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The $179.99 Nest Cam (Outdoor), the newest addition to Google’s family of residential security footage, is also its most adaptable. You can use this waterproof camera indoors or outdoors, and you may power it using the provided USB connection and AC charger adapter or the built-in rechargeable battery. The Nest Cam worked admirably in our tests, recording crisp 1080p video and detecting motion caused by humans and animals, however viewing recorded footage older than 3 hours and using the face identification function need a Nest Aware membership.


As home security cameras continue to grow in popularity, the Nest Cam has been updated with a new 2nd-generation model that costs £169.99 or $179.99. This camera features a new design, better HDR picture quality, and improved two-way audio functionality.

Along with Nest Cam (rechargeable batteries) starting at a great and affordable price the Nest Cam Florescent light (wired) starting at £269.99/US$279.99, it’s the cheapest of the latest batch of Nest devices.

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Given the significant difference between another and the Nest Cam devices, it’s no wonder that the 2021 model is more compatible with Google’s other Nest products. Despite being bought by Google in 2014, Nest functioned autonomously until 2018.

The Nest Cam for 2021 features a spikey and spherical shape, that Google distinguishes with Wired and Indoor models. It has a charming appearance for a piece of technology and appears to be capable of moving around on its own in Animated films style at any time.

As we’ve grown accustomed to Google’s own hardware, the overall design is fantastic. The camera can be tilted in practically any position thanks to the ball joint on the end of its chrome mount, which is wonderful and provides a fair level of resistance with fluid movement.

The Nest Cam, however, is susceptible to rolling about even with the rubber underneath of the platform. This doesn’t hold well enough, and in my opinion, if you don’t give it enough loose, the wire may simply flip the camera around.

You may facade the camera to avoid this issue because the bottom twists off. Just keep in mind that it’s not intended for outside use; we’re talking about inside walls here. It’s also encouraging to see Google maintain a sustainable theme in its goods, with at least 45 percent recycled material in its composite structures.

The Google device is a 2MP camera with a large 135° line of sight and 6x digital zoom. It uses a 16:9 aspect ratio picture with a broad range 135° visual field.

It might appear little in comparison to smartphones with 64- or even 108-megapixel cameras, however, a Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 30 frames per second is very common for a security camera. It also features HDR compatibility and infrared sensors for night vision. Besides the camera, the device has an ‘elevated’ mic and speaker for full-duplex 2-way sound with noise cancellation.

  • Easy setup
  • Water and Dustproof
  • Face recognition
  • Google Assistant available
  • Full features require subscription
  • Expensive


Connecting up Google equipment is usually simple, particularly if you already have the Google Home application installed and have other devices, rooms, and so forth. The broadcast needs a few seconds to load, but it’s great and clear once it does, and there’s very little latency, so it’s truly live.

Anybody in the space may see that the cam is on since a clear green LED is lighted over the lens. Simply hit the mic button to activate 2-way audio, which, although not as good as Google claims, is adequate for sitting and talking.

On my smartphone display, its Full HD picture looks amazing, so you can tilt your smartphone to scenery for a full sight, pinching to zoom in and out such as on Google Maps. For objects or persons on the far sides of the image, the wide-angle vision causes some fish-eye distortion.

Whenever the illumination is insufficient, the Nest Cam turns to Night Vision mode, allowing you to continue using it. Because of its infrared LEDs, the camera may still provide a monochromatic image. Night Vision and the luminance of the indicator light are both configured to turn on and off automatically by default.

You could very well specify ‘events’ for people, dogs, or cars if you want to set the cam in a window or more broadly ‘Motion,’ which includes anything from car headlamps to a door that opens. It’s also quite simple to create Areas in the settings, each of which may have its own set of events – for example, you might not want your dog to leap on specific furniture.

Generally, it’s a fantastic product that’s simple to use and effective. The only drawback I discovered was a few false positives, in which the camera would give me an event notice for a person when nobody had walked into the place.

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