Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Since Apple sent off the Series 7 of its famous smartwatch back in September, so you may be asking why in the world we’re assessing the Apple Watch Series 3, which hit the market quite a while back? All things considered, while the Series 7 is the best Apple Watch you can purchase at this moment, the Series 3 isn’t just still an exceptionally fair smartwatch, however, it’s still formally accessible through the Apple Store at an extraordinary, low cost beginning at just shy of $200/€188.

OK, so it’s somewhat bulkier and missing a portion of the fresher highlights in the best in class Series 6, however, the establishments that make the Apple Watch extraordinary are still there. Take for example its broad wellness following abilities, waterproofing, music playback, Apple Pay support, heart wellbeing notices, compatible lashes, and iPhone notice reflecting.

With that in mind, here’s our look at the Apple Watch Series 3 from the perspective of 2022, with a focus on how the wristwatch charges now a wrist buddy more than three years after its underlying day for kickoff.

Valuing and Availability

The Apple Watch Series 3 is accessible in the UK in two sizes 38mm and 42mm.

The more modest of the two beginnings at just $199, is nearly $200 less expensive than the beginning cost of the latest variant, the Series 6 (40mm), at $379.

In the event that you think 38mm is a bit on the little side, don’t worry. The Series 3 likewise arrives in a 42mm variation, costing just $30 more at $229.

Apple Watch Series 3
It’s a great investment for those looking to improve their health

Dissimilar to when it was previously sent off in September 2017, there is no LTE rendition formally accessible through Apple right now, just a WiFi GPS release. For cell network, you’ll need to look at the Apple Watch SE, a more current low-value Apple Watch, which flaunts a 40mm or 44mm case and starts at a still beautiful good $269.

With regards to various choices, the Apple Watch Series 3 is just accessible with a silver or dark aluminum case despite the fact that there are many different lash plans accessible assuming you’re hoping to shake things up a little, look at them on Apple band Store(opens in new tab) – simply be certain that you’re picking the right tie to accommodate your case size (it’ll be shown in millimeters).


Aside from holding the very notorious plan that we’ve come to be aware of and love from Apple, the Series 3 is a somewhat thicker case than the ones you’ll find in the present Apple Watches, estimating 11.4mm thick.

Similarly, the Apple Watch Series 6 estimates an entire millimeter slimmer at simply 10.4 mm. The Series 3 is likewise somewhat heavier, weighing 52.8g instead of the 47.1g load of the Series 6. In any case, these aren’t precisely gigantic contrasts and the regular person is probably not going to try and notice.

Series 3 Apple

Where there’s no haptic criticism on the Digital Crown (this showed up in the Series 4 out of 2018), Apple redesigned it over before emphasis of the Watch, giving it a firmer feel than on the Apple Watch 2, for example.

Concerning ease, the Series 3 feels perfect on the wrist because of the sleek silicone band that it ships with. You truly can’t blame it in that area.


Dissimilar to most Wear OS wearables, the Apple Watch Series 3 holds the square presentation that the very first model had. While not as everybody would prefer, it fits in well with the tasteful of other Apple gadgets, seeming to be OK for iPhone clients.

While it’s not precisely edge-to-edge, it’s somewhat more adjusted than past cycles, giving the impression of a more bent face without losing the advantage of the square presentation.

Series 3 Apple display

The best part is that however, is the Series 3’s 1.65-inch OLED screen, which is quite kind to the eye thanks to it offering a few incredibly rich tones and profound blacks. Assuming you believe we should get down to the showcase’s quick and dirty, we can see you that the Series 3’s 42mm variation has a 312×390 goal show, though the 38mm release flaunts 272×340 pixels.

This actually intends that – while it’s not exactly as fresh as on the most recent Series 6 watch, there are still an adequate number of pixels to guarantee the screen offers short text and illustrations.

As far as the screen’s exhibition, it’s amazingly fresh and lively, highlighting all the presentation highlights you’ll track down on Apple’s Retina-prepared iOS and OS X gadgets.


Setting up the Apple Watch Series 3 is extraordinarily simple, the same length as you have an iPhone 6S (or more up to date) running iOS 13 (or later), which will have proactively placed the Apple Watch application on your cell phone.

Switch Bluetooth on, open the application, check the substance of the Apple Watch utilizing your iPhone’s camera, and you’re essentially finished.

Series 3 Apple design

Your iPhone will then, at that point, request a couple of subtleties -, for example, your Apple ID, whether you’ll be wearing the Apple Watch to your left side or right wrist, which applications you need to introduce on your smartwatch, and whether you need to set up a password – which you certainly ought to do.

After this, the two gadgets will match up – an interaction that required something like two minutes during our endeavor.

Performance and Battery Life

In the engine, the Series 3 smartwatch accompanies Apple’s S3 chipset that sports a double center 64bit processor and GPU. While it won’t stop as nippy as the Series 5 or 6, for example, it’s as yet ready to play out every one of the undertakings you want it to effortlessly.

Series 3 Apple performance

We’ve seen no issues as far as swiping through screens or terminating open applications, for instance – however when have you at any point encountered this on an Apple gadget? Everything is really quick and liquid. It’s actually enjoyable to utilize.

While the list of capabilities on the Series 3 watch has been immensely worked on over past versions, somewhat unfortunate battery duration actually remains.

We found battery duration was comparative in execution to the Series 2; from a charge in the first part of the day, it will endure the entire day and night (in the event that you’re not involving the GPS for work out). In the event that you are utilizing the GPS, you can anticipate close to five hours or so of purpose, despite the fact that it’s almost certain you’ll involve it for an hour with the GPS and afterward, you’ll have to charge it before you eat, for instance.

  • Cellular connection is built-in.
  • Heart rate monitoring has been improved.
  • Processor speed up.
  • Call quality is excellent.
  • New band and case choices are available.
  • Expensive.
  • LTE mode depletes the battery quickly.

When you don’t involve the watch’s elements so much and it performs more like an ordinary watch, you could possibly extract an additional couple of hours from it. Despite the fact that it merits calling attention to that there is no consistency in plain view choice like you’d track down in later models. Sob.

Final Thoughts

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a beautiful and high-end device that has the ability to track your workouts with ease. It’s lightweight, and easy for anyone who wants an option in their life but doesn’t want the hassle or complicated functions…perfect!

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