Blackview BV9800 Pro Review

Blackview, one of the most conspicuous tough cell phone merchants, has been occupied of late. They have reported that they will send off a 5G rough gadget in 2020, presumably at Barcelona for MWCand it will probably be known as the BV10000.

They sent off the BV9700 Pro, a lead handset, only a couple of months prior and presently hauled an unexpected out of the pack looking like the BV9800 Pro. It is a cell phone with a wind; it is the main portable beyond the CAT cell phone family that accompanies a warm camera


Design – Waterproof Phone

There isn’t much to be said about the BV9800 Pro regarding its plan. A minor departure from a topic we’ve seen many times previously. A rough cell phone with a metal casing, round built-up edges, and a lot of finished elastic/plastic to safeguard from shocks and further develop grasp. It complies with IP68/IP69K and MILSTD810G certifications; Blackview did not say if they tried these rankings. There’s a critical heave incompletely because of the additional hardware for the warm imaging highlight and halfway as a result of the extra huge battery. The BV9800 Pro weighs 322g and ultimately depends on 15mm thick. With a print of 169 x 81 mm, putting it in the back pocket could be comfortable.
Blackview BV9800 Pro design
Blackview BV9800 Pro design

 There’s a 16-megapixel front camera modeled as a raindrop and a 48-megapixel

the rear camera, which teamed up with the FLIR Lepton sensor and a 5-megapixel sensor to help the former. Quite significant that not at all like the CAT S61, Blackview figured out how to coordinate the warm imaging optics in the body of the gadget. In an examination, the S61 has an unattractive lump on top.

A Type-C connector can be found at the lower part of the cell phone with a unique mark sensor, the SIM plate, and the power button situated on the right edge. On the contrary, an edge is a committed customizable button and the volume rocker.

The IR sensor and the earphone attachment – safeguarded by a fold – are situated at the highest point of the BV9800 telephone.

The instance of Blackview BV9800 Pro is made of thick plastic and has metal sides. As indicated by the maker, the cell phone is IP68-, IP69K-and MIL-STD-810G-affirmed. Notwithstanding the dark model, there is one more model with orange accents. The BV9800 Pro is the heaviest cell phone in our correlation outline. Notwithstanding, its aspects are practically identical to those of other rough cell phones.

Hardware – Build to last

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, adding warm imaging capacities to the BV9800 Pro has likely pushed the bill of material, the expense cost of the parts, up by a little. So it’s no surprise that Blackview had to downsize some gear; the processor utilized is the Helio P70, as opposed to the P90 tracked down in top-end gadgets.

There is 6GB of memory (low-power DDR4) and 128GB of storage installed. Lead models normally convey up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of memory. Somewhere else, you get a 6.3-inch 1080 x 2340 pixels IPS show with an oleophobic layer with a 6.58Ah battery, 802.11ac, Infrared, Push to Talk, NFC, and Bluetooth 4.1.In use and execution.

The BV9800 Pro sudden spikes in demand for a stock rendition of Android and does remote charging too. However, you should shell out for an additional remote charger as the gadget only accompanies a fast charger.

Other than the typical Google and framework applications, there’s not any bloatware. The universal tool stash (that can be found on practically all rough cell phones) incorporates a night camera because of the warm detecting capacities of the FLIR Lepton, one of twelve or somewhere in the vicinity “devices”. Likewise worth focusing on is a free interpretation application that offers an enormous cluster of dialects and the capacity to do the constant interpretation.


The Blackview BV9800 Pro accompanies a 6.3-inch IPS screen with a local goal of 2340×1080. It takes a spot in our examination diagram with a typical splendor of 508 cd/m². A similar applies to the brilliance dispersion of 89%. In our APL50 test, the splendor drops to 396 compact disc/m², and the dark worth ascents to 0.38 cd/m², which prompts an essentially lower contrast proportion of 1042:1. The base splendor adds up to a generally high 20.37 compact disc/m².


The primary camera of the Blackview BV9800 Pro highlights a 48 MP sensor. The optional thermographic camera comes from FLIR and has a 5 MP picture sensor. There is likewise a 16 MP forward-looking camera, which makes great representation efforts. Selfies look excessively splendid, however, the subtleties and fine designs are all around safeguarded. At high zoom levels, pictures look discernibly hazy.

The all-encompassing shot taken with the principal camera looks very unremarkable. The items are not extremely simple to distinguish and the entire picture seems grainy even at low zoom levels. Surface surfaces additionally look sloppy. In close-up shots, objects are simpler to distinguish and more detail is safeguarded. Surface surfaces are additionally more clear. Photos taken in low-light circumstances look hazy. Besides, the varieties are touched with a grayish color. There is an “Ace” mode, which permits clients to change the white equilibrium, ISO responsiveness, and openness time.

Blackview BV9800 Pro cameras
Blackview BV9800 Pro cameras
Recordings shot with the BV9800 Pro look probably comparable to the photos. The recordings are not shaky. Nonetheless, the dimmer region of the shot seems grainy. Recordings can be kept in 1080p, 720p, and 480p. There is no high-outline rate mode. Pictures taken with the thermographic camera can be deciphered with the assistance of a temperature scale. Additionally, clients can tap on a region of a picture to see its temperature. With everything taken into account, the execution functions admirably.


The Blackview BV9800 Pro highlights 128 GB of inside eMMC memory. It accomplishes somewhat better than expected results, and it is accordingly on a similar level as the remainder of the opposition. The capacity limit of the BV9800 Pro can be expanded by up to 256 GB with the assistance of a microSD card. The SD card can’t be designed for inside stockpiling or used to store applications. With our reference grade, SD card Toshiba Exceria Pro M501, the rough cell phone accomplishes read and compose rates that are similar to those of other contending gadgets.


The BV9800 Pro accompanies the ARM Mali-G72 MP3 illustrations unit. This illustration chip can run current games on medium settings. Nonetheless, it isn’t good for graphically concentrated applications. The titles that we benchmarked chugged along as expected with the gorgeous sight turned down. Both the touchscreen and the movement sensor work with practically no issues.

Battery Duration

In our essentially situated Wi-Fi test, the BV9800 Pro accomplishes a battery runtime of 25 hours. It defeats all comers in our examination diagram, to a great extent since it makes the most of its 6580-mAh battery. The included charger doesn’t uphold quick charging and requires around 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.


There are no two methods for putting it; the BV9800 Pro remaining parts are the most effective way to get a FLIR/warm imaging gadget; it is less expensive then purchasing the different FLIR embellishment that plugs into a cell phone although you will want to get the more established Cat S60 for just $353. As a cell phone, it is an extremely good standard mid-ranger with a couple of features like the 48-megapixel Sony camera, IR Blaster, a monstrous battery push-to-talk, and remote charging. Any enhancements? Indeed, we’d very much want to see FLIR being a fundamental piece of lead models from here on out. We might likewise want to see further developed highlights like VOC and laser estimations – the two elements of the CAT S61 – incorporated close by warm imaging. Set it forth plainly, we wish that the BV10000 will be close to consummate across-the-board cell phones for jacks of all trades, DIYers, and field laborers are working in testing conditions. With everything taken into account, the BV9800 Pro is a phenomenal cell a phone that shows how far Chinese rough gadget makers have accomplished throughout recent years, to such an extent that this cell phone is a the commendable beneficiary of our top-tier grant.

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