Nest x Yale Smartlock Review

The $249 lock is a cooperative exertion among Nest and Yale, also Nest’s initial introduction to shrewd locks. Add it to the extensive rundown of other Nest items: the new Nest Hello doorbell, Nest Secure caution framework, Nest indoor regulators, and Nest cameras, and there’s presently a whole shrewd home item suite under one brand.

With Yale’s strong line of savvy lock equipment and the product family of Nest, this lock is great for anybody who’s as of now become involved with the Nest biological system.

The savvy home is improving. Gone are the days when claiming a savvy home implied possessing a couple of Wi-Fi-associated lights and maybe an Amazon Echo.

Nowadays, there are gadgets that can genuinely make the home more intelligent and offer another degree of comfort to clients. Like, for instance, the new Nest x Yale savvy lock: one that lives in the superior universe of Nest and provides you with a lot of additional command over your home’s security.

Design and setup

Home items have consistently put an accentuation on the plan, and the Nest x Yale lock is no special case for that standard. The lock is smooth, smart, and extremely tasteful.

At the point when you initially get the lock, you’ll need to introduce it; fortunately, this shouldn’t bring you an excessive amount of hardship. You’ll download the Nest application from either the Google Play Store or App Store, and when you have a record, essentially head to settings and press “Add item”, find the Nest x Yale lock, and adhere to the directions. Home has remembered a video for how to introduce the lock, making it much more straightforward than it in any case would be. We suggest saving no less than 15-30 minutes to introduce, however, contingent upon your experience it might require pretty much investment.

Like a few other savvy locks, the Nest x Yale lock includes a keypad outwardly, permitting you to rapidly and effectively open your entryway without the requirement for a key.

While purchasing the Nest x Yale lock, you’ll have the choice of either getting it regardless of the Nest Connect. We suggest spending the $30 extra for this: it’ll interface your lock to the web and permit you to control it from a distance, implying that you can lock and open your home from far off, as well as add access codes. That really intends that in the event that somebody, similar to a circuit tester, requirements to get to your home after all other options have been exhausted, you can add an entrance code from work, permitting them to get in, then eliminate the entrance code when they’re finished.

The Nest x Yale lock is somewhat more smoothed out than, for instance, the Schlage Sense, however within a piece of the lock is still somewhat cumbersome. It’s not really a lot of an issue here – – it actually looks very great, and it’ll fit comfortably in many houses.

As a rule, the Nest x Yale lock is really simple to set up and very much planned. It’s likewise accessible in a couple of varieties – – Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Brass – – so regardless of what your style is, you ought to track down something that fits.

Similitude and installation

The Nest x Yale Lock replaces your current deadbolt. Like the Yale Assure SL Touchscreen Deadbolt we tried last year, the Nest x Yale Lock keeps Yale’s keyless savvy lock styling and comes in cleaned metal, oil-scoured bronze, or silk nickel. Likewise like other Yale models, it accompanies point-by-point printed guidelines and a supportive application called Bilt to walk you through the establishment interaction.

Nest x Yale Lock

It’s critical to be certain your entryway is viable before you purchase any lock. With the Nest x Yale Lock, most wood, metal, and fiberglass entryways will be fine. In any case, the lock isn’t expected for sliding entryways, glass entryways, Mortise locks, or multipoint locks. The backset of your entryway additionally matters. This is the distance between the edge of your entryway and the focal point of the opening for your deadbolt. Assuming your deadbolt is more than 2.75 inches away from the edge of your entryway, it isn’t viable with this lock.

The establishment cycle was really clear and I especially like introducing some other brilliant locks. Join the front plate of the lock, interface its link to the receptor on the inside piece of the lock, introduce that part, and add the batteries. You’ll hear a welcome message from the speaker on the lock, trailed by a brief to enter an expert code. You’ll likewise align the entryway by shutting it while opened, permitting the deadbolt to test its mechanized locking. In the event that your entryway takes a little push or a power to close totally, you might have issues introducing another lock.

  • Great designed
  • Excellent app
  • Simple to use
  • Small integration of smart homes
  • Expensive

I’d suggest addressing any entryway pivot or casing issues preceding lock establishment. When the expert code and adjustment are finished, you’ll adhere to guidelines in the Nest application to associate it with your current Nest items.

Customization choices for this lock are almost indistinguishable from the choices accessible in other Yale locks. You can change the speaker volume and language, as well as make and alter password settings from the actual keypad or through the Nest application. There’s likewise an auto relock choice you can empower from the keypad or the application.

