CyberGhost VPN Review

Cyber ghost is one of the leading VPN companies which is offering its high-quality services to more than 10 million customers across the world even though it’s a company from Romania. It has been discovered that Cyberghost is beginner-friendly and easy to use. With a lot of great features to offer customers, we have carried out deep research, looking at some of the pros and cons of using Cyberghost.


After a close review, it has been discovered that Cyberghost doesn’t keep logs of users’ personal information. They only keep logs of certain important activities like the number of times you tried logging in, the number of connections per day, and so on. They always ensure this information is not tracked by any outsiders and is deleted after every 24 hours. Even though their privacy policy can be s little confusing, then always see to it that a user is adequately protected

  • Save on data charges
  • Surf anonymously
  • Browse securely
  • Keep your privacy, identity, passwords private
  • Don’t unblock some streaming platform

Streaming & Torrenting

When it comes to streaming, CyberGhost is one of the most recommended VPN services. An interesting fact is that some of their servers are specifically built for streaming, giving users free and fast access to almost any digital content. It comes with a smart DNS which makes it stream even the most secured region-restricted content like Netflix, BBC iPlay, Hulu, and so on. Users can easily set this up with the configuration settings on the Cyberghost website.

They also have a good feature in place for torrenting. There’s a button on their website which makes it easier for users to connect with the best servers for streaming which offers a secure P2P connection. This helps them carry out various Torrenting activities with their IP address tightly secured and untrackable by their ISP.


Cyberghost offers a special internet that is faster than most VPNs, this has made it easier for users to connect with servers fast and get access to unlimited content within seconds. A surprising fact here is that the speed only drops by 3% once in a while. This shows the effectiveness of Cyberghost in terms of providing users with fast internet connections.

Cyber Ghost VPN
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Cyberghost has one of the most populated servers across the globe with 6,000+ active Servers. This helps them offer a fast connection over long distances and various countries. Even though they once had a problem with their servers being too much, they have fixed all issues at the moment and all customers are enjoying a good server performance across all channels.

Ease of use.

The Cyberghost is compatible with almost every device out there with a user-friendly interface. They have many features in place which help users get a very good performance such as the ‘best location’ and ‘date compression’ buttons. They have made it easier for users to set their preferences. You can choose to start the app automatically and set the network to anyone you prefer. Also, they offer customers a free-trial period which only lasts for one day.

Customer service.

Cyberghost has made 24/7 accessible customer service available for all customers. They also have in-depth tutorials, articles, and guidelines in place for new users to be able to easily understand their services. They make sure to respond fast to user problems and issues via live chat and also by email.


Cyberghost happens to be one of the cheapest VPNs. They offer customers a free trial period of 24 hours which is short compared to other VPNs. They offer 14 days money-back guarantee if you subscribe for their monthly plan but this is extended to 45 days when you go for plans that are more than a year. They make sure your money gets back to you within 10 days of charging back.

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