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TunnelBear was established in 2011 in Toronto, Canada by startup veterans; their group comprises previous workers of tech monsters like Microsoft, RIM, Goldman, Sachs, and Fixmo.
They presently have servers spread across 12 nations: the UK, Canada, USA, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. With their first-class security, state-of-the-art innovation, and fast waiters, they have become one of the most respectable VPN specialist co-ops.

What it does is scramble our Internet association, with the goal that web-based movement can be kept hidden from any organization. It is a multiplatform device that courses all organization traffic through a Virtual Private Network, known as a VPN burrow, encoding satisfied with the AES-256 calculation to ensure the security of client information against potential assaults. Also, it permits the utilization of hubs situated in various nations, so geolocation doesn’t dial back correspondences or make limitations while getting to pages with provincial blocks.

How can it function?

This is a VPN that permits you to make a protected and confidential passage between your PC and the Internet. This VPN offers quick and dependable help for your necessities and permits you to get to sites that are obstructed in China, Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia, or Saudi Arabia. The quantity of clients of this VPN has expanded altogether. TunnelBear is important for an IP-based network working framework (IPNS) because of OpenVPN which worked for limitless data transfer capacity.

What TunnelBear will do is scramble our Internet association, so online movement can be kept hidden from any organization. On account of having this VPN administration initiated, we will want to accomplish the accompanying: Protect our security from Internet suppliers, keeping them from seeing all that we do on the web.


  • Shield our security from Internet suppliers, keeping them from seeing all that we do on the web.
  • Forestall information and secret word robbery particularly when we are utilizing an uncertain public Wi-Fi.
  • Permit admittance to content that is just accessible in specific areas.
  • Sidestep IP-based following to follow your conduct on all locales and afterward send you customized publicizing.
  • Can be utilized to sidestep nearby control practiced by certain state-run administrations by impeding famous applications and sites.

Inventive Features

  • General: it is connected with the warnings and the way of behaving of the program. Here we can pick whether to be informed or not when there is a detachment or issue. Likewise assuming we believe that the program should run behind the scenes. We propose to leave every one of them initiated.
  • Security: here we have a choice to hinder the association while the program interfaces and reconnects.
  • Confided in Networks: permits us to choose which believed Wi-Fi networks don’t have to utilize TunnelBear.
  • Account: in this segment, we can deal with our record choices and move up to a more generously compensated plan.
  • IP check and execution test
  • One way we can check our ongoing public IP is by utilizing the page which-is-my-ip.net and tapping on the above interface so we can look at it.


TunnelBear offers its administrations for just $ 6.99/month and additionally has free administrations like other VPNs.
TunnelBear is one of only a handful of exceptional suppliers we’ve looked into that offers a free VPN administration. The free TunnelBear level limits you to just 500MB of information each month, be that as it may. You can procure more information by tweeting about the organization, which can raise your breaking point to a sum of 1.5GB for one month.

You can rehash this cycle every month to get the reward. That is still extremely prohibitive. Any individual who has utilized a prepaid remote arrangement will let you know how quickly 1.5GB goes.

Assuming that you choose to pay for TunnelBear, it won’t burn through every last dollar. An Unlimited arrangement costs $9.99 each month, only three pennies over the $9.96 each month normal for a VPN we’ve tried.

Area of interest Shield, by examination, costs $12.99 each month, while Mullvad is a simple $5.54 each month. TunnelBear likewise has longer-term memberships: a yearly arrangement that costs $59.88 and a three-year plan that runs $120. Both are fundamentally not exactly the normal $72.33 each year among VPNs we’ve tried.

DNS Leak Test

At the point when we test VPNs, we check to affirm that our test IP address changes and the name of our ISP are covered up, and we utilize the DNS Leak Test to check whether DNS data is, indeed, spilling. TunnelBear breezed through this multitude of assessments effectively, however, we just really look at one server. It’s conceivable different servers could be misconfigured.

We experienced no difficulty streaming films through Netflix while associated with a US-based TunnelBear VPN server. That was valid when we tried the help, yet your situation will be unique — as is consistently the situation when you attempt to utilize a VPN with Netflix.

Speed Test

Regardless of the VPN you pick, you’ll probably see a reduction in download and transfer speeds and an expansion in dormancy. To get a feeling of that effect, we run a progression of tests with and without each VPN utilizing the Ookla speed test device.

TunnelBear had dull outcomes in this round of testing, maybe to a limited extent since contenders have taken on the WireGuard convention. We found that TunnelBear VPN diminished download and transfer speed test results by 46.6% and 57.1%, separately. It expanded inactivity by 100 percent.

Benefits and Disadvantages

  • Make a VPN burrow by picking the area
  • Disguise encoded information as normal
  • Block all traffic between associations
  • Programmed TunnelBear association
  • No enlistment strategy
  • Free arrangement
  • No live visit choice and day in and day out client assistance
  • Netflix and Torrents are not upheld

Other Benefits

– Offers 1 GB of free information assuming that you advance it.
– Servers are spread everywhere
– Applications viable with Android and iOS gadgets
– Guard dog mode
– Confided in network
– Confided in networks.
– Various gadgets

Social Media

– Wire: Contact @tunnelbearofficial
TunnelBear – Home | Facebook
TunnelBear (@theTunnelBear)/Twitter

TunnelBear VPN

Protection and security are the fundamental justification for why we buy into a VPN administration, albeit all VPN specialist organizations offer out-of-world security, yet they don’t do it truly.

That is the reason I recommend TunnelBear to everybody; they don’t keep a log of your unique IP address, they use OpenVPN, perhaps the most productive convention. Also, if you are utilizing an iOS gadget, they use IPSec. You can look at their encryption page to dive deeper into their verification and encryption techniques, as well as their conventions.
TunnelBear likewise has a no-logging strategy, and that implies that they don’t track your Internet exercises, nor do they track the information you download and transfer during your meeting.

TunnelBear’s most noteworthy strength is the protection of the wonderful and strong bears. It has one of the most mind-blowing protection strategies I have at any point seen. It makes sense exhaustively and in plain language precisely what it accumulates and why. It likewise incorporates conversation segments where the organization makes sense of how a specific choice was made.

For instance, an evacuation segment makes sense of how the organization gathered usernames to customize correspondences. In any case, it was concluded that this data ought not to be gathered or put away and that misfortune could seriously jeopardize clients.
Specifically, TunnelBear announces that no private data will be revealed, sold, or traded with outsiders. TunnelBear involves outsiders for installment, which is entirely typical.

Furthermore, an organization delegate affirmed that memberships are the main wellspring of income for TunnelBear, not information mining or redirection. The organization guarantees that it doesn’t gather data about client movement or store unique IP addresses.
Our rating for TunnelBear is 9.5/10 a completely suggested VPN.

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