Xiaomi Black Shark 3 review

Whether you’re searching for a device to play multiplayer games on, the Black Shark 3 is a good choice, since its technology and software interact well together to provide a satisfying gaming experience.

It’s also decent for photography, albeit not as excellent as specialist phone cameras. However, because it is large and has a very bold appearance, it may turn off certain people.

Truly high-end specs? Check. A sticker price that is lower than different gadgets with comparable specs? Check. Shockingly great camera? Check. Is a working framework loaded with bloatware with a couple of large issues? No – and that is one element we’re glad to find is absent.

Black Shark has recently minimized its relationship with Xiaomi, however, that appears to be more a PR position than an impression of any split between the organizations. The Black Shark 3 is a Xiaomi telephone in the most ideal way conceivable, and there’s a ton to like about it – assuming you’re a devoted portable gamer, that is.

The Black Shark 3 is an incredible telephone for the portable gamer: between its top-end processor, gobs of RAM, enormous game launcher screen, and application that uses enhancements to increase execution, people who end up investing most of their phone energy playing Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile and other similar titles will be more than happy with who they are.

It comes in dark or chrome tones, its back is molded like an enormous ‘X’ decorated with LED pronunciations, and when you enact the committed Shark Space mode for upgraded gaming execution a gigantic shark shows up on your screen – so in the event that you’re not a significant versatile gamer, or you are nevertheless you just have no desire to promote reality to the world, you probably won’t care in general.

We were likewise intrigued by the Black Shark 3’s camera capacities – we got the telephone anticipating that it should be really great for gaming, yet we were floored by how it was additionally really great for photography.

It can’t contend with the best camera telephones out there, however, it doesn’t miss the mark, because of energetic pictures, smart self-adjust, precise foundation obscure impacts for representations, and brilliant enhancements; simply a disgrace there’s no zooming focal point or committed large scale mode.

While the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 is certainly worth looking at, we’d be neglectful on the by chance we did not refer to its contemporary, the Nubia Red Magic 5G.

That gaming telephone has fundamentally the same specs yet it’s different in two key ways: it has a 144Hz max screen revive rate, much preferred for gaming over the Black Shark’s limit of 90Hz, and in many districts, it’s likewise a piece less expensive.

Cost and Availability

There are two Black Shark 3 delivery dates as the two models, separated by RAM and extra room, were released at various times in June 2020, with the Black Shark 3 Pro available throughout the year.

In the event that you need the Black Shark 3 with 8GB RAM and 128GB stockpiling, you’ll be paying $599. The 12GB RAM and 256GB rendition of the telephone costs $729.The phone is available in dark or dark variants but the app is not accessible in the 12GB/256GB combination, so in the event that you need this specced-up form you’ll need to purchase a dark telephone.

Black Shark 3
You won’t find a better phone for mobile gamers than this one.

There is a scope of discretionary additional peripherals you can purchase to add to your Black Shark 3: the FunCooler and FunCooler Pro are gadgets you join to your gadget to keep it cool while you’re gaming, and there’s likewise an attractive charging link which allows you to pick up the phone without going through the USBC port (preferring it later), a left joystick for the gadget(however not a right one, inquisitively), in addition to different cases, earphones, and the sky is the limit from there.

Every one of these will impair you a piece, albeit something like non-Black Shark reciprocals.

Device Design

Black shark 3

The Black Shark 3 is a rugged phone, so keep it away in case you’re searching for something minimal that you can undoubtedly heft around in a pocket.

It estimates 168.7 x 77.3 x 10. 4 mm, so it is perhaps the thickest phone on the market, as well as the highest, so fortunately two or three millimeters. At 222gr it is also possibly the heaviest laptop. Either way, it falls short of the much larger Pro model, so it’s not the best phablet you can buy.

Obviously, a telephone this huge can be somewhat difficult to convey about. The telephone is likewise somewhat difficult to hold one-gave, except if you have huge hands, with the power button out of simple reach for instance.

On the left edge of the telephone is the volume rocker; on the right side, at the extremely top – and very inaccessible with zero traces of manual reorganization is the power button, and at the base exceptionally there is the switch to enter Shark Space, which we’ll take a gander at exhaustively in the Software segment of this survey. On the base is the USB-C port, and on the top is a 3.5mm earphone jack.

  • Relatively inexpensive for the specifications
  • Cameras have a surprising amount of power.
  • Shark Space is a fantastic place to play games.
  • Aesthetics may be contentious.
  • Will be too large for certain people’s hands
  • The refresh rate is lagging behind the competitors

There’s an in-screen finger impression scanner here as well, and (dissimilar to the power button) this feels like it ought to be quite simple to go after the vast majority. The edges of the phone aren’t fitted like most phones, but they are cheeky, meeting on an edge that runs around the center of the handset. It’s not exactly hard to hold, but a snug edge gadget can feel improved in many people’s hands.

