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Surfshark has one of the best value introductory deals around, with 3200+ servers distributed across 160 locations in 65 countries. They run almost everywhere and come packed full ol’ fashioned features that make your online life more secure, like protection against data caps or mandatory browser filters.

With all the technical essentials covered, it’s no wonder that this service is excellent. You’ll find strong AES-256 encryption with WireGuard and OpenVPN support as well IKEv2 for bypassing VPN blocking when you need to get around firewalls at school or work – not even kill switches are left behind.


Surfshark provides its users with a high level of privacy and security by using the latest in encryption technology. They also provide an unmatched level of anonymity through multiple layers such as double VPN connections that make it nearly impossible for anyone to identify you from your browsing history or tracks.

Surfshark is committed to protecting your privacy and wants you to know that they only collect the information necessary for completing orders or providing customer service. They DO NOT sell this data apart from maintaining an online shop, so there’s nobody else who has access beside them.


We explored Surfshark’s performance with two separate test locations: one in the US and another on UK soil.

The first location was linked to a 1Gbps connection while we measured download speeds from 50-200Mbps during testing; however, due to lackluster OpenVPN performance (170Mbps), this meant there were some limited scopes for comparison across various providers who offer similar features but varying levels of service quality when it comes down actually making use thereof – which explains why most top VPNs currently reach 150+ Mbps despite having more bandwidth available than what is needed by average Internet users today.

  • Secure and private browsing
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Impressive security features
  • Unblocks geo-restricted content
  • Unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Switch Issue
  • Speed bellow the averege


You can assume a variety of different identities with the fourteen routes available. The first server is your initial connection, and it includes US-based servers as well other countries like Canada or UK to name just some.

You’ll also appear differently on these virtual paths depending on where in this world you are located – for example, if someone from France logs onto their account they might think that all traffic passes through Germany before appearing at another destination site somewhere else across Europe (or Asia).

Streaming & Torrenting

With Surfshark, you’re getting more than just a VPN. You’ll be able to access your favorite streaming services from anywhere in the world without any hassle or headache.
The company says they can currently help Americans get around geo-blocks for Netflix (and other popular sites), but also provide servers that will allow users outside this country full use of all internet bandwidths available – which means no waiting on buffering videos while traveling abroad.

Surfshark VPN services Plans
Best secure encrypted services

Customer Support

When you’re not satisfied with Surfshark, their support site has setup and installation tutorials to help get things going. The FAQs are also helpful for when things go wrong or just need clarification on something specific related the product – they’ll lead you in the right direction.

Ease of Use

With SurfShark, you can enjoy a high-speed connection with no interference. They have structured their content in an easy language that’s understandable by customers so they don’t need technical knowledge to understand it.

You’ll find lists of active servers and recommendations on which ones work best for your needs–all from just one click away .

Making changes is simple too; simply edit settings or choose new server location whenever necessary without having access only via web browser but also through mobile apps if desired.


SurfShark 24 month

Best secure VPN

SurfShark 6 month

Entreprenour Plan


For those looking to save some money on their VPN service, it might be worth considering the Surfshark price and deals guide. There are three different monthly plans – each one more expensive than what you’ll find elsewhere ($12/month).

However paying for six months upfront only cuts that cost down by almost 50%. The best option in our opinion is still going with their 12+1 offer which drops prices from 2$ annually at first term (which also includes two weeks free) allthe way downtoonly 1$.


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