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ZenMate is a VPN (virtual private network) program. At the point when you run ZenMate VPN, you interface with a safe server in a distant area, and every one of your information is scrambled with military-grade innovation.

ZenMate is a modest VPN administration that offers three items: a free VPN program expansion, a paid extra (Pro), and full VPN programming for all gadgets (Ultimate).

Every one of the three items is protected to utilize, and the VPN programming gives a decent degree of safety and security. Nonetheless, ZenMate gives nothing but to its clients.

For this ZenMate survey, we tried every one of the VPN’s applications and augmentations for speed, security, protection, streaming, and torrenting capacities.

In our tests, we confirmed the VPN utilizes exclusive expectation AES-256 encryption and doesn’t spill IP and DNS qualifications. The VPN won’t record your web activity, yet its protection strategy is dubious.

Notwithstanding having a huge server organization, ZenMate’s typical rates were fair and especially poor interfacing with far-away servers.
The VPN’s streaming-upgraded servers were sometimes all good, sometimes not so good, and didn’t necessarily in all cases unblock streaming sites. Having said that, our new streaming tests show ZenMate works with US Netflix.

ZenMate has decided to focus on convenience and an incentive for your cash over execution and high-level functionalities.

While its serious sticker price will engage a few clients, ZenMate needs to work on its product before it can rival the absolute best VPN administrations.

How can it function?

In the present times, when everything we might do online is being followed by government offices and Internet specialist organizations, the best way to remain secure and mysterious while interfacing with the Internet on a Linux gadget is with a solid and believed VPN administration.

ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN for Linux is a solid instrument, utilized by north of 43 million clients around the world. Use ZenMate VPN for Linux to partake in the Internet namelessly in a hurry. To utilize ZenMate on a Linux gadget, you should introduce an OpenVPN client.
All ZenMate VPN servers offer limitless transmission capacity and super quick paces.

Safeguard your security

You hear it constantly: it’s watching you (envision a horrid science fiction soundtrack, please). The Internet has transformed the cutting-edge world into an Orwellian oppressed world and online secrecy is a fantasy, best-case scenario.

Government organizations and ISPs gather your data, and publicists and programmers are sneaking around on you – however, you can retaliate and safeguard your protection with ZenMate for Linux! Interfacing your gadget with our ZenMate VPN servers resembles strolling around the web with an originator intangibility shroud. ZenMate guarantees that your confidential information stays private.


  • Limitless number of gadgets
  • 256-digit progressed encryption (AES)
  • Power off switch
  • Conceal your IP
  • Servers
  • No logs

Imaginative highlights

Streaming and torrenting with ZenMate

Following the blast in the utilization of cheap VPNs, the most popular streaming stages like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Disney+ have gone rogue, making progressively troublesome limitations for VPN clients to bypass. There are just a predetermined number of VPN administrations that dependably unblock the most well-known streaming stages.
In the wake of testing ZenMate’s administrations, we found that it works immaculately on both Netflix and YouTube. We had the option to get to US Billboard content and view it without inordinate burden times.

Be that as it may, ZenMate didn’t function too with content from Prime Video or BBC iPlayer, who have taken a stricter line on access for VPN clients lately. To get to these stages utilizing a VPN, we suggest you access our rundown of the best VPNs to find the one that unblocks your #1 real-time feature.

Concerning torrenting, most ZenMate servers are enhanced for P2P traffic and work proficiently and rapidly. While it is the case that past the devoted servers, there are no extra P2P-centered highlights.

Utilizing ZenMate to see YouTube

For a long time now, YouTube has had a significant presence in our lives. Somewhat, it has supplanted TV, as it permits you to observe a wide range of content, like music recordings, instructional exercises, satire recordings, or watch well-known YouTubers.
Notwithstanding, there are times when we can’t get to the YouTube content we need, either because we are found abroad or because we are in a spot that blocks access, like an everyday schedule.

Luckily, there is a simple method for watching YouTube from any place on the planet, and that is by utilizing a VPN. ZenMate is an incredible choice for this reason, as it permits you to conceal your IP address. Along these lines, you can get to any site, including YouTube, paying little heed to where you are found.


This VPN offers three well-known conventions: IKEv2, L2TP, and OpenVPN. The application deals with practically all the design, with negligible client intercession.
The encryption it utilizes is 256-bit AES, which is the most dependable convention that anyone could hope to find. In any case, we ought to refer to that the program augmentations presented by ZenMate just utilize 128-digit AES encryption. The explanation, most likely, is the compromise between security and speed, as 256-digit AES is safer, yet decodes all the more leisurely.

Information spillage

ZenMate VPN isn’t known to have had any significant information spillage occurrences. With its programmed switch and DNS, spill security includes, this is one of the most incredible VPNs with regards to shielding our internet-based protection.
It likewise helps that the VPN incorporates extra paid highlights, not accessible in the free variant. These incorporate malware obstructing and hostile to following insurance augmentations.


– Month-to-month cost: 10,99 €.
– Time for testing (discount): 30 days
– Free help is likewise accessible

Benefits and detriments

  • Limitless gadget security: With a solitary membership, we can utilize ZenMate on however many gadgets we need.
  • Phenomenal security: ZenMate offers all the central security highlights (OpenVPN, 256-bit AES, auto-switch, spill obstructing, promotion impeding) to guard our information.
  • No logs: ZenMate upholds an exceptionally clear zero-logging strategy and doesn’t follow us on the web.
  • Servers in 74 nations: ZenMate has 3,600 servers in 74 nations all over the planet.
  • Viable with all gadgets: ZenMate offers applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.
  • Devoted fast servers for deluges (P2P) and US Netflix.
  • Arrangement choices: ZenMate isn’t so adjustable as a portion of the top-notch VPNs, like CyberGhost.
  • Be that as it may, it offers a lot of choices for the vast majority, all things considered.

General assessment

ZenMate is a VPN situated in Germany that offers a phenomenal incentive for cash. It is quick, secure, and desirous of our protection. Furthermore, since it permits us to safeguard a limitless number of gadgets with a solitary membership, it’s an incredible choice to impart to loved ones. That is the reason we suggest this VPN as truly outstanding in its class, giving it a 9/10 rating.

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