Jamo S 8 ATM Dolby A. Review

Not at all like many ‘next enormous things in the realm of multichannel sound, Dolby Atmos has built up some decent forward momentum with the general population to go past a specialty item and stretch out into sticker costs that don’t expect you to be a genuine ‘devotee’ to jump aboard. All things being equal, the speaker bundle you see here looks astonishingly practical.

Jamo has been a major area of strength for reasonable home film bundles since the Pro-Logic days and is back in the UK through new dissemination with Henley Audio (which additionally handles sound marques Klipsch, Musical Fidelity, and Pro-Ject). First up are the 800 Series speakers – albeit different models will show up at the appointed time.

This is a ten-in number reach that can be collected individually (a greater amount of which is a little) yet can likewise be purchased in characterized bundles. This framework utilizes the S 807 HCS bundle (5.0-channel), which includes the S 807 floorstanders for front left/right, the S 801 stand mounts as backs, and the S 81 CEN focus speaker. These five can be had for a genuinely sensible £700 and get you up and running with multichannel.

You can then increase the bundle as you wish. Most will stout for the £220 ($275) S 808 SUB subwoofer except if they as of now have a committed bass-producer they would rather not supplant. And afterward, there are the S 8 ATM up terminating Dolby Atmos speakers (£200-per-pair) to get to a 5.1.2 framework, taking the complete to a still extremely aggressive £1,120 ($1,500).

Metal midbass

All models utilize midbass drivers slashed from a material that Jamo portrays as Aluminized Polyfibre. Precisely what the breakdown of metal to different materials is in this is the kind of thing that the organization would appear to not like to be drawn on, however, the outcome is a solid and somewhat significant inclination unit.

The S 807 purposes two 5in adaptations of this driver, while the S 801 and S 81 CEN manage with a more modest (4in) cycle. Every one of the speakers utilizes a similar tweeter, notwithstanding – a 1in delicate vault plan – and this will ideally guarantee a smooth handover between the different fenced-in areas.


Every one of the speakers has a spaceport framework to expand their bass reaction without creating a lot of undesirable commotion. The S 807 purposes a front-mounted port to take into consideration utilizing more like a divider.

The S 8 ATM intelligent speaker at first appears as though it’s a run-of-a-mill variety. The plan deals with the calculated terminating rule that is essential for the Dolby Atmos in particular.

There is, be that as it may, just a solitary driver in every speaker – an illustration of the 4in the unit found in the middle and encompasses – though different models (counting PSB’s Imagine XA and KEF’s Q50A) highlight devoted tweeters.

Jamo doesn’t state a recurrence reaction for the S 8 ATM, however, recommends it can deal with the 100Hz and up to the prerequisites of Atmos.

More surprising is the means by which the speaker interfaces. Rather than a couple of speaker terminals, the S 8 ATM rather openings into four attachments on the highest point of the S 807. You then make the speaker link association at the foot of that floorstanding speaker, instead of needing a run of link following almost the entire way up the back.

As a last invite contact, Jamo has had the good judgment to plan the S Series grilles so that they can be climbed to meet the calculated grille of the S 8 ATM, which makes for a significantly more smoothed out tasteful. It likewise makes the vast majority of its adversaries – even ones at rather greater cost places – appear to be somewhat impromptu by examination.

An admonition to this link cleaning up establishment strategy is that the main speakers in the S Series that have the exceptional mounting association and essential speaker terminals are the two bigger floor-standing models (the S 807 here and the costlier S 809), and the biggest stand-mount (S 803), so assuming you need Atmos speakers at the back of your room, you should change out the encompass speakers as well.


Considered close to the S 8 ATM, the S 808 SUB subwoofer is undeniably more conventional, mounting an 8-in woofer on the side of a thin bureau that contains a 100W Class D amp. The arrangement is restricted to an LFE/line-level contribution, in addition to stage, hybrid, and volume controls. There’s no controller.

Tastefully, the Jamo pack cuts a shrewd figure. The brand has a long history of making either incredibly appalling or exceptionally alluring speakers, with in the middle between, and fortunately, the S Series is one of the last options. The styling is spotless and present-day and the sheen instead of serious shine white completion (dark and pecan are additionally accessible), joined with the dim material grilles, looks astounding. They seem pricier than they are, and ought to work well in an assortment of spaces.

All you Trekkies and TV addicts…

Associated with a Marantz SR6012 beneficiary, the principal part of the Jamos’ presentation that I timed was their responsiveness. This framework demonstrated ready to occupy a generally enormous space with next to no apparent sensation of strain, which further guides their incentive.

