VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 Review


The VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 is a camera designed by a toy brand rather than a conventional camera manufacturer, and as such it’s built to both entertain young children and survive the inevitable abuse they’ll inflict on it! Features such as dual viewfinders (hence the Duo name) make it more intuitive to use for kids than a conventional camera, and the two rubberised sculpted hand grips ensure even a pre-schooler can operate the Kidizoom with some degree of precision. With entertaining effects like digital’stickers,’ wacky borders, and even a selection of simple computer games (controlled by a motion sensor in the camera), you’ve got a camera that will keep even the most hyperactive young one engaged for a surprising span of time.

VTech Kidizoom Features

The Vtech Kidizoom 5.0, which is the newest model in this family-of two different gadgets that allow kids to take pictures and videos on their own devices with ease! The design has been kept basically identical except for having orange accents where there were previously blue ones so it’ll stand out more when displayed among other things around your home or office space if you use them discreetly while not bothering anyone else who may be using another kind entirely.

The camera is designed to be tough and durable, with 2 chunky grips on either side that hold up AA batteries. The outside of these battery compartments also act as shockproof protectors for your precious footage! There’s binocular-style viewing holes at the top so you can see what goes into frame before shooting it live or reviewing later; plus there’s a flash provide light when needed (like during night time shots). And finally…in front resides not just one but two lenses – both offering distortion free images thanks in part from their thick rubber frames which surround them like socks do shoe heels.

On the back of this toy camera is where you’ll find all your necessities. You have a 2MP rear-facing camera, an LCD screen and operational buttons including multi directional joysticks for navigating around programs or taking photos on their own.

There’s also zoom wheel which lets users alter digital 4X magnification when needed, perfect if someone wants to get closer look at something they’re interested in without having any effects taken away from them by using regular glasses.

The camera is certainly a high-tech device that can take some amazing pictures. It has 5 megapixel front and rearfacing cameras with the ability to switch between low resolutions for each one, which makes them effectively 2MP in total. There are also 3 different burst modes available – perfect if you’re looking at family or friends closely while trying not miss any important moments (or skin).

The camera is a great way to get creative, and there are tons of fun effects you can add. It also records up 10 minutes at once when using an SD card! You’ll be able keep your kids entertained with pre-loaded games on this device too – perfect for those rainy days outside where nothing else seems interesting anymore.

  • Front-facing camera with 5 megapixels
  • Rear camera with 0.3 megapixels
  • 4x digital magnification
  • Eyepieces in the binocular style
  • There are a lot of interesting and innovative effects in this game.
  • With a microSD card, you may record up to 10 min of video.
  • Flash built-in
  • Option for a 10-second timer
  • Games, wacky effects, and a voice changer
  • Rubber design that is tough and shockproof

VTech Kidizoom Handling

Given the Kidizoom’s low price, its build quality is reassuringly sturdy and solid, with no visible flex or weak places in the main camera module. Even without a lens cover, the lens is more akin to a pinhole camera, and it’s so small and thoroughly recessed that it’s exceedingly unlikely to be damaged. The 2.4-inch LCD screen on the back is unremarkable, with low color brightness and contrast. The field of view aren’t horrible, and it’s definitely good enough for a youngster, who isn’t going to be the most critical judge of LCD higher resolution.

The Kidizoom’s screen is not touch-sensitive, which may confuse older kids who are used to swiping through their favorite YouTube Kids videos. However its physical buttons and joystick make it easy for them (or any age!) To find gems on this digital adventure! There isn’t need of an additional charger because power comes from four AA batteries that can be found inside each grip; two per device – so no more worrying about charging hazards or bringing along other gadgets when exploring new worlds together.

  • Great and Solid built
  • Pre-loaded games
  • Confortable handling
  • Easy to use
  • AA baterries
  • Slow shutter
  • Zoom digital


Equipment Database provides in-depth information about the picture quality capabilities of cameras. It has example images and product shots, as well an ability for you to contribute your own reviews with ratings from 1 – 5 stars if desired. Because the camera lacks manual controls, it’s essentially simply a matter of point, shoot, and give it a try. You can turn on, off, or auto flash, then you can set a 10 seconds timer for shots, but that’s about it.

Without any effects or marks on the image, the image is just 5 megapixels; after they are applied, the image reduces to 2 megapixels. The image quality is acceptable for most youngsters taking pictures with the camera, who will only ever look at them in the camera, and will let them to browse through their memories. You’d be lucky to leave with 8×6 inch prints if you truly wanted to print captures. At 5 megapixels, you might fairly expect to produce great 10×8 prints for a decent quality photograph without applying filters.


The Vtech Kidizoom is purchasable on Amazon UK for £39.99. In the United States, somewhat different variants are available; for $33.50, a basic 2-megapixel alternative is offered. In the United States, the Kidizoom 5.0 is known as the ‘Deluxe,’ and it costs $79.99. A built-in MP3 player and headphones are provided with the Deluxe model.

There aren’t many direct rivals for the Kidizoom camera – Vtech is a well-known company that has designed a unique photographic and entertainment toy in the shape of a bulky and sturdy camera that is excellent for soft grip.

Deluxe Model
$79.99 at Amazon
$59.99 at Amazon

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