Schlage Sense Smart Lock Review

Shrewd locks are turning out to be progressively well known over the long haul, and for good explanation – when you truly consider it, keys are somewhat dated. They’re effortlessly picked with just the right amount of information and a couple of instruments, in addition, they can be lost.

Fortunately, it seems like even notable lock organizations have understood this – which has led to another age of savvy locks like the Schlage Sense.

The Schlage Sense was sent off a couple of months prior, however from that point forward it has gotten a couple of updates. First of all, it very well may be controlled through Wi-Fi utilizing the Wi-Fi Adapter. Additionally, the lock just got refreshed with Amazon Alexa voice control so you can lock and open the gadget with your voice if you so decide.


Schlage offers the Sense in a variety of varieties and trims — glossy silk nickel, matte dark, or matured bronze. These models are accessible in either the unassuming and clean Century trim or the fancier Camelot trim. The outside part of the lock contains a straightforward keypad contact screen with a customary keyhole beneath.

the unit had the Century trim in nickel, and I found the smooth, brushed metal mixed well with my current stylistic layout. Notwithstanding, I felt that the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt’s exceptionally essential touch screen was demeaned by the white backdrop illumination, however, it made the keypad extremely simple to see, significantly under splendid daylight. The keypad is likewise smeared impervious to keep unapproved access from the individuals who could figure a PIN from smirch designs.

The touch screen incorporates a Schlage button at the highest point of the keypad to enact the backdrop illumination, as well as a mark marker and a red “X” marker. Tragically, as with other Schlage brilliant locks, the inside equipment of the Sense is pointlessly cumbersome.

Everyday use

Whenever everything is set up, the Schlage Sense is very simple to utilize. The lock permits you to lock and open your entryway directly from the application or by utilizing section codes on the keypad. You can quite effectively make and erase codes from the application, which is ideal for those that need to make codes for visitors, for instance.

Remember, however, that you’ll require the Wi-Fi connector to make codes from a distance, as the need might arise to be synchronized to the actual lock and that can’t occur without an association or some likeness thereof – whether it be the lock’s implicit Bluetooth association or a web association with the connector.

In the event that you’re worried about utilizing your telephone only to lock and open your entryway, you can relax, the lock has a keypad on it so you can open it physically while getting back home for the afternoon.

  • Homekit compatible assistant
  • Using Siri, you may issue voice instructions
  • Subtle, stylish, smudge-proof keypad
  • A little heavy
  • No Google integration

Locking the entryway is extremely simple as well. From within, turn the deadbolt. From an external perspective, enter your code to lock the entryway – or set up auto-lock, and the entryway can lock all alone somewhere in the range of 5 to 30 seconds after the entryway is shut.

All things considered, there are a couple of circumstances where the application is really useful: More than once, we’ve gotten into bed just to acknowledge we neglected to lock the entryway – however with the application, we can keep it without getting up by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a pleasant piece of psyche include if nothing else.

Discussing the application, Schlage’s application itself is practical, however, it’s not all that delightful and it requires a little tolerance. Frequently, we opened the application just to find that it expected to reconnect with the lock – however ordinarily inside a couple of moments, it associated fine. Fortunately, you can likewise utilize the Sense through other brilliant home frameworks, such as HomeKit which we’ll go over in the following area.


The establishment of the Schlage Sense was shockingly simple, on account of the direct aide. The initial step was to download the Schlage Sense application on my iPad, from which I had the option to watch an extremely supportive establishment video.

In the same way as other shrewd deadbolts, the Sense can fit entryways of various sizes. The Sense accompanies a discretionary strike-support plate, which makes the lock extra secure; notwithstanding, the directions don’t clarify that this is discretionary, which caused me a touch of disarray.

Schlage Sense door installed

It took me around 20 minutes to introduce the lock and set it up utilizing an iPad. When the lock is turned on, it runs you through a required framework test to ensure everything’s chugging along as expected, which I appreciated. The Sense additionally accompanies two preset codes that you can utilize from the outset.

Schlage Connect

You can set client codes physically on the lock on the off chance that you have no Apple items, however, interfacing the lock with an Apple HomeKit application permits you to get significantly more highlights. To associate with your HomeKit organization, you should check (or physically enter) the HomeKit code that accompanies your deadbolt, and you’re finished.

Smarthome similarity

At the send-off, the Schlage Sense didn’t incorporate a lot of various savvy home frameworks however, from that point forward, it has improved.

First off, it coordinates with HomeKit, which fundamentally intends that assuming that you have an Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod going about as your HomeKit center point, then, at that point, you’ll have the option to control the lock, through the HomeKit application, from a distance – regardless of whether you have the Wi-Fi connector. In that particular situation, your center point will interface with the lock and go about as the connector.

Fortunately, HomeKit isn’t the main assistance that the Sense works with – as of late, Schlage empowered the lock to work with Amazon Alexa, so assuming you need it, you can open and lock the gadget with your voice.

Schlage Sense
Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel

You may be pondering precisely how secure voice opening truly is, however, Schlage has exceeded all expectations to guarantee it functions admirably. You will not simply have the option to advise Alexa to lock and open your entryway – you’ll likewise need to say a PIN each time you use Alexa to control your lock. Naturally, voice control is impaired for security purposes, so you’ll have to empower it. To utilize Alexa, you’ll likewise require a Wi-Fi connector.

As a reference, nonetheless, there are a couple of frameworks the lock doesn’t work with. It doesn’t work with Nest, nor accomplishes its work with Samsung SmartThings or Wink. Protected to say, the lock is an astounding choice assuming you use Homekit or the Amazon Echo. Whatever else, however, you might need to continue to look.


Schlage has for quite some time been known for the quality and security of its items, and the Sense Smart Deadbolt is the same. The Sense was given an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 rating — the most elevated conceivable security rating. Schlage incorporates a discretionary support place with each lock. If you decide, the plate can be introduced before the strike plate for additional security on your deadbolt.

For the situation that somebody attempts to mess with your deadbolt from an external perspective, there is an inherent caution with various responsiveness settings.

Sense Smart Deadbolt

You can set the Sense to blare at whatever point the entryway is opened or shut, and a constrained passage discovery will give an extremely noisy 30-second caution when huge power is applied to the entryway. That’s what I found, even in the most delicate setting, it went on a ton to out the caution.

While finger impression is safe, the Schlage contact screen needs anything like Kwikset’s SecureScreen highlight, which expects you to squeeze two irregular numbers before entering your code, to keep hoodlums from speculating your PIN by analyzing finger impression smircesh.

Central matter

The Schlage Sense is a pleasant lock – however, it’s somewhat flawed. We like the keypad idea, but Sense isn’t the main one to utilize it – it’s appeared on a couple of locks previously, both from Schlage and a couple of different organizations. It’s likewise somewhat massive, as well, and keeping in mind that it looks pretty decent, for certain its cumbersomeness may be a big issue.

On the off chance that you can disregard or look past those minor quirks, in any case, we think the Sense is one of the better shrewd locks out there. It’s not difficult to set up, and keeping in mind that the application isn’t the prettiest, it turns out great and you don’t need to utilize it in the event that you’re a HomeKit client.

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