Panasonic Lumix G100 Review

For vloggers and YouTubers, the G100 is an amazing decision. With a decent scope of video choices, including a world-first with regards to sound, it’s one of the most flexible and well-specced cameras in its cost and weight class.

Its little size, shape, and weight likewise make it a decent choice for movement photographic artists searching for something little and prudent. With a great cluster of Micro Four Thirds focal points accessible, especially little and travel-accommodating optics, this is a pleasant choice to suit a wide crowd.

Being promoted by Panasonic as “a definitive” vlogging camera, it’s very clear what sort of individual the organization is pointing its new G100 at.

Albeit the fledgling camera follows on from the Panasonic G95/G90, it’s truly a takeoff from that model, utilizing a more modest body and with more video-driven particulars to speak to sprouting YouTubers.

On account of that little body, however, it could likewise be viewed by still picture takers as the best travel camera. Match this up with a portion of the more modest Micro Four-Thirds focal points available, and you have a slick minimal compact group.

In any case, those video specs are the title grabbers here. Most prominent is the expansion of a Nokia Ozo Audio-prepared receiver framework, making it the principal mirrorless camera to incorporate such an arrangement.

This means you get three mouthpieces getting sound contingent upon the heading it’s coming from – and that incorporates from the back of the camera assuming you’re strolling and conversing with making a video blog. Panasonic is so positive about this sound arrangement that it guarantees an outside amplifier just isn’t required.

You’ve likewise got 4K video recording (but with a yield) as well as a completely articulating screen. The G100 is the world’s littlest camera with an articulating screen, one more gesture to exactly the way that smaller than normal it is. The sensor is a 20.3MP Four-Thirds gadget, making it more modest than those found in APS-C or full-outline cameras, yet at the same time bigger than the one-inch sensor found in the as-of-late declared Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera.

We’ve figured out how to put in a couple of days with the G100 in front of its worldwide delivery and have been shooting different stills and recordings. Is it one of the most outstanding amateur mirrorless cameras available? This is our thought process of it up to this point.

Body and Build-in

The G100 is a tiny camera, apparently owing as a lot to the GM setup of cameras as any of Panasonic’s ongoing models. We’ve proactively covered the ramifications of this scaling back (the worked-on screen component and electronic picture adjustment framework). On the hand, the camera feels thick and positively worked, without being exorbitantly weighty.

The utilization of such a little body gives space to a conspicuous order dial on the front lip of the camera, encompassing the shade button. Be that as it may, there’s no regressive confronting dial as could be found on the GM5, and on second thought, there’s a somewhat fiddly dial around the four-way regulator which goes about as an optional control point.

Lumix G100

The G100 has a strikingly splendid 1.84M-dab LCD that pivots almost 180 degrees forward so you can see what you’re recording while confronting the camera.

The G100 likewise incorporates an underlying viewfinder for when you’re not vlogging. It projects its three essential tones in a steady progression however does so quickly enough that there isn’t an excess of diverting curios. By and large, it’s a decent estimated locater that is valuable when seeing the screen is excessively splendid.

UI and menus

Other than ‘Oneself shot’ mode, the majority of the G100’s point of interaction is standard for a cutting-edge Panasonic camera.

The fundamental menu is genuinely clear, with choices isolated into genuinely coherent tabs. The most complicated of these – the Custom Settings tab – is partitioned into five segments to make it simpler to find the setting you’re searching for.

Lumix G100

There’s an adaptable ‘My Menu’ tab if there are menu settings you routinely end up expecting to change.

You get an alternate form of the menu with a video, instead of the camera tab at the upper left in the event that you set the mode dial to Creative Movie mode. Essentially, there’s an alternate starting tab in the Slow&Quick mode.


The Panasonic G100 utilizes a DMW-BLG10 battery with a limit of 7.4Wh. This gives a CIPA battery duration rating of 270 shots for each charge, without depending on a mode that makes it light-out time for the camera constantly. It’s anything but an extraordinary figure yet it’s common for a camera in this class and is probably going to be adequate for a day or so’s shooting without a lot of concern.

The camera can be re-energized through its Micro-USB attachment. A wall connector is given yet there’s no outer charger for keeping an extra battery primed and ready.

