Vivint Security System Review

Vivint or Vivint Smart Home is a wireless security system of high performance and high synchronization. Which is managed by a touch control panel or through its app on the cell phone, which is why it not only focuses on home security but at the same time makes it a “smart home”. Although it has a variety of services one decides what is the desired focus for the home of this product.


The Vivint Security system is one of the most popular security systems at an international level and despite having a certain cost, it compensates it with the quality of its services and innovation. It manufactures and supervises the line of its products. Which has a wide range, as its doorbell camera that has 180º of vision which allows verifying who is the visitor, the total control of the system through a touch panel that includes the options of emergency numbers (police, 911, etc). A system that even outside the home tracks you in your car and has options in case of any unwanted misfortune on the road such as a robbery.

  • Does not use wiring and installation service is free.
  • It has the option to use contract or not (if not canceled in installments).
  • Can be monitored anywhere via our smartphone.
  • You can track the location of your car through the Car Guard system.
  • Vehicle travel history.
  • Security cameras have loud noises in case of any intruder break-in.
  • Own App and synchronization with Alexa and Google.

Plans and Price

The Vivint security system is rather expensive because it includes more sophisticated equipment than most of its rivals. The installation charge and subscription fees are also substantial, but you get what you pay for: top-quality protection that will keep your home safe from harm.

If you’re looking for an affordable security system that will suit the needs of your small business, then this is it! The starting price starts at $599 with all equipment included. There’s also one monthly subscription fee ($54) and installation costs are flat too – so no surprises come contract time around when everything has been set up already by professionals who know what they’re doing (literally).

You don’t have to worry about being locked out because these guys make sure doors stay unlocked 24/7 365 days per year while maintaining excellent service records in case any problems arise outside regular working hours or on weekends if needed due to remotely controlled access systems plus Z.

Vivint offers a month-to-month subscription as an alternative to long contracts, but only if the equipment is purchased upfront rather than financed. One cost you might not have thought of is their ‘moving expense’ where they will charge $129 for reinstalling their system at your new address.

Smart Home Security
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Vivint is a company that provides monitored security services to 11,000 people across North America. The team works 24/7 and has been in operation since 2013 with an average response time of just 45 minutes from the moment you call until someone arrives at your door.

Vivint’s emergency response team is prepared to respond quickly and professionally in order for you, the customer-triggered alarm system user or key holder; even if there are no phone lines available at your property.

Vivint offers free quotes to see how much you can afford. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of packages that suit your needs, whether it’s just remote access for security setup and smoke/CO2 monitoring with two-way audio support or all the way up through professional monitoring at an affordable price point.

Video monitoring and storage packages start at just $45 per month for one camera, but you can get up to six cameras with an unlimited plan. The price increases by $5 for each additional monitor in order of number installed after the first 6 total devices are connected simultaneously onto your account so be sure not to miss any activity.

  • Wide range of products
  • 24/7 monitoring with award-winning service
  • Enhanced security that you can customize to fit your needs
  • You have to pay for every installation

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