Oaxis myFirst Camera 2 Review

The newest edition of Oaxis’ myFirst Camera 2 for kids is here! With a selfie-friendly 16MP camera, LED flash, and new main shooter to take pictures with it all day long – this device will make having fun on your next adventure easier than ever. You can even shoot videos or upload them straight away thanks to the powerful 32GB memory card that’s included as standard equipment (with room leftover).


What’s more fun than taking pictures with your friends and family? The myFirst Camera 2 is a great camera for kids who want to have some quality time while still being able to take awesome photos! You can get these cameras starting at just $65 dollars, which means they’re easy enough that any kid could use one.

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Design Oaxis Myfirst Camera 2

The myFirst Camera 2 is built using a mix of plastic and silicone, making it lightweight. The myFirst Camera 2 is listed as an 8MP camera, which means it has the ability to take photos of 3264 pixels wide by 2448 tall. This doesn’t match up with a regular 4K video that’s 3840×2160 or higher (8 MP). Even though they both appear similar in terms of pixel count-my First cams inability to grant access for shooting 16:9 aspect ratio natively prevents this device from being used primarily when looking at stills only instead of trying out some pans around your subject matter.

MyFirst Camera 2 has a 1000mAh battery, so you never need to replace the ones in your camera. All that’s required is a micro USB cable and sometimes waiting for it to recharge. Just connect this provided piece between them both – on either side-to any computer or wall socket equipped with those features; then let go of all worries because there’ll be no more notifications about being low on power when everything else seems lost already.

myFirst Camera 2 is the perfect camera for children, weighing just 65 grams. It has compact dimensions (6cm deep and 10 cm long) so it’s easy to hold. Plus with its lightweight, you can take this everywhere – even on your kids today or at school without worrying about lugging around something heavy that they might break if dropped into their backpack accidentally
myFirst Camera 2 will make taking pictures fun again because now mommy doesn’t need an extra hand when trying new poses.

The camera offers a variety of photo pixel resolutions, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. Choose from 3264×2448 (8MP), 2592 x 1944, or 2048 X1536 depending on what size image field is needed, the microSD card slot supports cards up to 32GB in size and allows children easy access.

  • Customizable design
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Watterproof
  • Standard picture quality
  • Some parts fragile

Performance Oaxis Myfirst Camera 2

The sound effects are a nice kid-friendly element. When going through the settings and pressing the shutter button, the myFirst Camera 2 emits an odd sound. The sound effect may be switched off, as well as the volume level.

The myFirst Camera 2 has a self-timer option that allows you to postpone the shutter button activation for 2, 5, or 10 seconds. The camera may also be programmed to shoot numerous images in a row (up to three) with a simple trigger push. Interval timer shooting is a useful function found in adult cameras for creating still-frame time-lapses rather than video-based time delays. The benefit of utilizing the interval timer to generate time lapses is that you can make a video file from single still frame photos that you can subsequently resize, trim, and manipulate in results.

Although the delay timer feature on the Oaxis Myfirst Camera 2 does not include a video time lapse capability, it does allow the parent and kid to learn how to utilize an editor to edit still frames (single photos) and/or construct a time-lapse from them. The shutter trigger is positioned on the back and head of the camera, along with the user control keys. The lego block pattern on the top half gives a gripping space for the hands to hold.

MyFirst Camera 2’s backside is home to 4 buttons, all in a row. The top two are for navigating through your videos and photos while the rest can be set up however you want with different functions such as start/stop recording or take pictures when triggered by motion detection settings – it really does have everything.

The LCD screen on this device has great viewing angles so even if someone walks past during video capture time they won’t see anything but white bars because of howlers, unlike other cams where everything looks blurry from their perspective.

In picture and video mode, the screen displays many icons. The pixel quality, battery indication, and amount of images the micro SD can shoot are all displayed in photography mode.

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