Such natural headroom is promptly helpful when you give the speakers a sound blend in with a genuine scale. The assault on the USS Franklin by Krall’s multitude ships, joined by the Beastie Boys, in Star Trek Beyond (Blu-beam, Dolby Atmos) is an arrangement that the James handles outstandingly.

The dulcet tones of the New York rappers’ Sabotage are kept particular of the blend, and there is a pleasant sensation of inundation from the level channels as the rush of boats overwhelms the Franklin.

  • Definitive home cinema sound quality
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of models to suit any home cinema setup
  • Expensive

This is no less successful as the activity moves into the actual station, with the framework reminding you that you’re in an encased (if immense) space without it being exaggerated.

A strong soundstage is kept up with, with impacts pans functioning admirably between the various drivers of every speaker. What’s more, each model appears to be apparent even across its recurrence range and has an adequately wide scattering that even with the front three nooks spread genuinely wide separated, you get a sound field that expands well past the external edge of the S 807-story standers.

This thinks about well the middle speaker specifically, as something this smaller (it’s an entirely reasonable 43cm wide by 18cm high) can battle to accomplish a respectable feeling of ‘connecting’ the space between the front left and right channels.

The S 8 Series’ presentation is likewise capable with the break of Lorraine and Spyglass into the group in Atomic Blonde (Blu-beam, DTS:X). The voices and impacts in the mass of individuals are shunted around easily, with enough weight, high-recurrence clearness, and apparent authenticity to be persuading, adding to the experience as opposed to diverting from it. Furthermore, with every one of the seven diverts in play, there’s a steady sensation of control and accuracy to the sound field, which keeps your consideration zeroed in on the screen.

It’s coming down sound

Yet again jamo’s level speakers work really hard of conveying the upward sound during Atomic Blonde’s covering of umbrellas second and, there is an extremely successful handover between the principal speakers and their helpers. There is likewise no unmistakable absence of high-recurrence energy from the vertical terminating speakers, in spite of the exclusion of a tweeter. Assuming you are searching for tremendous accentuation from your level channels – and I would contend that this would perhaps be over-accentuation – these models could not be what you are searching for. Or on the other hand, at any rate, you should think about utilizing four of them. In any case, for of adding the headroom and three-dimensionality that a decent article-based soundtrack can offer, they make a fine showing at an entirely sensible cost.

The S 808 SUB is enthusiastically little and discrete for an LFE channel (and skilled, the brand says, of being tucked under a couch – though one with a 7in the hole), however an essential absence of cubic limit denies it of both low-end expansion and control, especially assuming you are pushing the volume dial upwards.


The intertwined 1980s soundtrack of Atomic Blonde is anything but a blissful favorite spot for the S 808 SUB – now and again in a real sense. It basically can’t begin the following beat before it has completed the final remaining one. Jamo sells a bigger 10in the model – the S 810 SUB – for just £45 extra, and that might hold its own somewhat better.

Away from such musically testing material, there is sufficient low-end haul here to add scale to procedures. The shootout in Jedha in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Blu-beam) is completed on a decent layer of low-end crashes and thunders.

What’s more, in this arrangement, what the James does very well for moderately reasonable speakers is the guarantee that fine detail isn’t subsumed by gunfire and blasts. A crying youngster is chosen from the blend and situated accurately, while the mechanical clamors of the carrier are particular and obvious. The bigger size of the Jamo cupboards, contrasted with also evaluated sub/sat framework rivals, implies there’s a looser and at last more realistic show.

The cost is correct

That Jamo’s S Series 5.1.2 can do this while as yet retailing for under £1,200 or $1,500 – and offering some degree for further developed framework building – is the truly great piece of this bundle.

Jamo’s S 8 ATM
is a high-performance 4-way center channel speaker

Had this been a reach with the kind of appearance that strongly recommended they may be best positioned in an obscured film room, I’d, in any case, think of it as an advantageous contribution, however, all things considered, the S Series speakers wed a largescale (yet not flawless) sonic conveyance with appealing, all around completed cupboards, and a smooth combination of the level models that is absent even on impressively more costly opponents. Subsequently, these are major areas of strength for an appearance in the reasonable standard size speaker market.

Final Thoughts

The S 807 HCS bundle is a great way to get started with a 5.0-channel home theater system. This system includes the S 807 floorstanders for the front left/right, the S 801 stand mounts as backs, and the S 81 CEN focus speaker. With this system, you can turn your music up and enjoy amazing sound quality in your home.

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