Blink Outdoor Camera Review

Wireless security cameras have come a long way since their introduction to the surveillance market. In the early days, wireless offerings for security cameras were expensive and used disposable batteries or had limited features, but that has all changed over the last ten years or so.

Now you can install a wireless security camera with little difficulty, and some of them even allow you to pan and tilt the camera with your smartphone. This brings us to today’s topic – the Blink Outdoor.

The Blink outdoor 1080p HD security camera provides a full view of your front porch or driveway, so you can see who is there and what’s happening. With a 110-degree field of view, a 2-way talk feature, and infrared night vision, this unit gives you the ability to react quickly to potential threats or issues. You can also monitor your home when you’re not there using the Blink smartphone app.

Further capabilities include connectivity for Amazon Alexa (but not Google Assistant), built-in speakers for frightening off intruders or troublesome squirrels, and temperature monitoring intelligence. It’s a tempting purchase, especially when you consider the Blink Sync Module 2, which is included in the price, unlike the Blink Mini. If you don’t want to pay for a regular Blink cloud storage membership, you may use this useful feature to link a USB flash drive to the unit and save video material locally.


The Blink Outdoor camera costs $99.99 / £99.99 and is available from Amazon in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as retailers like Best Buy, Lowes, and Target in the United States and Currys, Very, and Argos in the United Kingdom.

Because the Blink Sync Module 2 is included with the purchase, the only additional gear you’ll need is a 256GB USB flash drive, which will set you back roughly $25 / £25 and allow you to save data offline.

When you choose cloud storage, Blink Outdoor offers a free version of its cloud storage option, which costs $3 / £2.50 per month after that. It seems to be worth mentioning that you could purchase packs of up to four cameras, all of which include the Sync Module 2, and also individual cameras if you wish to extend your system later.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Rugged and durable
  • Easy to use, no monthly fees

With Blink Outdoor, you get all the basic features of a security camera at half the price. This makes it a great choice for anyone who’s looking to dip a toe into the world of home monitoring. Whether you’re getting started, or just on a budget, consider this camera.

Its dark hue may definitely stand out or fit in according to where you put it, which might or might not be appropriate for your purposes. To dissuade attackers, some individuals like their cams to be highly apparent, while others prefer a more stealthy approach. In any case, the Blink Outdoor is only available in black.

The device itself seems solid and well-made, and its waterproof build should keep it dry in the rain (though it isn’t certified for submersion). One item to note is that the plastic may easily be scratched, however, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about once it’s attached.

By releasing a big screw with the provided tool, you may remove the back panel and gain access to the battery chamber and QR code for setup. Even the most inexperienced DIYers will be able to utilize and set up the provided base and screws for ceiling installation. Although the base’s plastic construction, the ball, and socket joint were sturdy enough to maintain whatever angle you put it in, even if it creaks a bit.


  • Compatible with any iOS or Android
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Works with all Blink-enabled devices

The Blink Outdoor uses Full HD color video to deliver a clean, clear image with plenty of information to readily identify persons. In low light, things instantly convert to infrared vision, which clearly produces a monochromatic image that is less bright than daylight.

Even on especially gloomy, overcast evenings, the night vision quality is still remarkable, and it’s enough to easily see what’s happening outdoors. Further away from the camera (and its infrared beam), items lose clarity and definition, but things nearer to the camera (and its infrared beam) are crisper. Nonetheless, the Blink Outdoor seems more than capable of providing peace of mind both during the day and at night, and you can be certain that it will clearly detect and broadcast any home invaders.

The motion tracking function on the Blink Outdoor is also quite good. We used it to keep an eye on our garden while we were away, largely to watch our cat’s entry and exit, letting us all know he returned home for the evening instead of having an unexpected stay at a neighbor’s house. Given that our yard backs onto an alley, knowing that any unwanted entry would be instantly caught was especially comforting

Blink’s application has a lot of helpful features and is easy to use. The first configuration is simple enough since both the Sync Module 2 and the Outdoor cam can be connected to your Blink app by reading the QR codes on both products, after which you’ll need to input your Wi-Fi password to connect them. After that, you’re ready to go, complete with live streams, notifications, and therefore extras.

The Blink Outdoor is equipped with 2 Rechargeable batteries, which the company promises will last for two years before needing to be replaced. The amount of battery life you receive will be determined by a variety of factors, along with how often motion is detected, how often Live View is active, and how often the 2-way microphone and speaker are utilized.

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