Blackview BV9900 Pro Review

Blackview is one of the more reliable rough cell phone merchants available and has conveyed probably the best mobiles in an upward that has become an ever-increasing number of swarmed throughout the long term. Indeed, even Samsung with its Xcover range has tried things out. The maker as a rule carries two lead gadgets to the market consistently and right now is an ideal opportunity to test the first of 2020, the BV9900 Pro; its primary selling point is the FLIR infrared camera sensor which was presented in the BV9800 Pro at a shockingly low sticker price at just shy of $500. The BV9900 Pro keeps the sticker price yet fundamentally changes what’s inside. Peruse on to figure out what else changed.


As the BV9900 Pro re-visitations of a less complex plan, actually impacted by what we call our 4+4 model (four short corners and four long edges), it loses a portion of its roundedness. This new handset feels more minimized than previously; likewise, with past cycles, it sticks to IP68/IP69K confirmations for water opposition notwithstanding MIL-STD-810G guidelines which have not yet been affirmed assuming these were tried against them or on the other hand if they convey pertinent determinations. The Blackview BV9900 Pro is more modest than its ancestor, the past leader model. In any case, this time around it’s not just about size; weight has been fundamentally decreased with an aluminum outline for solidness and polycarbonate plastic to give clients a superior hold while keeping up with that expert completion that you’ll just find on very good quality cell phones nowadays. The screen is energetic and clear, estimating 5.84 inches corner to corner with a 1080 x 2080 goal for high pixel thickness that gives a bona fide seeing experience. The forward-looking camera on the gadget highlights 16-megapixel Samsung sensors to catch your best selfie ever. The Blackview BV9900 Pro is a delightfully planned telephone with an edge that houses the SIM plate and USB port, which you can tweak. The volume rocker sits on top of this area too so it’s not difficult to track down without searching for a button or looking down your screen all while being submerged in the thing else that may be happening around you. A gadget with four distinct sensors, all situated at the rear of this screen you’ll find. The pulse screen can be found close to a FLIR sensor and two 5MP cameras for profundity discernment too.


The BV9900 Pro trades the P70 for a P90 processor from Mediatek. The framework memory is raised by a third to 8GB and keeping in mind that the capacity limit continues as before at 128GB, it is traded for one supporting UFS 2.1, which ought to convert into a lot quicker capacity subsystem. Likewise, Bluetooth 5.0 makes a presentation instead of Bluetooth 4.1.
Blackview BV9900 Pro
Blackview BV9900 Pro
Somewhere else, the 48-megapixel Sony sensor stays set up as does the Type-C connector, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the 10W remote charging ability, the 16-megapixel selfie camera, and the way that it runs a stock variant of Android 9.0. One major frustration is the way that the battery limit has diminished by close to a third, from 6.58Ah to 4.38Ah.


With a bunch of devoted applications like Duraspeed, Smart Assist, and more installed the BV9900 Pro can keep your telephone moving along as expected plan. The Mediatek gadget additionally includes a streamlined game mode that empowers you to advance execution while messing around or utilizing other concentrated in the middle of between different assignments. The BV9900 Pro is an unfortunate cousin of the Blackview 9800. Notwithstanding its warm imaging capacities, it does exclude a night camera like on other rough cell phones from this organization and there’s additionally an application to decipher anything you find continuously called “FLIR Translation.” The gadget is up there with the absolute quickest rough cell phones we’ve tried to date, as Ulefone and Doogee’s P90 part (from Mediatek) or the solitary Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-fueled AGM X3. The capacity conveys nearly SATA speeds (in some measure on reading), making it one justification for why I experienced no slacks during my meeting with this telephone.


There are just three other broadly accessible cell phones that accompany inserted FLIR. The BV9800 Pro is the past leader from Blackview and we assessed it in December 2019. You can get it for as low as $450 from Aliexpress and it is as yet a commendable gadget if you needed the least expensive FLIR cell phone. We believe that forking extra for the BV9900 Pro is justified. The Cat S61 retails for about $660 and was sent off in 2018. It has a more seasoned yet at the same time proficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 with a portion of the stockpiling. It truly does anyway have an indoor air quality screen as well as a laser-helped distance estimating device. Gracious, and it was the first tough cell phone we explored that procured a merited 5/5 stars. Significantly more established is the S60, the first FLIR cell phone which costs just shy of $400. Simply remember that it was sent off very nearly a long time back and will battle to get any significant updates having been sent off on Android 6.0. It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB locally available capacity which you’d get on a passage-level Android cell phone and indeed, you have that FLIR camera too. A FLIR-less form of the 9900 Pro, obviously exists called the BV9900. It accompanies 8GB of RAM and 256GB installed stockpiling which makes it an alluring option in contrast to any semblance of the Doogee S95 Pro or the Ulefone Armor 7.

Battery Duration

On their site, Blackview claims that the 4380mAh battery actually sides the Blackview BV9900 and can endure over one day on a solitary charge. Shockingly, this is a more modest battery than that on the past model, the BV9800. A few commentators tracked down the battery duration on this telephone to be a significant disappointment thinking about the amount Blackview underscores its size. Different commentators, in any case, approved of battery duration, so it’s muddled whether a portion of the telephones wasn’t working as expected or on the other hand in the event that the unfortunate battery duration is a consequence of the client’s mistake. You can likewise look at the Cat S41 that accompanies a 5000mAh battery. Charging through the USB type C port is really quick, while the remote charging highlight is a lot slower while as yet being a pleasant expansion.


Since this tough telephone is worked for sturdiness doesn’t mean it doesn’t likewise have a dumbfounding showcase. The FHD waterdrop show is clear and dynamic on the extra-enormous screen, which coordinates fabulously with the different cameras on this telephone. In contrast with two other extraordinary tough cell phones, the Ulefone Armor 7 and the Doogee S95 Pro, this show has a higher goal on a marginally more modest screen, meaning this cell phone show has more noteworthy pixel thickness than the opposition.


This fair wouldn’t be a decent rough telephone in the event that it wasn’t solid, and fortunately, the Blackview BV9900 is dependable. As indicated by Blackview, this telephone ought to have the option to endure water, residue, drops, and, surprisingly, very low temperatures. The screen is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to oppose regular scratches, scrapes, and drops. Client surveys affirm this is a profoundly solid telephone that can endure the components easily. While maybe not generally so sturdy as the Unihertz Atom, the BV9900 is a reasonable choice for anybody needing a super-extreme telephone.


Shockingly, the BV9900 Pro is flawed, yet we think it gets a 4 all things considered. Like its ancestor, this cell phone doesn’t have Android 10 or 5G availability once more despite being ready for some huge enhancements from one age to another including expanded capacity limit as well as further developed battery duration which was brought down by 15% for the people who need more outings of their telephone before waiting to be energized once more. The BV9900 Pro may not be the best telephone on Earth, but rather it’s a damn decent exertion. The Mediatek P90 particularly is an improvement from last year’s model and gives Blackview that additional half-point towards drawing near flawlessly with their semi-finalist adaptation this forthcoming fall season – one which will probably come furnished with Android 10 as well as 5G because of those Dimensity 820 series chipsets.

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