theater without all the hassle of setting up another system at first glance.

Being able to hear and see information regarding the weather, news, assignments and time is very common within smart screens, which are very common these days, today we bring to you the Lenovo Smart Clock, a device that rivals the big players in the market such as Amazon and Google.

Although it does not have a screen as wide as its competitors Lenovo Smart Clock offers a variety of points in favor in relation to its price, the screen of the device received a score of 3.95, a good number to be one of the new products of this renowned brand.

The display shows some information concerning the day, for example, you can ask for information about the weather, as well as the time and what is the maximum or minimum temperature you can have during the day.

You will also find that one of its functions allows for a periodic power on screen 30 min before ringing, to make a more natural awakening, Lenovo Smart Clock has available a variety of platforms where you can enjoy your favorite songs and personalized playlists.


You can buy a Lenovo Smart Clock for less than the cost of some smart displays! The device is priced at $79.99/£78, AU$ 129 but you’ll often find it on sale for 50%. This makes them cheaper than Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) or Amazon Echo Show 5 which are both good alternatives if your bedside table isn’t big enough to accommodate an entire centralized home cinema system.

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The Lenovo Smart Clock wants to make your traditional alarm clock smarter, but in reality, it doesn’t stop there. It’s an inexpensive way to bring a Google Assistant smart home speaker with a clock face and a special “Good Morning” dashboard into the bedroom.

The AI-powered speaker is meant to sit on your nightstand, and it has a small 4-inch touchscreen that displays the time with various clock faces. The resolution of 480 x 800 pixels will allow you to see everything clearly enough for what this tiny screen size can offer; good luck trying not to get lost at sea without one.

It’s designed to sit on the bed next to you, and you’ll likely be close to it when using it, so we didn’t find its small stature an issue. If anything, it’s making it more discreet in the bedroom, where you’re less likely to want domineering tech intruding. However, you may need smart devices with larger screens for other rooms.

This Smart Display is designed to be placed next to the bed, so that it is available for your use, so its size will not be a problem. A bonus about it is that its discreet design means that having it in your bedroom won’t affect the ambiance. You’ll love its elongated screen that allows you to see much of the information it offers, this Smart Display.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is extremely compact, measuring 3.14 x 4.48 x 3.12 in / 7.98 x 11.39 x 7.92 cm (W x H x D), with a subtle wedge shape covered in grey fabric mesh. Thick bezels surround the screen, curving from the edges, but taking up quite a bit of space on the front of the device. At the top, plus and minus signs provide volume controls.

On the rear panel, you will find a switch that allows you to mute the microphone, which will give an announcement that you have muted the microphone, along with the power port, and the USB port (which is a classic USB A port).

You may wonder what it has a USB port for, the purpose is so you can charge your smartphone without having to deal with the plugs that are available next to your bed. 6w speakers are one of the main components of this little device enough to enjoy your favorite music artist or listen to the news quite clearly.

  • Great sound Quality
  • Compact
  • Cheap
  • Pared-down Interface
  • Camera resolution not quite good


The question here is a watch? Yes, is it an alarm? Yes, the important point and why it has the word “Smart” in its name is because this device allows you to use Google Assistant, and can perform many of the tasks that you can ask the assistant to handle for you.

The interaction with the assistant has endless opportunities, you can ask questions, request information, make an appointment, or most simply set alarms and reminders just by saying “Ok Google”. When connected to the Home application, if you have more than one smart device in your home, such as locks and lights, you can control them with your voice through the Smart Clock.

This Smart display offers a smaller screen than the competition but that does not make it worse, on the contrary, its compact, simple and clean design allows the interface to look fluid and offers a good visual response, important points such as calendars, weather, and time provide a significant response with the help of the Assistant.

There is no support for streaming platforms so watching Disney+ or Netflix is out of the question. The microphone on the other hand is something we have to talk about, its voice recognition is high quality and allows you to hear everything you say when it’s time to turn off an alarm or reminder, you can simply say “Stop or Stop command” and you can go about your routine.

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