Private Internet Access VPN Review

Private Internet Access or PIA as it is known by many users worldwide offers an excellent VPN service with network connections in 78 countries across six continents. The NextGen Network has over 3 thousand servers to provide you peace of mind while browsing securely through our secure connection.

The new NextGen servers from PIA are not just about increasing speeds. The faster network hardware, better 10Gbps cards instead of 1 Gbit/second used before; support for WireGuard and OpenVPN so you can access this VPN via apps such as Windows or macOS among others – browser-based solutions too.

With PIA you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously which is twice the allowance offered by many VPNs. The extra features range from simple ones like built-in blocking for ads and trackers on websites, all way down through more technical offerings such as enabling port forwarding or changing your encryption settings according to specific needs that may arise while using certain apps like Netflix US Fanatically.


There are tons of ways to protect yourself online, and PIA offers some great options with its apps. For instance, they have OpenVPN that uses AES-128 by default but you can change it quickly in just one or two clicks! You’ll also find local ports for your preferred method (TCP/UDP), switching from WireGuard if desired as well–and lastly DNS privacy thanks again private internet access’s own servers which reduce any chance at leaks when using public WiFi networks.

PIA’s desktop apps come with an option to send anonymous connection data back in order for them to improve the product. However, this feature can be turned on only if you go into settings and select ‘Help Improve PIA’ from there.


We start by installing PIA’s latest Windows 10 app on systems in each location-a UK data center and USned connects them using an optimal bandwidth test for their current situation (1Gbps). Next, We run a few speed tests from websites like SpeedTest or nPerf as well as more specialized ones such as exactly what kind of service offerings they provide so people know whether these options suit them before making any decisions about purchasing.

We reached 430Mbps when we switched to WireGuard, which is in the same area as companies like Surfshark and Windscribe. But their speeds couldn’t match CyberGhost’s 760-860 Mbps or IPVanish at 750 – 900+ Mbps.

  • New features with any update
  • Unblock famous streaming platform
  • Excellent Kill switch
  • Low speed in some locations
  • User issue with some DNS’s


The PIA servers work around the clock to ensure that you have a strong connection at all times. They’re available in 80+ countries, making it easier than ever before for people living outside your local area or continent not just limited by where they are located.

Streaming & Torrenting

Testing Private Internet Access’s ability to unblock websites and streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or BBC iPlayer we attempted access from two different locations: one where they offer Streaming Optimized bandwidth for faster speeds than normal streamed video content provides; another which is optimized specifically with regard towards viewing TV shows on their own device instead – known as LiveTV mode.

Using this feature allows viewers who have limited data plans because it only uses up about 3GB per hour when watching movies (or 1GB each if you’re not downloading any other apps).

Private Internet Access Plan
New interesting features

Customer Support

The Private Internet Access Support Center is here to help you with any of your tech needs. With articles covering troubleshooting, account problems, and more they are always available when needed most. Now PIA also offers live chat support as well as email correspondence so no matter what problem arises it will be solved quickly by one person who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Ease of use

The Private Internet Access team has done an excellent job creating OpenVPN configuration files that are easy for users to use and understand. They have included features like the ‘best location’ button, which will automatically connect you with your most reliable server based on what country or city they’re in; while also providing compression dates so it’s easier than ever before setting up multiple third-party apps simultaneously without any confusion.


Private Internet Access is a great option for those who want to protect their privacy and security while they browse the web. The monthly plan costs only $9, which provides you with an excellent value! If this doesn’t suit your needs or budget then consider checking out our annual plans – priced low at just 33 cents per day (or less than one dollar annually).


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