Everyday use

When set up, the Nest x Yale lock is extremely simple to utilize, which is a significant variable to consider. From within, you have a couple of choices: you can turn the deadbolt, similar to a typical lock, or utilize the application to lock and open your entryway.

In everyday use, the application works like a fantasy. Home has invested some parcel of energy into its product, and it shows. Assuming you as of now have other Nest items, the lock will appear in the baseline of gadgets – – and one tap will take you directly to controls for the lock, where you’ll have the option to lock or open your entryway, set up new codes, etc. You can likewise set the lock to “protection mode,” which debilitates the keypad and powers clients to utilize the application, and really take a look at the historical backdrop of the lock’s utilization.

Nest x Yale Lock pass code

From an external perspective, you can by and by decide to utilize the application or the keypad on the facade of the lock. The keypad is not difficult to utilize, however, there isn’t a lot of criticism that you’ve squeezed a button, particularly assuming you handicap sounds, as I have. As such, you won’t be aware in the event that you’ve squeezed a key until the code either works or it doesn’t. We would have preferred Nest to incorporate a little haptic criticism engine, or something almost identical – – it would have had a major effect on the experience of utilizing the lock.

In any case, locking or opening the entryway is exceptionally simple to do. With “one-contact locking” empowered, you should simply press the Yale logo to lock your entryway. To open it, you’ll press the logo, after which the number cushion will illuminate. Then, at that point, you’ll enter your code, press the “√” button, and the entryway ought to open. Simple. You can likewise set the lock to lock consequently after a pre-characterized time span – – which can be useful for the people who frequently neglect to lock their entryway around evening time.

Battery alarms

The Nest x Yale Lock utilizes four standard AA basic batteries. At the point when batteries start to get low, the Nest application sends an alarm. Red, the low battery light will likewise show on the lock’s keypad, as well as a discernible ready while utilizing the keypad.

Nest x Yale Lock keyless

Assuming you disregard those underlying admonitions (like the greater part of us do), you’ll be told again when your batteries are fundamentally low. In the event that your batteries do kick the bucket, the lock remembers terminals for the base where you can interface a 9V soluble battery for crisis access. You can then enter your password and open the entryway.

Home innovation

The Nest x Yale Lock doesn’t associate straightforwardly with Wi-Fi. All things considered, it utilizes Weave, Nest’s innovation for remote brilliant home correspondence. The Nest Connect or Nest Guard units associate with your Wi-Fi organization, permitting your lock to speak with the Nest administration in the cloud and the Nest application on your iOS or Android gadget. That implies you’ll require either a Nest Connect module for the Wi-Fi network or a Nest Guard (the Nest Secure framework keypad) for remote admittance to your lock.

Utilizing an extra module, for example, the Nest Connect to empower remote access is normal among brilliant lock creators. Both Kwikset and August have their own forms.

On the off chance that you purchase the Nest x Yale Lock at a significant retailer, for example, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, or Lowe’s, the Nest Connect is remembered for a packaged bundle for $279. Assuming you buy the Nest Connect independently, it will cost you $69, making that group a very decent arrangement. Assuming you purchase the Nest x Yale lock on Nest’s site, you’ll have the choice to purchase just the lock for $249. In the event that you currently own a Nest Guard, there’s not a great explanation to buy Nest Connect.

One of the additional intriguing highlights of this lock is its capacity to work with the Nest Secure caution framework. In principle, you can empower a choice in the Nest application to incapacitate your alert when your entryway is opened. We couldn’t test this component out right now, as it is a product update yet to carry out to each purchaser completely.

Smarthome similarity

The home incorporates very well with no other brilliant home frameworks: assuming you use HomeKit, SmartThings, Wink, or different frameworks, you’ll generally be in a tough situation. While Nest overall plays pretty pleasantly with Google Assistant, the Nest x Yale lock doesn’t yet uphold it – – however, Nest has reported that you can before long utilize Assistant to really take a look at the situation with your endlessly lock the entryway. You can not utilize Google Assistant to open your entryway, essentially, for the time being, however, we trust the element is approaching. Schlage and Amazon have worked out a framework that includes the client talking their PIN code, and we feel that is a brilliant method for empowering voice support while likewise holding the security.

Nest x Yale Lock app

Regardless, assuming you’re an energetic Nest client and favor Google Assistant over other brilliant collaborators, then, at that point, the Nest x Yale lock is an astounding choice. Others, in any case, might need to look somewhere else.


The Nest x Yale lock is maybe the absolute best brilliant lock available – however just for a select gathering: those that utilize Nest or those that are able to. In the event that you’re a HomeKit client, or a client of pretty much some other shrewd home framework, you’ll need to either be fine with the lock not working with your different items or decide on another lock along

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