As referenced, the back of the telephone has the particular ‘X’ shape, which is a development of the plan we’ve seen on the rear of past Black Shark telephones. A three-sided camera knock projects somewhat from the upper piece of this plan, lodging the three focal points and blaze in a fairly unpretentious manner, while an identical representation knock at the lower part of the telephone houses an attractive pin for a charging fringe you can purchase independently (to a greater degree toward that in the Charging segment).

The Black Shark 3’s back likewise sports three LEDs – two little ones at the foot of the camera knock and the highest point of the lower knock, and a bigger one housed in the Black Shark logo. You can allocate various capacities to these – for instance, they can illuminate red when the telephone is charging, or streak green and blue while you’re gaming.

Device Display

The Black Shark 3 has a genuinely huge presentation – as a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen it’s on the enormous side (even in 2020, when we’ve seen various palm-extending telephones), yet is predominated by its 7.1-inch Pro kin.

The screen resolution is 1080 x 2400 (or 2K), so it looks amazing even if it doesn’t quite reach the 2.5K resolution of certain non-gaming phones like the Galaxy S20 and Oppo Find X2. The colors look punchy, which is perfect for the many games that depend on a splendid workmanship style, despite the fact that we felt the maximum screen splendor was somewhat low.

The Black Shark 3 has a maximum screen revive pace of 90Hz, which you can tone down to 60Hz to save battery on the off chance that you need it. This is a little slower than the 120Hz a few telephones have, and undeniably lower than the 144Hz of the Nubia Red Magic 5G, so individuals needing the super-smooth looking over the experience that high revive rates bring might need to look somewhere else.

Saying that, not all games really let you use super-high revive rates in any significant manner right now, your gaming experience may be hampered assuming you’re playing the games that help 144Hz or 120Hz.


The Black Shark 3 has a 64MP f/1.8 primary camera, which is cooperated with 13MP f/2.3 super wide and 5MP f/2.2 profundity detecting snappers. As we’ve referenced, we were really intrigued with the photos we took on the telephone, considering this isn’t a handset that is planned with photography as its primary concentration, however, it seems OK given we were likewise dazzled by pictures taken on the Black Shark 2.

Black shark 3 camera

It was somewhat more earnest to zoom, as when you squeeze your fingers no zoom bar seems to assist you with changing the zoom setting – you simply need to trust you can get the right degree of zoom with your fingers. Comparably there’s a virtual button in the camera application for utilizing the super-wide camera, you don’t simply squeeze your fingers to enact it like on each and every other gadget, and this took a little becoming accustomed to.

Device Performance

The telephone has a Snapdragon 865 processor from Qualcomm, which at the hour of delivery (and possible until 2021) is the best chipset accessible to Android telephones, and which you’ll likewise track down in every one of the top telephones of the year. It’s matched with 8GB RAM in the rendition of the telephone we tried for the survey – and referenced, there’s likewise a 12GB variant accessible.

At the point when we put the telephone through a multi-center benchmark test, it returned a score of 3042. That places it simply a hair over the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, which scored 3034, and just beneath the Sony Xperia 1 II at 3085, however perceptibly underneath the Pixel 6 at 3998 and iPhone 11 Pro at 3424.

In spite of the Black Shark 3 not giving the best handling power among current telephones, that is as yet a decent score, and the telephone is bounty strong enough for gaming.

While messing around on the telephone – and particularly in the Shark Space mode, which we’ll get to – games rushed to stack and consistently defaulted to the most elevated design settings, and we seldom experienced issues with even the most requesting games.

Shark Space gaming mode

Shark Space contains a merry-go-round of all your introduced games, so you can undoubtedly pick what you need to play and boot it up, and the mode has a scope of settings that you can conform to improve your interactivity. You can decide to auto-reject calls, conceal notices, and change various settings to more readily enhance the telephone for gaming.

While utilizing Shark Space, gaming truly improves – we saw that the telephone’s battery endured longer gaming when we utilized the gaming mode than if we didn’t, not having warnings continually disrupting everything was helpful, and the mode allows you effectively to plan controls assuming that you’re utilizing a gamepad fringe.

Battery duration

The Black Shark 3 has a 4,720mAh battery – we’d say around 4,500mAh is run of the mill for a telephone of this size, albeit maybe portable gamers could need a touch more squeeze.

We were dazzled with the battery execution for normal ordinary use – so a considerable measure of music streaming, customary virtual entertainment checking, and a few gaming to a great extent. Beginning from full, we finished most days with around 30% charge left – and on one day we had a full half left – so we’d see this telephone enduring you well into a subsequent day in the event that you’re not utilizing it habitually.

Final Thoughts

Black shark 3

The Black Shark 3 is a great phone for gamers. It’s designed with gaming in mind, and the software and hardware work together well to provide an excellent experience. If you’re looking for a phone that’s tailored specifically for gaming, the Black Shark 3 is the best option available right now. So go ahead and order yours today – you won’t be disappointed!

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