Release date and cost

Panasonic appears to have forcefully evaluated the G100, maybe in a bid to take the ‘vlogging’ crown from different contenders currently on the lookout.

Subsequently, you can get the G100 body just for $650, with a 12-32mm pack focal point for $749 and with both the unit focal point and the grasp for $799. Temporarily (until 31 August), UK clients can get a freehold when you purchase the body just or unit focal point variation.

It looks well against other famous vlogging cameras, being somewhat less expensive than the late sent-off Sony ZV-1, which has a more modest sensor and doesn’t give you the choice to change focal points.

It’s even generally similar in cost as the Canon EOS M50, a camera that has been available for a long time – making the G100 something of a deal with regards to new cameras.

Picture quality

We shot in Intelligent Auto mode while shooting stills with the G100 and were dazzled by the nature of out-of-camera JPEGs. The pictures shot with the G100 have a pleasant measure of differentiation and varieties that popped; by and large, are stills that wouldn’t require a great deal of post-handling to prepare them to share on friendly stages or dropped into a video.

The G100 is worked around a 20MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor and albeit the picture quality is extraordinary while shooting outside in bright circumstances and low ISOs, it begins to debase at ISOs over 3200. The camera has a spring-up streak for shooting in low-light circumstances, yet it’s overwhelming and will leave your subjects watching fairly cleaned out.

  • An efficient, portable design
  • Reliable price
  • Practical add-on tripod grip
  • Mider sensor than some competitors
  • Cropped videos were taken in 4K
  • Older autofocus mechanism

While shooting in Intelligent Auto mode the G100 does a generally excellent occupation of sorting out the thing you are attempting to shoot and changing its settings to coordinate. The face identification makes it especially great for shooting pictures, however, during our experience with the camera, we observed that it was additionally great at distinguishing and naturally exchanging into Landscape mode and Macro mode.

Since the G100 is essentially focused on vloggers and content makers it really must deliver attractive stills regardless of whether the picture taker needs specialized skill, and on that level, the G100 succeeds. The G100 works hard on metering and the out-of-camera JPEGs are by and large very great. The camera empowers clients to alter Raw records in-camera to change settings like white equilibrium, contrast, features, shadows, immersion, and shadows.

There are additionally some JPEG handling modes more likened to cell phone channels. A setting called ‘Clear Retouch’ permits clients to eliminate diverting components from the edge in-camera. In selfie-mode the G100 gives the choice to apply skin smoothing, facial thinning and programmed foundation defocus while shooting, to utilize these settings, make a point to apply them before you hit record – there isn’t a choice to apply them sometime later.

Specs and Elements

Panasonic has for quite some time been an area of strength in the video market and keeping in mind that its spotlight could have been on the more ‘serious’ videographer previously, the G100 has its sights solidly on the vlogging space.

This implies it has a liberal aiding of video-driven specs that are intended to interest YouTubers. Normally, there’s 4K/30p video recording, though with a harvest, but at the same time, there’s a scope of other casing rates and goals.

Lumix G100

There are additionally web-based entertainment cordial specs, similar to a video selfie mode, a virtual entertainment outline marker (to assist you with ensuring you’re building out accurately for your preferred online entertainment organization), and a committed button for moving your recordings and shots straightforwardly to your cell phone prepared for transfer.


While shooting stills the self-adjust on the G100 is great. It’s great at distinguishing appearances and eyes and clutching concentration regardless of whether your subject is moving near.

However, the video self-adjust is an alternate story. The self-adjust in video mode does a ton of diverting center hunting, thumping subjects all through the center with even the smallest developments.

Lumix G100

It’s better when the camera is in vlogging mode and the calculation for following countenances and eyes kicks in. Assuming you are wanting to utilize the camera for catching ‘walk-and-talk’ film and consolidate it with video groupings, that meandering self-adjust will probably be a dealbreaker.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a serious, professional video camera for vloggers and other videographers, then the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G100 is a great choice. The auto focus and pre-shot abilities can make your videos clear and smooth, and the manual control of audio allows you to get over any noisy background.

The compact size of this camera makes it an extremely easy camera to carry around with you. The only real drawback is that it crops 4K video from its 28mm to 37mm lens. If this doesn’t deter you, however, the G100 is a clear winner in the mid-range video camera field.

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