Sonos Move Review

Sonos has just made a speaker that is small and can easily be moved around the house. It’s great for parties, or if you want something portable to bring with you when you travel.

Sonos is the gold standard in home sound systems. They offer an option for everyone, no matter what you’re looking to do or how much space there is at your disposal! The Beam and Playbase bar take up less floor space while still producing excellent quality audio; if more oomph than subtlety suits your needs then take note because they’ve got that covered as well with their top dog -the One- ready-made specifically so people like me can indulge themselves without breaking out our headphones (even when others around us might not be able).

We all know that Sonos is a company known for its home speakers, but did you realize they had an outdoor speaker too? The new Move from this year brings us into the fold with its sleek design and great sound. It’s perfect whether it snows or rains outside.

The Sonos Move is a portable Bluetooth speaker that also connects to your home network via WiFi, giving it many of the same features as regular speakers without needing an outlet. It can be taken anywhere and doesn’t require batteries or power cords.

The new and improved Sonos Move is here to save your day! With an extra hour of battery life, you can enjoy the quality sound for all those trips out into the wild blue yonder. And if that isn’t enough reason alone then there’s also a Lunar White version which gives this portable speaker some much-needed shine with its snowy white coloration – perfect whether on display or just lounging around at home in style (and silence).


With a list of features that is as rich and expansive as they come, the Sonos Move is priced accordingly. At $399 / £399 or Australian Dollars 649, you’re not going to get this portable speaker anywhere near cheap – but if your looking for something with smart assistant technologies built-in then there really isn’t anything else out right now.


The Sonos Move is a high-end sound system that you can put in any room of your house. It has been engineered with the best possible materials and features to give it an authentic, professional feel without breaking down or losing its appeal over time like other systems may do after just one use.

The new Sonos speaker is very much in the style of previous models. It has a black finish with a metal front grille, capacitive playback control buttons along the top, and an array of microphones that are hidden behind it when not being used for calls or listening pleasure alike! Around the back, there’s also a power button as well Bluetooth/WiFi toggle switch which allows you to connect easily through Wi-Fi without needing any cables attached.

The Sonos Move is a two-channel audio system that makes use of Class D digital amplifiers, one downward firing tweeter for highs and mid-ranges as well as bass. The enclosure’s cut-away design allows it to be resonant while still being balanced from all angles – the outside world knows no boundaries after all.

Think of the Sonos Move as your personal DJ. It’s portable, durable, and can withstand extreme conditions whether you’re in a desert or dealing with snowstorms! The product comes equipped with an IP56 rating which means it will protect against dust particles as well as water drops from up to 5 feet deep – so have no fear for those unexpected moments during party time when things go wrong (and they always do!).

The large driver magnets in place here provide for excellent audio quality, but it’s not without its trade-offs. The Sonos Move is portable and lightweight enough that you can carry around with ease; however, this comes at the expense of being bulky when compared to other devices on our list (240 x 160×126 mm). It weighs almost 3kg which might make carrying easier if the transport isn’t an issue – just don’t expect to be able to lift these speakers overhead.

The speaker’s battery life is good for 10 hours, and will fully charge in around 2.5 hrs thanks to a USB-C port on the base ring that allows you to plug it into your computer or power bank without worrying about running out of juice during those long workdays. The Sonos Move is a wireless speaker that can last for up to 5 days without needing any charges. It also has an energy-saving mode which helps it conserve power when you’re not using the device, and let’s be woken from its slumber wirelessly with no fuss or stress.

You can’t beat the eco-credentials here. Sonos predicted, on average usage battery degradation to occur after about 900 charge cycles or roughly three years of the day -to use.

Smart Features

Sonos has been a leader in connected and wireless audio for years, so it’s no surprise that their first attempt at going portable includes all the features you’d expect. As other Sonoshakers do – like playing sound from one speaker to another or group together- this device can be made into either stereo pairings or part of multiroom grouping too.

The Move will seamlessly play the same tunes as are playing elsewhere in your home over a Sonos system. It supports all manner of connected audio sources, online or stored on location-based networks for complete mobility. The Spotify Connect feature that allows you to stream your favorite playlists and songs on demand is now available through the Sonos app. This means all of those awesome tunes are just a few clicks away.

With the latest Bluetooth technology, Sonos has been able to eke out some more power-saving and range capabilities. The 4.2 version of this connectivity standard is what allows them for an improved experience with its implementation into sonically perfect wireless speakers that can fill any room in no time. The move is a lighthouse for your home. It has four Wi-Fi antennas and one Bluetooth module which can connect to various devices in order to provide the best possible coverage throughout all areas, be it near or far away from an active router (with Airplay 2 support!).

The Sonos Move is a voice-guided music system with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. It features two microphones that are able to pick up your vocal cords perfectly, giving you full control over various home automation functions such as setting reminders or playing tunes from services like Spotify in addition to picking which AI assistant will help do things on behalf of you. We were impressed by how well the mic and smart assistant pairing worked here. Even across a chatty office, it was able to pick up our requests – even if they weren’t always exactly what we wanted (that’s on Amazon or Google AIhelpers, not Sonos Engineers).

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Audio Quality

This portable speaker sounds like it belongs in a different world. If you’re familiar with any of the other Sonos speakers, this would sit somewhere between their quality and volume levels – but also how they sound. The mid-range driver offers spacious and well-defined low end, even when competing with the acoustics of a wide-open space. There’s no drop-off in vocal clarity that can often occur on portable speakers due to their smaller size or shorter battery life; however, this is not true for Sonos Move which features an impressive audio performance thanks to its sturdy build quality as well.

In order to make the bass sound more natural, it will dial up its frequency in our EQ and add some warmth by boosting frequencies around 150Hz.

The first thing you should know about the Sonos Move is that it can produce an excellent sound. It has tight, punchy bass with shimmering highs and a lilting vocal which are all delivered directly into your ear canal without any distortion or echoing whatsoever.

  • Crisp, clear sound.
  • • Small size.
  • Portable speaker with an easy grip.
  • Enjoy music all around your home or on the go.
  • Not high-quality bass

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