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The name Atlas VPN has been ringing since mid-2019 – the extended time of its send-off – it is genuinely youthful programming. Nonetheless, its presentation has been compared to the longest-lived ones. This is sanctioned by Atlas VPN surveys, many concur in confirming: that “it is quick and productive and has unbelievable elements”. It ought to be noticed that AtlasVPN offers a free variant and a paid rendition, so it won’t be an issue if you don’t have the right spending plan.

Atlas VPN is one of the most remarkable virtual confidential organization administrations available. Its principal objective is to lay out the greatest insurance against the unavoidable risks of the Internet. Atlas VPN’s emphasis on giving limitless organization association isn’t forgotten about.

While alluding to AtlasVPN, it is worth focusing on its usability, and the security plans it utilizations to keep the Internet client’s exercises completely safeguarded.
Furthermore, a stroll through the Atlas VPN surveys uncovers a scene of fulfilled clients. In addition to other things, they enlist this VPN administration for its quality, dependability, client care, and activity. Here is our perspective on the supplier.

How can it function?

AtlasVPN is important for Nord Security, which further ensures its believability. Presently, the brand has more than 6 million endorsers around the world. To some extent, the ascent of AtlasVPN is because of its 750 servers dispersed in 37 areas (for the Premium rendition).

Added to this is the network protection in WireGuard, Kill Switch. SafeSwap and Tracker Blocker.
An additional point for this supplier is the presence of free Atlas VPN, accessible for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

The impediment is that Atlas VPN free is just for servers in the United States (New York and Los Angeles), and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). The free help is safeguarded with similar security conventions. There are Atlas VPN surveys that banter the shortfall of limitless information, guaranteeing that “it was quite possibly of its most noteworthy strength”.


  • SafeSwap
  • Tracker Blocker
  • Part Tunneling
  • IP Leak Protection
  • Confidential DNS
  • Information Breach Monitor
  • Off button

Inventive Features

Atlas VPN Netflix

VPN Atlas is very adaptable. The free VPN permits admittance to the programming that the stage has for the Netherlands and the United States. While the paid rendition gives way to different indexes of Netflix web-based features (Spain, Japan, India, Poland). The download speed in this mode is unrivaled. Albeit some Atlas VPNs express that they can’t change IP addresses “because of the abuse that numerous clients make of them”.


In the Atlas VPN region, VPN works and subtleties are the conceivable outcomes of downloading deluges in complete namelessness. Every client should remember the regulations that safeguard copyright. As far as speed, they are quick and secure, particularly with the Premium arrangement. Then again, the Atlas VPN surveys settle on the absence of SOCKS5 backing and port sending.


Atlas VPN has servers situated in Hong Kong, yet the network might be restricted. This is basically because the Chinese government is progressively reinforcing its firewall to keep VPNs from getting to its substance on the organization.

Computer games

Atlas VPN’s strong security is great for playing computer games. It is prescribed to associate with neighboring servers to keep idleness low and get information on time.
Atlas VPN for PC works without a hitch. It presents a straightforward and easy-to-understand interface. A fledgling will experience no difficulty adjusting to its structure. Although it is like a portable application, certain elements are absent, like observing to safeguard information.

WireGuard Protocol

Atlas VPN utilizes the top-tier WireGuard® convention to guarantee smooth and secure streaming, gaming, and generally speaking perusing experience.
Block malware and advertisements
Map book VPN blocks sites and advertisements referred to have malevolent substance, for example, phishing, malware, or infection appropriation locals.


Our SafeSwap servers permit you to get to the Internet from numerous IP addresses on the double, further reinforcing your web-based obscurity.

Part burrowing

Part burrowing assists you with keeping significant information safeguarded without losing admittance to neighborhood organizations and administrations.

Tracker Blocker

Our wonderful Tracker Blocker highlight keeps outsider trackers from gathering data about your web-based exercises.


MultiHop+ permits you to burrow your association through various pivoting VPN areas, safeguarding your web-based traffic behind numerous layers of encryption.


Atlas VPN

The execution is finished in three straightforward advances. The main thing is to download the application, then the client continues to turn on the VPN and arrange it with his preferred server. With this, everything is all set to the URL of the decision.


Atlas VPN’s free no-enrollment required plan gives you a simple method for evaluating the help, yet for certain limitations.

The Mac application has an incredibly liberal 2GB everyday information limit. The Windows free arrangement currently has a 10GB every month information limit, supplanting the past 400MB per day. That is somewhat less generally speaking (12GB versus 10GB), yet in addition undeniably more adaptable, as you’re presently ready to have extended perusing or streaming meetings assuming you like.

The free arrangement just backings three areas: Amsterdam, New York, and Los Angeles. That is not awful and beats the free contest in certain areas.
Avira’s Phantom VPN restricts you to 500MB every month, for example. Avast One’s VPN has a liberal 5GB every week information recompense yet doesn’t uphold evolving areas. ProtonVPN’s free contribution wins out for its limitless information and 12 areas.

Picking a paid arrangement drops the information and area limits. Costs start at a normal of $9.99 for a month-to-month billing ($10.99 on recharging), and you can pay via card, PayPal, and Google Pay. Move up to a yearly record and the value drops to $3.29 every month, while the three-year plan is simply $1.99 per month. (OK, it changes to the yearly arrangement and $3.29 a month on recharging, yet that seems to be a fair setup to us).
Unrealistic? We’ll check that later, however assuming that you join and are despondent, you’re safeguarded by a 30-day unconditional promise.

However, be careful: designs naturally restore when you join, and it’s impossible to change this or drop your record from the control board. You should email support and request help.

  • 10.99 for a month-to-month VPN Atlas.
  • The yearly membership costs $3.95 each month. So AtlasVPN saves 64% of the first expense.
  • The 3-year AtlasVPN plan costs $1.99 each month, saving 82%.

It is essential to bring up that AtlasVPN’s paid offers have a three-day free preliminary, which is exceptionally esteemed among Atlas VPN surveys. You can now begin involving Atlas VPN free of charge by downloading it from your working framework’s web-based store.

Benefits and weaknesses

  • Quick
  • Secure
  • Off button
  • Over 700 servers
  • Doesn’t work in China

Social Media

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Atlas is a VPN that we suggest for certain explanations: as we have seen, it is generally excellent for certain purposes and not very great for other people, contingent upon your necessities.

The help is youthful, and it is great according to a security perspective, however, it doesn’t offer an enormous number of servers, and the high-level setup is exceptionally restricted. On account of the extremely low value, the incentive for cash is still great.
Our rating for Atlas is 7/10


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