Blu VIVO 8 Review

BLU is one of the most common cell phone producers in the world at present – Blu VIVO 8 review: While the majority of the gadgets BLU makes are very specialized and not big-time dealers, there’s a sufficient assortment to cover a wide range of client needs. BLU’s Vivo line is for the most part considered among the top-notch setup even though the specs and cost aren’t in a similar ballpark as Samsung’s, Lg’s, HTC’s, or alternately Sony’s best cell phones.

BLU is focusing on the frugal buyer with the new Vivo 8 – clients that might be thinking about the Motorola G5 Plus or OnePlus Five. This gadget is sent off at $299, however, will be accessible at the promotion cost of $199 from August 31 to September 1, 2017, on Amazon. This price tag makes the Vivo 8 very serious in the consistently developing spending plan market, however, the general plan and specs make it a top thought for anybody searching for another opened telephone.

Hardware and Design

BLU hails its VIVO line as one of its generally classy, and it most certainly is an upscale telephone. All things considered, there are telephones out there with better plans, so if feel is the main component to you, you’ll need to think about that. The VIVO 8 comes in two distinct varieties, Black and Gold, with a Black front on the Black model and a White front on the Gold model. BLU has involved 3D glass for the showcase so it has slight bends right at the edges, and the left and right edges offer a few pretty negligible bezels, with additional considerably estimated bezels for the top and base pieces of the front board.

The base bezel holds the unique finger impression sensor as well as two capacitive keys, and the top bezels are where you’ll track down the earpiece, as well as the front camera, front blaze, and surrounding light sensors.

Blu VIVO 8 design

Both the speaker and charging port are base mounted, with power and volume buttons on the right, and the SIM card plate on the left. There is likewise a 3.5mm sound port included here so you can connect those mini headphones that accompanied it, and, on the back, you’ll have the back camera sensor and glimmer in the center.

Generally, the VIVO 8 is planned pretty just. It’s moderate and truly cleaned, it feels far better in the hand while holding it, and it simply feels like a strong gadget. While it’s not worked to be a rough telephone, would it be a good idea for you incidentally drop it will probably be fine and it doesn’t feel the modest or terrible quality, those are both observable advantages worth focusing on it.

Camera capabilities

The BLU Vivo 8 has a 16MP selfie cam that looks ahead and a 13MP back confronting the shooter. The two cameras make nice efforts in sufficiently bright conditions however battle in low light. A lot of grain is obvious in any open-air shot taken after nightfall. HDR modes can help to no one’s surprise, yet in addition, take a consistent hand or mount to pull off successfully.

The Vivo 8 doesn’t include optical picture adjustment or optical zoom. The f/2.0 focal point incorporates self-adjust as well as contact to-concentrate abilities as well as face location and the run-of-the-mill geotagging component of for all intents and purposes each cell phone today. While not excessively dazzled by the nature of the photographs I shot, I observed the camera to be one of the better shooters on a gadget in this cost range.


This is a Full HD show, while the goal may not be sufficiently high for certain shoppers, the screen is decent as it gets bounty splendid, the picture quality is sharp, and the digitizer under the screen is exceptionally responsive.

The varieties on the screen likewise don’t appear to be excessively cleaned out or oversaturated, yet that’s what the decent part is if you feel like the shade of the showcase is gnawed off, you can change the tone by going to show settings and changing the LCD impact.

Unbiased is empowered as a matter of course, yet there are likewise choices for cool tone and warm variety. This is a typical component of a ton of the telephones emerging from China, however, it is feeling the loss of the choice to change the tone physically as here there are only three predefined choices.

Blu VIVO 8

The VIVO 8 has a couple of brilliant settings to assist with this like versatile splendor, which is accessible on essentially every cell phone running on Android, and there is additionally a choice called Economical Backlight, which is pointed toward assisting you with saving battery power.

This was on naturally also and it appears to assist with expanding the battery duration, so it’s most certainly prescribed to keep it on as the screen had the option to look bounty brilliant with it empowered. Generally speaking, pleasant showcase yet nothing historic. It looks great, has capabilities as planned, and it’s brilliant when you want it splendidly.

Performance of Blu VIVO 8

The VIVO 8 is a mid-range cell phone so I anticipated that it should perform like a mid-range cell phone. It positively did yet it was as yet a smooth encounter generally. Running numerous applications wasn’t an issue for me nor was messing around.

The VIVO 8 appeared to float along without stammering or slacking during my experience with it, and this is continuously reviving to check whether you utilize your gadget something other than a smidgen.

Whenever I opened up Never Gone to play it, which is a side-looking over activity RPG beat em up the style of game, with dazzling designs keep in mind, everything pursued fine even broadened play, and the gadget never felt like it was getting excessively hot to the touch to where I needed to put it down. That said it got a piece warm occasionally yet never to the place where it was super awkward.

Battery Power

With a 4,010mAh battery inside anticipate that it should last some time. It won’t be your three-day telephone that needn’t bother with a charge for that measure of time, however, it unquestionably has no issue running for an entire 24 hours to say the very least. This isn’t to say you can utilize it constantly for 24 hours obviously, yet it will last you from the time that you get up to the time that you nod off.

At the point when we put the BLU VIVO 8 through the PCMark battery test, it went on around 7 hours before it was done and required to have been re-energized. It’s additionally valuable as the main priority that this specific test stops when the battery hits around 15-20 percent, so it wasn’t dead after that time.

The specific time was 6 hours and 47 minutes, and during our season of purpose normally it got around 6 hours and 15 minutes of screen on time before we connected it. I figured it very well may be somewhat higher with a 4,010mAh battery, however, there are certain things on the telephone to assist the battery duration with enduring longer as well so if you’re finding it is missing the mark, playing with the battery saving settings is a decent spot to begin assuming you’re searching for ways of expanding its life.


BLU has made a cell phone that can hang with the enormous young men for a portion of the cost. While it needs very good quality 3D handling and in general camera capacities, the BLU Vivo 8 can do anything more than an $800 premium telephone can do. On the off chance that you want a GSM telephone and needn’t bother with the best camera or gaming ability, the Vivo 8 has an extraordinary plan with strong specs at an incredible cost.

BLU has incorporated plenty of usable elements and programming capabilities that make the Vivo 8 an extraordinary gadget for ordinary use. The BLU Vivo 8 is a praiseworthy option in contrast to the costly premium telephones that countless clients float towards. While it needs tech, for example, a limitlessness show, double back cameras, waterproofing, or retina scanner, the Vivo 8 is as yet a cell phone worth considering at a considerably more reasonable cost.

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