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The Google Home Hub is a great device for streaming music, videos, and podcasts. It can also be used as an alarm clock.

Though there are some differences, the Google Nest Hub Max is a larger version of their popular smart speaker with an interactive screen: also known as a “smart display.” The front-facing camera and ability to connect through home automation software named after its parent company makes this device more than just another basic television or internet-connected monitor.


We’ve been waiting for a new Google Nest Hub Max ever since the original was released in September 2019. This $229 / £219 / 349 price is similar to what you can currently buy at retailers, but there’s no need anymore because it has recently become available again.

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When it comes to smart speakers, most people think of Amazon. However, Google set the standard for their own aesthetics and there’s plenty of this style in Nest Hub Max: A curvy Android tablet bolted onto a dark grey cloth-lined base that looks like an elegant piece from a past era with its sleek curves matching well against modern décor while still being able to deliver all your commands as efficiently than ever before.

With its sleek design and sharp display, the Google Nest Hub Max is a perfect addition to any kitchen countertop. It’s also easy to use with one-touch access from anywhere in your home or office – no more navigating through multiple screens.

You may think that the Google nest hub with its design may look like a tablet with speakers attached to it, but this is far from reality, the simple and comfortable design of Google Nest, makes it one of the best displays of today, and its Max version, provides a significant increase in the size of its touch screen.


The Google Nest Hub Max holds a 10-inch LCD screen, much larger than the original Home Hub’s 7-inch display. It’s a huge upgrade if you want to watch videos on this smart speaker, and it’s a practical choice if you’re putting the Nest Hub Max in your bedroom or kitchen rather than in other rooms.

We wouldn’t be too satisfied with this screen if it were packed into a tablet, though. With a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, it leaves a fairly sharp pixelation when viewed up close.

The point is that most Nest Hub Max owners are not going to be looking at the screen of the device, checking your tasks of the day and the weather, is a common thing to do but if you think you are going to spend hours watching videos on Youtube as if it were a tablet, you are in error, most of the time it is used as a complement to some other activity (washing, cooking, training).

Another point to highlight is that it does not allow stream, the design of the new google assistant does not have available the stream function of platforms such as HBO max, Disney +, or the giant Netflix. If you want to use it as a video device, the most you will be able to use is Youtube, but only in basic searches, as it does not show categories or user options.

When the lights are turned off, the device boosts the display backlights to provide the full experience that a smart display can provide. It is also designed to adjust the color and light according to temperature. Thus providing a more pleasant and homely atmosphere to the room.

  • High-quality Voice recognition
  • Customize Display
  • Great Sound Quality
  • No support Stream app
  • No Android SO


The Nest Hub Max does not have as many think an Android OS, on the contrary, it has what the developers call Home system, which is an OS very similar to the design of Android but without the freedom of its features, nor does it have a home screen to interact with the device.

Through the Nest display, you can see a wide range of customization from using themes, you can also display images from Google Earth, Art, or your personal collection such as Photos. The Nest Hub Max like all smart displays also has a digital clock, which makes it more distinguished and causes less distraction depending on where our google assistant is.

Pulling down the screen from the top will show the keys on the screen, although this device can be used after its configuration purely by voice without interacting with the touch screen. Nest Hub Max comes with a built-in front-facing camera, but to use all its features you need to install the Nest app to configure its options.


The Google Nest Hub Max is a great choice if you want to use it as an entertainment device because of its two microphones. It can understand what you say even when competing with music that’s just as loud, or perhaps louder.

The voice recognition of Google assistant is impressive, as the sentence is formed the words are changing to fit what we say, and that speech can be seen reflected on the screen. The audio quality is also first class, it has 18mm tweeters and 75mm bass drivers, which offers a performance quite similar to the Sono Move.

The bass and bass are top-notch for a smart display, you can listen to your tunes and podcasts without any problems at any time. We do not recommend this device for living or dining rooms, although as an addition to a kitchen or bedroom it is more than enough.

It doesn’t beat the top of the list Amazon Echo Show but it is a decent device to add to your home.

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